Kanjani8 Kick-Off Rally for “Infinity Records”

Kanjani8 celebrates their indie label, “Infinity Records”, with lots of big plans including a possible overseas tour and more details with upcoming album, “Kanjanism”.

As reported,

Last Oct 14th, Kanjani8 had a  kick-off rally in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo as they launched their independent label, “INFINITY RECORDS“.  The label also commemorates their first single release with “CloveR” and “Itta ja nai ka“. Furthermore, Kanjani8’s upcoming album, “Kanjanism“, will also be released under the new label.

While strong winds swept throughout the event, Nishikido Ryo commented on their new label and said, “[Our bond] will only tightened more than ever and we would like to share the fun with our fans”. The group will also be having five-Dome tour this November, and Murakami Shingo shared that they want to do an overseas performance some day and he’d be willing to go anywhere who wants them. During the rally, Kanjani8 also performed “Itta ja nai ka” live to 1,200 fans present at the event.

In a related news, Kanjani8 have collaborated with other artists for “Kanjanism” including their senpai, TOKIO‘s Nagase Tomoya, who did the lyrics and arrangement for “Doya-gao jinsei“. Fellow Kanjani8 members, Yasuda Shota and Subaru Shibutani also co-wrote the song, “Yu“.

Kanjanism” will be released on Nov 5th.

via Nikkan Sports and Music Natalie


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