Shibutani Subaru Shines at TV Asahi’s Dream Festival

Subaru proves why he is Kanjani8’s main vocalist…

Last Oct 13th, Kanjani8′s Shinutani Subaru performed solo in the last day of TV Asahi‘s “Dream Festival 2014” held at  Yoyogi’s First Gymnasium in Tokyo. Aside from Subaru, Spitz , Kobukuro, miwa, Golden Bomber, Yuzo Kayama, and THE King ALL STARS also performed live in front of 11,000 spectators.

Subaru was accompanied by a band and appeared wearing a t-shirt, leather jacket, and ripped jeans. From the harmonica session, he heaped-up Kanjani8’s hits like “Zukkoke Otokomichi” and “Aoppana“. Subaru also covered Masahiko Kondo‘s “Orokomono” and “Slow Ballad” by Kiyoshiro Imawano that showed his natural singing ability. Whenever Subaru sang a song of a different genre, thunderous applause could be heard in the hall.

Subaru has been Kanjani8’s main vocalist, who is also celebrating their 10th year anniversary since their debut. The group also have songs that are performed in band style.

Subaru was drenched in sweat in the middle of his performance and removed his leather jacket and t-shirt. He went on singing topless and performed Kanjani8’s “Osaka Rainy Blues” and “Omoidama“. He sang 8 songs in total, he thanked the audience and sent a shout-out to his group, “from the idol group Kanjani8, yoroshiku!” before dashing out from the stage.

This is TV Asahi’s 4th year of doing “Dream Festival”. The said festival started last Oct 11th, had 18 artists in total, and mobilized 33,000 people in three days.

via Oricon Style

Image credit : arukidasuyo


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