Gomen ne Seishun Episode 3 and 4

I decided to merge these episodes because they also earned the same ratings (6.7%) which is totally lame and so undeserving. Oh well, I’m not gonna rant about ratings, there’s nothing I can do about that and I’ll just rave about this drama’s awesomeness. Episode 3 is all about “acceptance” and we can see that the girls can be diplomatic if needed and since we’re talking about merger, well, episode 4 will be about OTPs that went beyond my expectations.

Here is a quick recap of Gomen ne Seishun : Episode 3 and 4

Continuing from the last episode, Risa arrives at the Girl’s Bar while Satoshi casually talks to Heisuke. Heisuke finds himself in an awkward situation between Yuko’s younger sister and Yuko’s ex-boyfriend when Risa arrives.

Satoshi welcomes Risa in the bar while Heisuke ponders on what to do with the current situation. Risa studies Heisuke’s proposal for the joint cultural festival and she casually mentions about the joint cultural festival during Heisuke’s high school days. She pulls the new clip given by Donmai-sensei and says that her sister was in the organizing committee. Satoshi joins the conversation and says that he was also there and points-out himself from the picture, all smile like a fool beside Yuko.

After 20 years, Heisuke is surprise to know that he didn’t know everything yet. The picture from the said news clip was the exact picture that Satoshi have given Heisuke, which means that Satoshi have met Yuko before Heisuke have accidentally met her in the Biology/changing room during that time.

To add more to Heisuke’s growing list of atonement, Satoshi says that Yuko would have been the MC for the Miss Sanjo contest that should have been held at the chapel, and we all know what happened to that chapel. Heisuke could feel his gut making twists and turns from all the guilt so he tells Satoshi to cook something that would take time just so Satoshi would stop talking about anything that would link him to Yuko.

Anyway, Heisuke walks home together with Risa, and he asks her about her memories from Sanjo’s cultural festival. Risa says that she’s a lousy student too and that she has a bad reputation because she’s linked to Yuko. However, being the so-called Black Tiger, she won’t get cowed by her classmates bullying and would show-off her mixed martial arts moves when pushed.

Heisuke feels bad that Risa also experienced those things because of his wrong doing while at the same time, he’s scared about Risa’s Black Tiger side. Speaking of Risa the Black Tiger, she sees Xavier, a known pervert who harasses Sanjo students, and tries to catch him but failed.

Heisuke can’t do anything to help Risa catch Xavier and after they parted ways, he goes back to the Girl’s Bar only to see Satoshi and the Girl’s Bar mama in a somewhat intimate moment that is pukeworthy. XD

Satoshi teases him about Risa and he says that Risa is Yuko’s younger sister as if that concludes everything. Well, it does. Heisuke asks what had happened to Satoshi after that incident and he says that he has moved a lot, though he have gone to places that are commuter’s distance to Mishima and in Shizuoka per se. haha. Heisuke asks Satoshi on why he hasn’t shown himself, and he says that he can’t face Heisuke after betraying his best friend.

Anyway, Satoshi decides to spill on what really happened in the past. As it happened, it was Yuko who first asked Satoshi out but he rejected her and said that they can start out as friends. Yuko also used the same line as an answer in Heisuke’s letter when he asked her out and Satoshi felt like that Yuko did that on purpose. Also, it was also Yuko who asked Satoshi for the fireworks festival before Heisuke could even asked her. Satoshi did go to the fireworks festival thinking that Yuko would go with Heisuke but the two ended-up together.

Afterward, they went to the rooftop to watch the fireworks and that was when Yuko said, “I wish there would be fire, so if there will only be one building, they will be force to do the merger and they will always be together.” Heisuke is surprise to hear that Yuko actually said that, which Satoshi mentioned to the police, so the rumor about two lovers who wanted the school to merge did the fire started with Satoshi.

Satoshi also apologized for kissing Yuko and in Heisuke’s mind, he wanted to say that he knows about it since he’d seen it.

Heisuke talks to the Goddess of Mercy in his room, who sometimes transforms as his mother for real or just in his imagination, and he says that Satoshi looks like he doesn’t care about the truth. The Goddees of Mercy tells him that if Satoshi felt that way then it’s more convenient, Heisuke doesn’t need to face the guilt and just keep quiet. But Heisuke don’t want to keep quiet since there has been lot of bad things that were said about Yuko.

