“Gomen ne Seishun” Apologizes for Horikoshi Remark

Just a itsy-bitsy blunder.

As reported,

Kanjani8‘s Nishikido Ryo starrer, “Gomen ne Seishun“, issued a formal apology on the show’s website after their “Horikoshi” remark from the drama’s third episode. In the issued apology, the production apologized to Horikoshi administration for using the school’s actual name that might have caused misunderstandings to the viewers.

In a certain scene from the 3rd episode, seven male students of Heisuke (Nishikido Ryo) had a group study session at Heisuke’s home. During the study session, Erena (Nakamura Shizuka), Heisuke’s sister-in-law, made an appearance to give the boys onigiris and says that they can ask for her help if there’s any trouble. When one of Heisuke’s students ask her to teach them, she replies, “that’s impossible since I’m from Horikoshi”. In the drama, Erena is an ex-gravure idol and Horikoshi is known for their “performing arts” course for those in the entertainment business.

The said remark by Erena amused some viewers but it also gave the impression that the school is not suited for studying.

A lot of Johnny’s have attended and graduated from Horikoshi including Yamashita Tomohisa, Yamada Ryosuke, Chinen Yuri, Nakajima Yuto and more.

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3 thoughts on ““Gomen ne Seishun” Apologizes for Horikoshi Remark

  1. the scriptwriter is Kankuro Kudo right? though I’m kinda admired his works but this has made me quite disappointed with him. And the production team definitely also at fault for still using that scenes.
    I think it’s not necessary and not very wise of him to put that kind of sarcasm about Horikoshi.
    There are A LOT of famous, respected, and talented names from Japan entertainment world that graduated from Horikoshi and many known for having a well-mannered and good upbringing.
    We should be careful in generalizing something, in fact we can’t.

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    • Yes, the writer is Kudo Kankuro. I also didn’t find the joke that amusing considering how a lot of JE have graduated from that school. Well, the joke was made in a bad taste but Kankuro is still a great writer. XD


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