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Tamamori Yuta’s Silver Screen Debut Opposite of Nishiuchi Mariya

….I like Nishiuchi so her name should also be in the title! XD

As reported,

It was announced that Kis-My-Ft2‘s Tamamori Yuta will star in Arikawa Hiro‘s “Rein Tsuri no Kuni” together with actress Nishiuchi Mariya. This is the first movie for both leads.

Arikawa’s “Rein Tsuri (raintree) no Kuni” tells the pure love story between two people who have never met.Tamamori plays the role of Sakisaka Nobuyuki, a salary man from a food company who starts exchanging emails with the owner of “Rain Tree no kuni” blog named Hitomi (Nishiuchi). Nishiuchi has a secret that she can’t say in person.

Filming started last Oct 18th and Tamamori said that the character is his complete opposite. As for his first time to work with Nishiuchi, Tamamori admitted being shy at first but acting with Nishiuchi turns-out to be fun because she’s very friendly and bright.

Yoshishige Miyake will direct the movie, this is the second time that he will be working with Arikawa Hiro since “Hankyu Densha“.

Rain Tree is also called nemunoki and in flower language, it means “throbbing heart/ heart-throb”.

via jnews1 and Daily Sports



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  5. that time she’s still a highschool girl and not popular like that, now she’s beauty and famous. seriously, idol is man, so they can dating, and if happen, the girl like Mariya with good looking, promising career, non scandal is a good choice

    and haha.. now she higher than yamada?


    • haha. If it happens and they will date, I hope that Mariya won’t get bashed the way HSJ fans bashed her for dating Yamada


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