Heita arrives and he’s in the mood to ask Heisuke about his marriage prospects. Heisuke have no answer to his dad so he asks him about the “super S” woman. XD Heita says that there are times when she looks at Heisuke with womanly eyes and tells him that they should mix their private and work lives. After all, Heisuke wants to merge, right? haha.

The next day, the organizing committee have been chosen that composed of 5 girls from Sanjo and 5 boys from Tonkou. Leading the boys’ pack is Handa who comes up with a tacky theme for their joint cultural festival. He’s very excited for the cultural festival but the rest of the committee are just bored and they don’t want to burnout before their exams. Anyway, Bircken, the ever curious lady, asks Handa why is he so ripped; Handa says that it’s because he do kendo and to prove how ripped he is, he ripped-off his shirt making the girls scream.

Anyway, Heisuke presented his proposal to sister Yoshii who agrees to go with it if they meet her conditions. For the merger to continue, sister Yoshii wants Risa’s class in Tonkou to place first in the academic exam while she wants Heisuke’s class in Sanjo not to place the last. Risa is confident that they can ace the exams because the 15 girls that she bought in Tonkou are smart, just the same as those that were left in Heisuke’s class in Sanjo. After all, Sanjo ladies take their studies seriously.

Heisuke decides to check the average of each girls in his class and he found-out that almost all of them have sterling records from Jinbo Ai to Bircken and even with Endou. On the contrary, the boys he bought with him in Sanjo have the lowest marks in class that even their Japanese grades won’t even reach 50. Looks like even placing second to the last will be hard for Heisuke’s students.

During PE, Heisuke wants to cry as he looks at Furui, Ebisawa, and Akishima looking at the ground for the pubic hair that Furui have picked-up somewhere. Physical Education teacher, Tominaga, arrives and introduces himself to Heisuke. Tominaga is the most popular male teacher in an all-girls school that even at his level, he is considered hot. He decides to play basketball with the guys and ended-up with a foot injury.

Ten days before the academic test and Heisuke decides to hold supplementary lessons for his class. Although, he really did it for the benefit of the four idiots, the idiots themselves can’t even answer Heisuke’s question and the girls felt like they are wasting their time in attending Heisuke’s supplementary classes.

After class, Ebisawa and co. heads to Donmai-sensei’s clinic to recuperate for studying too much. Handa is also sleeping on Donmai-sensei’s lap when Risa arrives and orders Handa to go back to the classroom. Risa says that she thought that Handa would be able to answer her questions since he’s the student body president but he started trembling and sweating. haha. Furui says that Handa didn’t become the student president because he’s smart, Handa won the elections because he’s popular and because of his body. XD

Risa tells Heisuke that rather worrying  about the exams, she’s more worried about the guys’ entrance exams. Furui says that it’s fine since they can go to Komagata University’s using the school’s elevator scheme and Risa shouts at him that it’s not elevator but escalator. XD

Donmai-sensei asks if they don’t feel frustrated after Risa said all that and even though Heisuke feels frustrated, the guys don’t feel like exerting effort since the exams are already close. Handa tells them that they can just pass the torch to their kouhais and Heisuke tells them that they won’t be passing any torches since the merger will be called-off if they placed last on the exams. In short, they won’t be able to cross the gates of Sanjo ever again.

That news sadden the boys and Akishima said that they will be back in a dingy place full of boys pubic hair again. Furui says that he wanted to eat choco-banana with a girl and Ebisawa says that he wants to go folk-dancing with Amarin. Heisuke tells them that he’ll work something out and by night-time, the boys are in Heisuke’s residence. The “Baka 7″ has the lowest scores in class and they are Ebisawa, Furui, Akishima, Murai, Handa, Narita, Ooki, and they will be staying at Heisuke’s place until the exams.

The crash course starts and the boys wake-up as early 5 in the morning and they would end-up sleeping during class. Back at the shrine, Amarin pays the boys a visit but she’s more interested to ogle at Handa as he practices his kendo. Amarin’s change of heart have reached Heisuke via Donmai-sensei. Donmai says that after Amarin transferred to Tonkou, she receives love confessions from 8 people in 3 days and Handa was there to keep the boys from her.

