Takizawa Hideaki Sponsors Johnny Kitagawa’s Birthday Party

Takki making his moves to be the next JE president, gathering allies, and Tsubasa is not invited. Oh well, everything is a rumor unless proven.

As reported,

[partial translation]

A general karaoke bar in Shibuya, Tokyo was reserved on Oct 23rd at 5 pm to celebrate the 83rd birthday of Johnny’s Entertainment President, Johnny Kitagawa.

The said “top-secret” evening was attended by 50 guests, all dressed in suits, and led by Takizawa Hideaki. The exclusive guest list also includes: V6’s Inohara YoshihikoIkuta Toma, Kanjani8’s Yokoyama Yu, Kis- My-Ft2’s Kitayama Hiromitsu, Nakayama Yuma, ABC-Z’s Goseki Koichi, Kawai Fumito, Hashimoto Ryosuke, Sexy Zone’s Nakajima Kento, and members of Johnny’s Jr. including Snow Man

Takki is the party’s organizer and since the 83-year-old president is known for being in the sidelines, he got cold-feet when he learned about the party (according to a TV station official). Song requests flowed during the karaoke party as well as soft drinks, beer, and wine were emptied one after the other.

At 10 PM, the party ended and the guests went out of the bar to see Johnny off to his limousine.

via Livedoor News


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