Yamapi Apologizes to Fans during Fan Greeting Event

What started as a tabloid rumor turned-out to be true after all…

As reported,

On Oct 22nd, Yamashita Tomohisa attended the thanksgiving and fan greeting event for his hit movie, “Kinkyori Renai“. 400 fans attended the event and Yamapi took the opportunity to apologize in lieu to his ongoing case of criminal damage to property. Yamapi is suspected of committing criminal damage to property after stealing a woman’s phone during a mishap in  Roppongi, Minato Ward, Tokyo last June 25th. Days later, the said phone have been returned to the police by someone from the agency. The  said case have been forwarded to the Public Prosecutor’s Office last Oct 21st.

“Thank you very much for gathering today, and I apologize for using this time and place as I take this opportunity to apologize for having caused trouble and anxiety to many people by my actions lately. I would like to consider one’s standpoint from now on and that I will devote myself  with it every day. Thank you for your consideration,” Yamapi said and bowed deeply afterwards. Fans silently listened to him and gave him a warm applause.

The fan greeting event is made to commemorate the movie’s no.1 ranking for two consecutive weeks, “we’re thrilled because I’ve never took first place in movie ranking,” Yamapi shared.

via jnews1, Comic Natalie and Oricon Style

Image credits : lilyloli

What can I say? Hmmm…I was gonna say that he hasn’t been proven guilty yet but this apology is like an indirect admission. I’m sure that the case will reach a settlement unless the prosecutor is gonna be hard-ass about it. I’m not belittling this cellphone theft issue, stealing is stealing, but it’s not like he stole it for profit and I’m sure he merely deleted the video or whatever it is. I’m also not sure if he apologized personally or if the agency told him to apologized. I don’t even agree that he should apologized or I guess that’s part of being an idol, some people look-up to you as a role model and it’s your responsibility to look and act like one. Oh well, let’s just all agree that it was man enough for him to apologize for his sins.


6 thoughts on “Yamapi Apologizes to Fans during Fan Greeting Event

    • Well, it started as a tabloid rumor that Yamapi took a girl’s phone when he caught her camcording him during a mishap in Roponggi. The girl files for a police report and it was only recently when the rumor is proven true when the said case has been forwarded to the prosecutors office and major newspapers have reported about it.


  1. What I don’t understand is why he’s the only one who’s apologizing. It’s not like he was walking by and thought, “Oh, gosh, what a great phone!” And then stole it. There was an unfortunate chain of events that led to it, and if we to believe all the reports, Jin and Ryo were involved in it, too.


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