Ooki agrees with Donmai-sensei’s observation and shares that during the meeting of the organizing committee for the cultural festival, Handa ripped-off his shirt and two people had a different reaction, namely Amarin and Murai. Heisuke is shocked to learn about Murai’s sexual orientation when Ooki and Donmai-sensei have known about it since Murai’s is a freshman. Donmai-sensei also feels excited about the “love square” brewing between Ebisawa, Amarin, Handa, and Murai.

At the only bar in Mishima, 3D thanks Heita for supervising the boys extra lessons and when 3D looks at the time, he realizes that he’s late for something. Off he goes without further ado.

At Heisuke’s home, Amarin happily helps Handa and Ebisawa isn’t as insensitive as I thought. Amarin quickly acts cold when Ebisawa returns after taking a shower and says that she’ll be leaving. Ebisawa then asks Heisuke if he has a radio because he wants to listen a radio program. It turns-out that Ebisawa is also a “Gomen ne Seishun” fan and he listens to it every night. He even feels jealous that Heisuke has the program’s towel and yearns to touch it.

Heisuke left Ebisawa in his room after hearing screams downstairs and that’s when Ebisawa hears the radio program’s caller named Maria. Maria says that she learns about the program because of her boyfriend and that she called to apologized to that boyfriend of hers because she has started liking someone else. While she prattle on the fine qualities of the guy she has started to like, Ebisawa goes off running, searching for Amarin, and he sees her inside the payphone. He called her name and she turns her back just in time for her to say sorry and unconsciously mentions Ebisawa’s name.

Heisuke also heard Ebisawa’s name being mentioned on the radio program and at the radio station, the radio host is none other than 3D! He feels like he heard the name Ebisawa before but he just shrugged it off. LOL, he’s one of your students!

The 3-day weekend have started and it will be crunch time for the boys so Heisuke decided to beg Nakai for help. Unknown to him, Risa also decided to help the boys and she arrives at the temple with the famous Mishima croquettes on hand. She got surprised upon seeing her precious Sanjo students helping the boys.

The day of the exam has arrived and the boys say their prayers before heading-off to school. At Tonkou, Ooki, Handa, and Narita seem to be doing well but that’s not the case with the boys at Sanjo. One look at the exam papers and Ebisawa and co. started a sobfest. Pitying the boys, Bircken even tells Furui to copy her answers but he’d rather fight with his real ability and we all know that he would be at the losing end. XD. At the final exam, which is English, the boys had enough and all of them starts wailing. haha.

Exam results are out and Risa’s class at Tonkou managed to ranked first while Heisuke’s class at Sanjo landed at the bottom. Following his agreement with sister Yoshii, he goes back to his class to say goodbye and the guys starts crying. Endou tells them not to cry since it’s pathetic and Furui asks her if they are not even sad; Jinbou says that they’re not since it’ll be just like before. Heisuke didn’t agree to Jinbou’s answer since he knows that the guys and girls won’t be strangers anymore. He hopes that if they ever meet on Izuppako, they will at least greet one another. Heisuke wants to leave something for the girls but because their departure is too sudden, he would just give them his words of wisdom.

Heisuke writes “女子” and asks Endou to read it. Endou reads it as “like”. The characters of “like” represent a woman (女) and a child (子) and “女子” is also written as girl. Heisuke adds that before the kanji are simplified- “女” – is depicted as that of a woman holding her child.

Consequently, Heisuke writes “男子” and asks Bircken to read it. Bircken says that she won’t be fooled since there’s no such word. Though, “男” actually signifies otoko (man/guy) and Heisuke asks them that if there is such character (男子), how would they read it? Nakai says “idiot” and the other girls followed suit with filthy, punk, lewd, gross etc. Heisuke tells them that it’ll be their assignment and asks all the boys to join him in front and together, they said their thanks and farewell.

The boys went back to Tonkou just in time to see the girls leaving the school. Risa says that she’d like to correct what she said at the clinic before, about the boys dragging down the girls’ studies. Risa says that she likes to commend the boys for being serious with their studies that instead of dragging the girls, they actually uplifted the girls. In fact, 4 students from 3rd year class were able to enter Shizuoka’s Best 10 with Nakai on top. She feels frustrated that even though the boys have worked hard, they were still at last place and while the boys are at the bottom, the girls were able to rise because of the boys’ poor performance. She even thinks that the result is a splendid part of being co-ed.

