Johnny’s-Watcher Rumor Round-Up (Digest 014)

Just some rumors since I decided to do recaps this weekend.

Involved parties, are: Tanaka Koki, Arashi, and Johnny’s in general.

  • Is Tanaka Koki provoking KAT-TUN?

Former KAT-TUN member Tanaka Koki, who now goes with just KOKI, have formed a band called “INKT” since his discharged from Johnny’s & Associates. How far will the band INKT can go with the inclusion of former “HIGH AND MIGHTY COLOR” members mACKAz and SASSY in the group? Anyway, KOKI wrote most of the band’s songs that includes “HIDE and SEEK“, coincidentally, his former group also had the same song from their album “come Here” released last June. So, what is he trying to prove by making having a song with the same title?

I haven’t heard KOKI’s “HIDE and SEEK” and considering that INKT is in jrock genre, I’m sure it’ll be different from KAT-TUN’s “HIDE and SEEK”. Having two songs with the same title is somewhat normal. 

  • Johnny’s bribed NHK?

Bribery allegations has been riped after Arashi was chosen to be NHK‘s moderator for 2014 Kohaku Uta Gassen. This is the 5th year consecutive year that the group will host the show and rumor has it that NHK was bribed by Johnny’s. Aside from giving the network backstage access for NHK’s documentary,Confessions ~ 15 year Arashi LIVE & DOCUMENT ~”; network officials also stayed at Halekulani, one of Honolulu’s most sought-after 5-star hotel where they were also given luxury brand items.

I don’t believe this shit since it’s still win-win for Johnny’s even if Arashi was not chosen since Okada was rumored to host and before Arashi, Johnny’s has been hosting Kohaku with Nakai Masahiro.

  • Johnny’s rule for those who left the agency

Rumor has it that those who leave Johnny’s shall be “smashed/crushed”. Those who leave the agency are not allowed to work with or even have a conversation with those who are still active within the agency. After Jin Akanishi left Johnny’s, Nishikido Ryo and Yamapi were ordered to ignore Jin and when they failed to do so, they were ordered to write a “letter of remorse”. Furthermore, active talents of the agency are not allowed to received business cards from managers of other offices.

This is just dumb just like those marriage and relationship banned.  

via Johnny’s-Watcher 1,2, and 3



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