Rants & Raves : Look-alike and Junk Mails

Final exams are almost over and I can finally blog more often until the next semester. So in between trying to pass my exams and watching three dramas this season, here is my occasional rants and raves.

  • Shibutanu Subaru’s “Misono Universe” movie will be shown in Feb 14, 2015

Rant : Valentines day? Even Ryo’s sappy movie didn’t get a V-day release date.

Rave : I think  the date has nothing to do with the movie’s plot but one thing is for sure, Subaru will get loads of chocolates!

  • Nishikido Ryo’s “Gomen ne Seishun” and Maruyama Ryuhei’s “Jigoku Sensei Nube” started with average ratings (>10%) but eventually falls during their 2nd episode. 

Rant : This is why it’s important to create strong first impressions because people easily gets bored.

Rave : I might be saying this because I like GNS but the hell with the ratings! It’s great!

Rant : People who say, “the hell with the ratings”, are actually those who cared a lot about it and ratings gives advertisers which gives money to the drama.

Rave : Nope, I therefore conclude that ratings is a prejudice against idols. XD

  • ex-KARA member, Jiyoung, will be joining Yamada Ryosuke’s “Assasination Classroom” as a bitch-sensei named Irina Jelavic. 

Rant : a bitch teacher? BTW, I thought that this movie has finished filming so why they are mentioning new cast now?

Rave : Lucky for her that she gets to work with Maru and Yamada.

  • Hollywood actor Ezra Miller is getting popular in Japan for the sole reason that he looks like Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun. He was even dubbed as American’s Matsumoto Jun. 

Rant : Dubbed by who? I doubt he even knows Matsujun

Rave : At first glance, yes, but Matsujun looks way better.

  • Kis-My-Ft2’s Tamamori Yuta reveals during “Nakai masahiro no mininaru toshokan” that he received junk emails from someone claiming to be Matsumoto Jun

Rant : LOL, that must be Ezra.

Rave : This reminds me that I haven’t seen Kisumai and Arashi interact yet.

  • Kanjani8’s Okura Tadayoshi revealed in his jweb that he attended Hey!Say!JUMP’s “smart” live tour. 

Rant : He has lots of free time to be attending lots of concerts, didn’t he attend Arashi’s Hawaii con as well?

Rave : He loves his kouhais! Or I guess because they are from the same manager, Fujishima Julie, so they Kanjani8 and HSJ has worked together quite often. I’m not complaining.

That’s all for now!


2 thoughts on “Rants & Raves : Look-alike and Junk Mails

  1. Ahahaha junk mail from Ezra XD
    But seriously who dubbed him matsujun, boy is not cute and I’ll just go ahead and say it, probably not even half as talented
    Bias opinion, oh well


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