Back at Tonkou, Donmai-sensei extend her arms in welcoming the boys as each one of them ran toward her to receive her soothing words of “Don’t mind”.

Next day, Heisuke is back at his usual post at Tonkou, which is overseeing the boys as they enter the school when Sanjo girls starts arriving led by Amarin. Confused on what’s going on, the 15 boys at Tonkou ran back to Sanjo upon seeing the girls occupying their seats. You can actually see that they are too happy to return to Sanjo. Awww.

At Sanjo, commotion starts once the boys are in their seats and Risa and sister Yoshii demands an explanation. Nakai says that after discussing with everyone, they concluded that they won’t object the merger since they have gotten used of the boys presence. Risa has to checked if it’s really Nakai who is saying all those things since she has been very vocal with her objection to the merger before. Endou adds that their grades went-up because of the boys, (well, it did go up because the boys are too stupid) while Bircken adds that their feminity have gone up as well. haha.

Sister Yoshii asks them if they have forgotten all about “love, humility, and chastity”, and Jinbou confidently says that they can surely protect their chastity even with that degree of boys.

Then, Nakai went to the board and writes their answer to Heisuke’s assignment. She writes “女子” and “男子” and asks sister Yoshii to read “女子”. Sister Yoshii says it’s “like” and when she asks about reading the “男子”, sister Yoshii says that there’s no such character. Nakai then writes “アリ ” (ari) on top of “男子” and said that they have decided to read the character of “boy” as acceptable. Acceptable is not as strong as like (女子) but it’s somewhere in between, thus, acceptable. Nakai asks Heisuke if she’s correct and Heisuke smiles and agrees.

Heisuke apologizes to sister Yoshii, whose still confused on how the things have unfolded, when they heard Tominaga shouting “pervert”.

Risa goes out of the classroom to see Xavier being stopped by an injured Tominaga, Heisuke tries to help Tominaga but he’s just too wimpy so Tominaga calls for guys help. Xavier says that there can’t be guys in an all-girls school when the boys of class 3-C starts pouring out from the classroom and they charged toward Xavier. heeee. That also means that they also flatten the already injured Tominaga. Risa then conclude that having boys at school is indeed acceptable.

Co-ed class has been extended but the 7 boys who went to special training class at Heisuke’s home are depressed. As it happens, Heisuke’s pervert father promised them that they can knead his daughter-in-law’s breast if they can managed to score 70 points or higher. Seriously, how did he become a priest?

Back at Girl’s bar, Heisuke can only scold his father for using her sister-in-law’s breast to give the boys a push when a man arrives with a cane. Satoshi then run outside while being chased by the man with a cane and Risa arrives to stop her father from hitting Satoshi.

Well, Risa’s father managed to give Satoshi a hit until Heita stops him. However, he still continued in hitting Satoshi until Risa took the cane from him. Heisuke then introduces himself as Risa’s colleague and Risa’s father called him the “ringleader” of the merger that he vehemently opposed since he hasn’t forgotten about that night.

Few minutes later, things have calmed down and Risa’s father got into drinking with Heita. The beer must have helped him to vent his frustrations in a calmer manner and he starts telling how hard their life have been since that fire incident. Luckily, even though they were driven out of town after the Yaoya Oshichi drama, Risa’s father have started growing potatoes that in turn became Mishima’s famous croquettes. Heita was impressed that those croquettes originates from Risa’s family, which means that they are getting royalties from every store.

Speaking of profit, Risa’s father recalls that Satoshi is just at the end of the bar table and tells Satoshi that the croquettes were made from his sweat, tears, blood, and humiliation. Heisuke can’t take that Satoshi is getting all the blame so he stood-up to apologized. When ask why is he apologizing, Heisuke stutters then says that it’s because he’s Satoshi’s bestfriend in high school and that he actually likes Yuko back then. Risa finds it funny that Heisuke is apologizing for that matter and Satoshi says that it was Heisuke who liked Yuko first. That reminded Risa’s father that their family computer  used to received lots of emails from a Tonkou student and he used to pretend to be Yuko and answer some of the emails. haha. Heisuke is obviously shocked to learn about it and Risa’s father even finds it funny that he got rejected so he should not apologized for being dumped since he also got betrayed by his best friend.

