ABC-Z’s Hashimoto and Kawai for Beethoven’s Musical

Another musical Hasshi and Fumi…

As reported,

It was announced that A.B.C-Z‘s Hashimoto Ryosuke and Kawai Fumito will be starring in the musical, “Ludwig B”. “Ludwig B” is adapted from Osamu Tezuka‘s manga of the same title, which is a semi-biography of the life of famous German composer, Ludwig Beethoven. The manga is still unfinished.

Hashimoto will play the role of Beethoven while Kawai will be playing two roles, one will be Mozart and the other will be as Franz Creutzstein. Hashimoto and Kawai will also challenged in playing the piano live on stage, they received special training last September. 

“I want to work hard so it won’t be rude to the fans of Beethoven, thank you for all the encouragement. ” Hashimoto commented. “We are proud to do such a great work,” Kawai added.

Joining the rest of the cast, are: Chinen Rina, Kyo Nobuo, Asano Atsuko, and Satomi Kotaro.

Ludwig B” will run from Nov 27th to Dec 6th at Tokyo International Forum Hall C and at Osaka Theater BRAVA! on Dec 11th to 14th.

via jnews1 and Nikkan Sports


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