Johnny’s Jr. Tanaka Juri Helps Woman from Molester

A positive “rumor” and I like it.

A certain woman tweeted last Oct 24th about a “molestation” incident involving Johnny’s Jr. Tanaka Juri. The said tweet had gathered attention in the net and have received more than 10,000 retweets.

According to the story, a woman had been molested by someone while on a morning train. The woman, who seemed to have lost her voice for help, have been helped by a man and told-off the molester to stop groping. The man then escaped.

The molested woman was so shaken so the fellow commuter who stopped the molester escorted her from the station to her home. Later on, she recognized that the man who helped her is Tanaka Juri.

As this tweet has been making rounds, Tanaka Juri has been praised for stopping the molester, for being reliable, good-looking, and he’s also being compared to the heroes of shoujo mangas.

Of course, his big brother, Tanaka Koki, also can’t help but be proud of his little brother.

via jnews1


4 thoughts on “Johnny’s Jr. Tanaka Juri Helps Woman from Molester

  1. At first I saw Johnny’s Jr and molester and I was like :/ then I read Juri and I was like :O and then I read the entire title and I was like XD!
    After all the Johnny’s Jr drama that’s been going around this makes me really happy, another reason to like Juri.

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