Satoshi agrees with Risa’s father and tells Heisuke that he can hit him as he likes but Heisuke says that he doesn’t have the right to hit him, which we all know why. Risa’s father tells him that he doesn’t have the pride of a man and Heita decides to intervene to defend his son. Heita says that Heisuke will never hit Satoshi because he’s son is a Buddhist. Heisuke wants to yell that that’s not the reason though Heita continues that if Catholics asks for forgiveness, in Buddhism, they must first deal with their resentment before they can forgive or even asks for forgiveness.

Heisuke yelled all his frustrations to his mother aka Goddess of Mercy and his mother tries to console him by saying that if it wasn’t for that fire, the Mishima Croquettes wouldn’t have been born. It’s like the old saying that when God closes a door, He opens a window (but that’s a Christian teaching but you get the gist of it).

Back at Girl’s Bar, Heita and Risa’s father are still drinking, Heita even says that if his son is the culprit, he would shave both of their heads and retreat to mountain than even think of making croquettes. LOL. Let’s see if this will happen. Since there was talk that the couple isn’t the culprit but a Tonkou student, they turn to Satoshi to ask if they have seen anyone else during that night. Satoshi can’t answer anything else except that they were too engrossed to even care about  their surroundings. When he was asked to expound further, Satoshi gives a sheepish smile that irks Risa’s father and goes to hit him again.

Anyway, Heita asks what Risa havefelt for his sister and Risa says that Yuko just reaped what she sow since she did something that so deserving of contempt and adds that even though she has no experienced in love, if that‘s love then it’s disgusting.

The next day, Donmai-sensei called Risa to her office. Heisuke is already at the office and Donmai-sensei gives them the latest dit on the OTPs involving those in the cultural festival organizing committee. It was placed as a co-relation chart like that on dramas. In the co-relation chart, Ebisawa, who was dumped by Amarin for Handa, looks like he’s going to confess to Nakai. Meanwhile, another person is harboring feelings for Handa and that is Murai aka Cosme (short for cosmetics). Endou is more interested in food and the other Quiz King, Akishima, who seems to have feelings for Jinbou Ai, but Jinbou seems to be interested Ooki. However, Ooki and Narita both loves boobies so they are fighting over F-cup Sakuma Rei. Of course, Donmai-sensei learned all of this via SNS.

From the co-relation chart, you can see that all of them likes someone except for two people. XD. Anyway, Ooki arrives and says that Bir aka Bircken didn’t arrive for the organizing committee meeting. Well, Bircken is on a date with Furui, the love of her life. haha. How unusual but so right. Furui finds it odd that Bircken likes him and she even calls him with his first name, Yutaka (although Bircken always get it wrong and says Yukata). Furui keeps on asking why someone like Bircken who has a fan club in Tonkou would like someone like him since he even look like Ueda Masashi‘s manga character. LOL.

Anyway, Bircken says that he likes him because their level of Japanese is almost the same. LOL. She adds that she pretty much understand what he says and that Furui is not that bad of a guy, he’s just ordinary. haha.

At the organizing committee, the committee decides that they will go to Izu Mito Sea Paradise to deepen their friendship. Surprisingly, sister Yoshii agrees with it and in return invites Tonkou for a social mixer at Sanjo. Tonkou also invites Sanjo for their Friday sermon.

Heisuke and Risa goes home together and Risa thinks that things are getting on too fast even though they have just begun. In Biblical terms, they are still in the Genesis stage where they must watch the boys and the girls carefully or they will eat the forbidden fruit. Risa adds that even though they said that they want to go to the Sea Paradise to deepen their friendship, all of them are vying for the “heart-strap”. “Heart-strap” is a heart-shaped handle bar in one of Izuppako trains. Legend has it that when a couple holds it together, they will be bound together forever. Risa thinks it’s stupid and it’s just some sort of ploy made for PR purposes but the students believe it and as it happens, the said train with one heart-strap only runs once a day.

The next day, the social mixer was held at Sanjo where the Tonkou faculty also has to sing Catholic hymns. Sister Yoshii makes a really lovely speech about loving your neighbor as you love one’s self and that the students were able to crossover the wall that they (adults) had always find difficult.

