Gomen ne Seishun Episode 2

“Gomen ne Seishun!” suffered single digit ratings for the second episode, but the quality remains high. It’s the first day of the co-session class between Sanjo and Tokou and we can already see huge problems that must be dealt with as we look further to Heisuke’s past sins.

Here is a quick recap of Gomen ne Seishun : Episode 2

Continuing from the previous episode, the co-ed class of Heisuke is in total chaos after the misunderstanding caused by Ebisawa’s eyes to Abe, the girls have lots of demands and Heisuke can’t get them to stop.

Meanwhile, Risa is facing her own co-ed class at Tonkou and the guys, lead by Ooki, are just too happy to guess the girls’ bra size. Risa wouldn’t tolerate such questions and within 5 minutes, the catcalls turned to utter silence and the boys are in their best behavior. Gotokuji calls her because she’s being needed in Sanjo so she goes back to her school on a bike. Bicycles are so convenient.

Upon arriving at Sanjo, sister Yoshii tells Risa that the girls are having a standoff and Risa comes in. The  girls were like, “crap, it’s Risa the Black Tiger“. XD. Heisuke is desperate and begs for Risa’s help so she tells the girls to go back to their seats.

The girls went back to their seats and she asks Jinbo on what happened. At first, Jinbo was being her usual yankee-self but Risa is scarier and tells her to talk properly. Jinbo says that Ebisawa is looking sexually at Abe, which Ebisawa denies and says that he only met Abe’s eyes and waved. Risa asks Abe about it but she goes on with those crocodile tears of hers. Nakai makes a stand and tells Risa that it’s not just Ebisawa, even Heisuke has made remarks about “where to put his eyes” when they arrive. Heisuke bowed and apologized, but he still didn’t earn any plus points from his students.

Anyway, Risa tells Ebisawa to cross his eyes the next time he look at girls and orders everyone to return to their seats. That’s when Heisuke admitted that the seating position hasn’t been decided as well as the self-introductions because of the chaos that started.

While the boys are still standing, Yamada-Birkenstock Kyoko starts her self introduction and Akishima and Murai finds it funny that her other surname is that of the sandal’s brand. Kyoko overhears them and says that their teasing won’t elicit any reaction from her and she’s fine being called “Sandals” either. XD. There will be lots of nicknames as this episode goes on.

Next is Jinbo, who also adds that she’s dating the ex-captain of Nishikou’s boxing club. Then there’s Abe who also says that she’s dating someone from Nishikou. Ugh. When it’s Endou’s turn, she says that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, and Furui commented that no one is  asking so she calls him “monkey” just to get back at him. Anyway, hearing about Endou’s surname makes Akishima realize that he knows her as the “fast fingers” and runner-up from “All Shizuoka Quiz Tournament”. He even shows Endou’s picture, which solicits comments that cellphone’s are prohibited at Sanjo. Anyway, Endou recognizes him as “3-choice Akishima” and that Akishima has won the 3rd place from the said tournament. Akishima is excited about the tidbit, especially since they are also both called “Quiz”, but the rest of the class couldn’t care less.

Continuing with their self-introductions, Nakai Takako introduces herself as the class representative and the president of the student council. She also adds that she’s not pro-merger since it defies the will of the students and thinks she will learn nothing from boys. Lastly, she says that she will treat the next six months as her getting the short end of the stick and will do nothing but endure it.

At Tonkou, Donmai decides to get back at Risa for her rudeness when she was introducing herself so she pulled the sign over the visitor’s washroom that prohibits boys to enter. Risa goes out of the toilet just to see Ooki and Narita stripped to their trunks and “washing” each other. Heisuke isn’t surprise to learn on what the boys did and 3D reasons-out that prohibiting the boys from stripping (during summer) is like prohibiting the snake to change his skin. XD

At the nearby pond (or is it a creek or just a running water?), the girls of Sanjo are enjoying Mikishima’s famous croquettes and they can’t help but compare notes about their new Tonkou classmates. Endou shares that “3-choice Akishima” could be hot if he would just shut his mouth. haha. Jinbou thinks that Ebisawa is the cutest, you’re seriously saying this after what you did earlier? and that boyfriend she mentioned turns-out to be imaginary. Anyway, for Endou and Nakai, Ebisawa is a no and calls him a “wind-up doll”. During class introductions, Ebisawa makes his self-introduction with his eyes crossed. haha. Another “no” is “monkey” aka Furui. They also talk about Murai, who might be gay based from his looks, and Nakai says that the most repulsive would be Heisuke. XD

Anyway, the guys who have gone to Sanjo all ended back at Donmai’s clinic to recuperate. haha. Risa arrives and Heisuke tells her on what might have gone wrong during his opening remarks that earned the ire of the Sanjo girls. Risa tells him that he must refrain from making remarks using the word “woman” or he’ll definitely accused of being sexist.

