Sexy Zone to Lead “Johnny’s World” 2015

Johnny’s World has a new chairmen and one of the big three in Sexy Zone is missing.

As reported,

It was announced that Johnny Kitagawa’s original production, “Johnny’s World” will return next year as “2015 New Year Johnny’s World” at Imperial Theater in Tokyo.

The performers for next year’s “Johnny’s World” will be lead by Sexy Zone‘s Sato Shori and Nakajima Kento. Now on it’s third year, Sato commented that he wanted to show a stage that is continuously evolving instead of an advance one. The rest of the cast will also include Sexy Zone’s Marius Yo, A.B.C.-Z‘s Hashimoto Ryosuke, Totsuka Shota, Kawai Fumito, Goseki Koichi, and Tsukada Ryuichi; together with Johnny’s Jr.’s Nagase Ren, Hirano Sho, Jesse, Iwahashi Genki, Jinguji Yuta, and Takahashi Kaito. Lastly, Shonentai‘s Nishikiori Kazukiyo will also make an appearance.

“Johnny’s World” is a culmination of Johnny’s talents where one can expect singing, dancing, flying, magic, acrobatics, tightrope walking, trapeze, and even sword fighting.

2015 New Year Johnny’s World” will run from Jan 1st to 27th, 2015 at Imperial Theater.

via jnews1 and Oricon Style


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