Heisuke also shared that the likes of Nakai is tough to handle, and Risa says that those are typical Sanjo students. They are perfectionist, logical, rational, and of course, they also look for those qualities from the opposite sex. She also adds that those from Sanjo follow Bible’s teaching close to their hearts and won’t do divorce so they’ll continue loving one person.

Heisuke asks how Risa was able to tame his students and Risa shares her unusual approach. As it happens, Risa shock Tonkou class 3-3 by saying that she’s a virgin and the girls with her are also virgins. Their own chastity is something that they protected with love and humility, and if they (Tonko) have the resolve to go against God and take it, then, how is it going to be? haha.

Heisuke is just as speechless on Risa’s speech but she reasons-out that she needs to forged trust with the students so they will open their hearts. Really, by stating your virginity? Heisuke is still speechless at home and computes that if Risa is younger by Yuko by 3-4 years then that makes her 27 or 28 years old, which means that she’s been protecting her virginity that long.

At his room, Heita is busy searching for CA (cabin attendant) in Gotanda area and tells Heisuke to just give-up with his merger dreams, Tonkou doesn’t need boys and their “austerity and fortitude” will sway away.  Heisuke turns his attention at the radio program called “Gomen ne Seishun” where a self-absorbed dj gets a caller from a “wind-up doll”. This is too obvious. So, wind-up doll wants to talk about his secret relationship since relationships at his school is forbidden. When asked what he wants to apologize for, he says that he wants to say sorry because he’s thinking of telling about their relationship to everyone. The dj asks him if his school is co-ed so wind-up doll reluctantly says that it’s co-ed and the dj tells him that there will always be a chance if it is and he should face his girlfriend with his honest feelings.

The next day at Sanjo, the girls bratty attitude only worsened. No one listens to Heisuke’s class, Endou keeps on eating, Murai is being asked if he’s gay, and Nakai couldn’t care less about her classmates’ behavior. The girls seem to have employed different tactics to make Heisuke lose his cool but Heisuke seems to have the patience of Buddha. Until one day, he sees a bra conspicuously placed on the board, unsure of what to do, he turns to 3-choice Akishima but he was busy with his first choice, which is sleeping. So, Heisuke decides to do the drastic thing and coolly asks who owns the bra while waving it and he ends up being dejected by Jinbou and Endou. LOL.

Meanwhile, the class of Tonkou is on their best behavior with Risa as their teacher. Risa calls on Narita to read something but Narita finds it hard to stand-up. When asks why, Handa comes to his rescue and says that there are “physiological” changes to a boy’s body when they are sleepy or tired.  Risa couldn’t get what Handa meant so she marches over to Narita and orders him to stand-up. When Narita stood-up, Risa can only stare and orders him to sit back. Poor Narita, his most embarrassing moments seem to always come from Risa.

Anyway, Heisuke and Risa did their report about the co-ed class to their Sanjo and Tonkou superiors, and sister Yoshii tells them that they will see if the merger will continue depending on the exam results at the end of the month. She also adds that they are also re-considering the merger thing and 3D tells them that it was them who initiated the merger due to bankruptcy. This is when the vice-principal enters the picture and says that they have found a new sponsor for the merger, which is Kokusai Bunka Kouryu Jouhou Dejitaru Daigaku. Phew. This irks Heita and says that Sanjo is like a loose woman whose willing to sleep with anyone as long as they have money and tells them to suck us with the university-whatever.

3D says that they are not confident that they can win the academic exams and sister Yoshii says that if their score is the lowest, then they will call off the merger.

At Sanjo, the girls are thinking of the perfect nickname for Heisuke, they have different options like “bra baron”, “Prince Droopy eyes”, “wet rice cracker”, and “flashy Heisuke” when Ebisawa arrives. He still looks scared but he bravely asks to go home with him. When asks why Abe would go home with him, Ebisawa drops the bomb and says that Amarin is his girlfriend. Everyone is shock because he calls Abe “Amarin” and even though Abe still tries to deny that they are dating, Ebisawa says that he doesn’t care about getting found-out, or about getting suspended since he can’t see anyone except for Abe. Awww….Sanjo girls even finds it cute that a public proposal is going on.

Because of Ebisawa’s actions, Abe didn’t go home that night, and her frantic mother calls Risa, who calls Heisuke, and they met at Sanjo. Heisuke has a clue on who is with Abe but when he called Ebisawa, he denies it and says that he’s alone. When Risa asks on why Abe would be with Ebisawa, that’s when Donmai arrives and says that the two are dating and are probably eloping.

When Abe’s mother asks who she is, Donmai says that she’s the woman who has been posing as Narita Jun in SNS chat room. LOL. Donmai learned that Ebisawa has been lying to Heisuke after he posted “crap, looks like Heisuke found me out” in the chatroom. Donmai even mimics the way they speak. Anyway, the teachers wait for more replies from Ebisawa’s circle of friends. Akishima suggests that they go to a manga cafe but Ooki would rather have the couple go straight to the hotel and you can guess what other things he’s suggesting. XD. Furui starts joining the conversation in the chat room by spamming Rukodenashi Blues stickers. Anyway, Risa asks Donmai to just ask where the two are and Ooki starts suspecting that the chatter might not be Narita so when Donmai chats using their (guys) usual language, Ooki apologizes for suspecting her. XD. Later on, they learned that Ebisawa and Abe are in Gotanda in Tokyo.

Speaking of Gotanda, someone else is also in the area and that’s Heisuke’s father, Heita. Heita is disappointed that the CA (cabin attendant) he requested didn’t exactly meet his standards and orders a change when he sees Ebisawa and Abe walking into a hotel. haha. Heita tries calling his son to say the whereabouts of the couple but he gets nervous just by hearing Heisuke’s voice. So, Heita makes a deal with Ebisawa and Abe, he’ll keep mum about seeing them as long as they’ll also keep mum on seeing him. In the end, the two were given taxi fare and any talks on elopement has been distinguished.

Ebisawa and Abe were sent to the Sanjo’s confession room and sister Yoshii says that God created man and woman incomplete so that they can supplement one another and approach each other in complete existence. However, she wonders what happened with the descendants especially with what Ebisawa and Abe did, which is lying and causing an uproar. She tells Heisuke that even though she agreed with the co-ed class, she doesn’t want the two to continue being in the same class together. Thus, Abe will have to transfer to Tonkou while Ebisawa stays at Sanjo.

Back at Tonkou, Risa makes a report on Ebisawa and Abe that a “kind and sensible” bystander have prevented the elopement and Risa says that this kind of problems will eventually occur if merger continues and suggests re-evaluation. Anyway, Heisuke makes an off-topic conversation and suggest holding a joint cultural festival. Risa says that the school festival is Sanjo’s biggest event and calls it Mishima Girls Festival and Gotokuji says that it’s just as big in Tonkou with their “Men Festival”. As it happens, the two festival always overlaps with one another and Risa says that it’s because Sanjo doesn’t want Tonkou in their festival. XD So, if they are holding school festivals on the same days, then both Sanjo and Tonkou will be too busy to visit each other schools.

So Heisuke says that for that reason alone, holding both of their school festivals together might be beneficial and borrowing sister Yoshii’s words, they should supplement one another. The guys can do jobs like setting up the stage and stuff while girls will do the re-decorating. Risa disagree with this and says that Heisuke is too idealistic that’s why his words won’t resonate to the heart of the students so he should be facing his students first before suggesting something like a joint cultural festival.

Back at Sanjo, the girls isn’t too happy that Abe will be transferring to Tonkou while Ebisawa stays at Sanjo. They want Ebisawa to be suspended as it was written in the stundent’s handbook. The girls starts chanting “suspension” and Akishima defends Ebisawa by saying that the rule is ridiculous in the first place since Tonkou students are being singled-out and Nakai reasons-out that according to studies, 80% of Sanjo students who experienced a drop in their grades are dating Tonkou students.

Back at Tonkou, Donmai was able to find a news clip on plans for a joint cultural festival between two schools, and when Risa reads the said news clip, she sees her older sister as one of the student body representative for the joint festival.

At Sanjo, Heisuke decides to go to the bottom of everything on why Sanjo students can’t date those from Tonkou. Bircken says that its because they might catch Tonkou’s stupidity. LOL. Anyway, Heisuke makes Ebisawa read what he has written on board, “I see nothing but you”. Heisuke says that the phrase is what men say when they are so in love with a particular girl. However, it’s different when the said phrase is applied in physics, taking distance into consideration, how much can one really see?

Heisuke asks Bircken and Furui to go in front and they stand facing each other. Heisuke asks Furui on what he can see aside from Bircken and he says that he can see the board, window, and even fatty (Endou). So, Heisuke asks him to get closer until he can’t see anything else except for Bircken. She says that she doesn’t mind as long as Furui won’t touch her or she’ll kill him. haha. So Furui goes closer until their noses almost touch and he says that he can see nothing but Bircken now. Heisuke asks if he can really see that Bircken and Furui says that he can only see her vaguely.

Heisuke then says that  “I see nothing but you” is just as similar as “I can’t see you either”, which is he can’t see the you who is the whole point. It’s the same with the relationship between Tonkou and Sanjo, both schools are so close to one another but they don’t see each other. Nakai then argues, “so what about it?”, she thinks that distance should be placed between two schools anyway. So, Heisuke shared that there’s no one as smart as Nakai when he was still a student and Nakai was like, “ha?”

Heisuke shared that Tonkou and Sanjo didn’t have a bad relationship back then. Murai says that Tonkou used to lend their school pool to Sanjo and Heisuke adds that there was even a plan for a joint cultural festival. Heisuke says that he was a lousy student so he thought that school festival is something that model students only gets excited about. However, he was actually pretty jealous about it, when asks if the joint cultural festival was pushed through, Heisuke says that it didn’t and Furui exclaims about the “Yaoya Oshichi“. Heisuke agrees and talks about the summer 14 years ago when the school’s chapel was burned to the ground. Well, we all know who started that fire.

During that fire, a couple from Sanjo and Tonkou were rescued and rumor has it that the two started the fire so that there will be a merger and they will always be together. Heisuke says that the two students were both model students so everyone was shocked to found out that they were actually dating. He also clarifies that the rumor can’t be true since even the best friend isn’t aware that they were dating.

The story continues from the past, Satoshi couldn’t stand being bad-mouthed and have stopped going to school while Yuko decided to face it head on and still continued to attend school. She continued going to school even though she have to endure being mocked by her own schoolmates. Heisuke is plagued by his conscience and was surprised to received a call from the dj of “Gomen ne Seishun” radio show after he have read Heisuke’s letter under the name of “rocket-fireworks”. Duh, that’s sooo obvious.

Anyway, rocket-fireworks feels sorry for Yuko but he doesn’t know what he should do or say to her. Uhm, confess your sins, maybe. The dj tells him that he can start by saying something as simple like “Ohayo” and from then on, she might find the resolve to move on.

Taking the dj’s suggestions, Heisuke stops Yuko on her way to school and says, “ohayo!”. He keeps on repeating it even though she ignores him until Yuko tells him to stop and starts crying. That’s when Heisuke realized that Yuko has been crying everyday. The next day, she submitted a request to withdraw from school.

Heisuke says that she remembered that girl because of Abe and that he wasn’t able to save that girl. Then, he got surprise upon seeing Risa standing by the back door. Nakai asks on what he is trying to point-out? Is it that when students from Tonkou and Sanjo date, it’ll be a mess or once you became a failure, you’ll never be able to get up again?

Heisuke says that what he want to impart is that the school regulation that restricts them is made by adults with ridiculous reasons. It’s because their senpais committed such blunder that the kouhais have to suffer from those rules and soon, the girls starts despising the boys. Heisuke says that its pretty idiotic that both students have this thinking that they can date one another because he’s from Tonkou and she’s from Sanjo when their way of thinking is merely influenced from past opinions. He even praises Ebisawa and Abe for breaking that rule.

He wants his students to take the chance to think if the girls are really troublesome and that the boys are just as detestable. He wants them to face one another and to really look at that person since he’s positive that they’ll be able to find something good.

Jinbou asks what if they don’t find something good and Nakai tells her to keep quiet and that they should just listen to what “Droopy Kappa” has to say until the end. XD. Heisuke continues and hopes that 6 months from now, they will be able to say that they are glad to be in the co-ed class. Nakai, as the class president, asks everyone to rise and make their first proper bow to Heisuke.

Anyway, Heisuke rushes over to Risa and asks her when she have started listening to Heisuke’s talks. Scared? Risa didn’t answer his question and says that Heisuke’s words must have resonated a little to his students. She also adds that she’ll talk to sister Yoshii about the joint cultural festival and tells Heisuke that he’ll be responsible for the proposal.

Heisuke finishes his proposal for the joint cultural festival and heads over to Girl’s Bar. Girl’s Bar mama is absent due to food poisoning and Heisuke got a surprise upon seeing Satoshi working at the bar. Satoshi was just being casual and still calls him, “Bei-yan”, until Heisuke recalls that Risa will be arriving and poof, Yuko’s little sister and Yuko’s ex-boyfriend meets.


This drama is so LOLtastic while at the same time, it makes you want to cry. I’m really sad for Heisuke, now I know why he can’t simply confess his sins, he’d rather atone for it because of what happened after the fire to Sanjo and even to Yuko. Speaking of Yuko, I also feel sad that she has to faced her adversaries on her own, yet she faced them with enough grace fit for a queen. Nonetheless, her breakdown moment when Heisuke approached her was just heartbreaking. Where is Satoshi during those time? Speaking of crying, maybe it’s just Risa’s eyes but there are lot of times when she looks like that she will cry.

Anyway, I like how KudoKan always insert both of the school’s motto in different scenes and dialogues. I don’t know if he’s being sarcastic or if it’s his way of showing how those motto have influenced their way of life and thinking or how those motto have been restricting them from living their life.

I’ve said something about double standards in episode 1 and you can see clearly in this episode how the girls doesn’t like sexist remarks but it’s fine if they make those remarks to guys. Like how they stereotype all guys to be same in attitude and qualities. Though, I’m glad to see that Sanjo girls are really just normal girls when they talked about teen stuff and the like. I like the awkward (awkward for the boys) yet chaotic first meeting between the Sanjo girls and the Tonkou boys but nothing will beat how Risa made everyone speechless with her “I’m still a virgin” speech in Tonkou.

When sister Yoshii learned that Ebisawa and Abe are dating, I was surprised on how calm she was about when she went ballistic when she suspected that Abe might be dating someone from Tonkou (refer to ep 1). Though I’m glad that she acted like a nun and an adult about the issue though I share the sentiments of Sanjo girls that it should be Ebisawa who have gone back to Tonkou and not Abe.


Now, I’m waiting to see how will Risa react when she learns that Satoshi is the guy that her sister was dating. Speaking of Satoshi, he seem pretty casual about meeting Heisuke after what he did to Heisuke back then. Now that Satoshi is present, I wanna see more of what happened after the fire because it seems like the fire caused their lives to make a 360 degree turn.

Anyway, the second episode is definitely better than the first one, it’s not boring even during Heisuke’s lectures on lessons in life that he learned during that “blunder” from summer 14 years ago. In short, I’m still loving this drama and will continue to watch it.

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7 thoughts on “Gomen ne Seishun Episode 2

  1. Thanks for your recap albeit late. I’m loooooooving this excellent drama but haven’t watch the episide 3 upwards since i want to find solace time to watchl


  2. Thank you for the recap!im enjoying this drama since im a fan of hikari (risa).it’s really refreshing to see the girls’ point of view (especially when the students fought and make sexist remarks) but i agree when u said the girls keep ponting out they dont like sexist comment and yet they are doing the same thing to the boys and it’s kinda make me realized that sometimes the girls misjudge the boys for certain reason only n dismiss the boys’ good point.but is it just me thinking,the tonkou students is wayyy too nice for a boys school,but then this is just a drama right.


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