After the social mixer, the head faculty from each school ends-up at the only snack bar in town. Sister Yoshii, who is slightly sober, asks them if they know about kabedon. LOL. Sister Yoshii says that she always long for kabedon to be done to her and Donmai-sensei, the Madonna virgin, can’t stand that kind of talk. Sister Yoshii overhears her and says that Donmai-sensei is like that of a himono-onna, a woman who have stopped being a woman. For a nun who is supposed to be an example of simplicity, she chides Donmai-sensei for not ironing her coat, putting on a make-up, and going to the salon. 3D and vice-principal also agrees with sister Yoshii’s observation and even add insults. At least, Tominaga is too nice to console her.

Anyway, sister Yoshii then asks anyone fulfill her frustration and do kabedon to her. She asks Heisuke to do it since she gave in to the merger so the kabedon thing is just a little favor. Heita stops his son from embarrassing himself and ends-up doing kabedon to sister Yoshii, who looks entranced by Heita. Risa asks 3D to stop Heita but 3D has to go and attend his radio program.

Speaking of radio program, 3D gets his supposedly anonymous caller and when he checks his caller’s name, he was surprised to read Handa’s full name. haha. He went on confessing that he likes someone from school and he wants to practice his confession to that person. 3D tries to stop him and says that the show is about apologizing to someone but Handa screams “I love you” before 3D can cut for commercials.

During Friday sermon, Heita is nowhere to be found and he happens to be in Heisuke’s room together with sister Yoshii. OMG. Ippei and Erena comes in to wake Heita but he still has some hangover while sister Yoshii is still in shock. In the end, Ippei takes-over his father’s duties and when he arrives at Tonkou, he gets enthralled at the transformed Donmai-sensei.

Still shocked from Donmai-sensei’s beauty, Ippei goes to the gym for the sermon and talks as if he’s possessed. haha.

Sunday arrives and the organizing committee are all present for their Sea Paradise trip. You can clearly see the pairing here as Heisuke counts the participants. Narita and Sakuma aren’t part of the organizing committee but they got invited by Ooki while Furui got invited by Bircken since their are dating. heeee. Amarin teases Handa that she listened to the radio show two days ago and of course she’s thinking that Handa will confess to her.

Before they all board the train, Donmai-sensei arrives and her new look shocks Heisuke. haha. She gives Narita her tablet so Narita can pose as Narita for that day. haha.

On train, Heisuke feels happy to see Sanjo students mingling with Tonkou students. It was a sight to behold since it had never happened before on an Izuppako line. Suddenly, the train hits something causing Risa and Heisuke to stagger and they literally did the kabedon that sister Yoshii was so crazy the other night.

At Sea Paradise, every one of them starts doing their own activities. You can see Handa, Amarin, and Murai together. Endou, Jinbo, and Akishima; Bircken and Furui; and Ebisawa standing awkwardly just a few feet away from Nakai. Nakai asks him why he broke up with Amarin and Ebisawa says that it’s because she came to like someone else. Nakai says that it’s not just because of that, it’s also because there’s something wrong with Ebisawa. LOL, is this her way of rejecting Ebisawa?

Somewhere else, Narita is being sandwiched by Risa and Heisuke as they read on SNS about what has happened with the students. Risa is obviously not paying attention and when Narita left to join the fun, Risa asks Heisuke if its first time in the sea paradise. Heisuke says yes while Risa says that she has been at the place 2-3 times with her family. Risa shares that she really doesn’t want to be with her family because her dad would always force himself to look happy and her sister would always get sick on the way home. She promised herself that once she gets married, she won’t be forcing herself; however, she now gets the feeling of having to force yourself.

Anyway, it’s news to Heisuke that Yuko has always been frail and the conversation ended-up awkward so Risa volunteers to buy some drinks. After Risa left, Nakai arrives to occupy Risa’s seat and since she’s not the type of person who beats around the bush, she asks Heisuke if he likes someone. Heisuke can’t answer her directly and Nakai tells him that she has came to like him. Woot. She makes it clear though that she may like Heisuke but she has no intention of dating him. However, she just wants to make her feelings clear. Nakai also adds that she will make the joint cultural festival a success not because she’s the student  body president but because she likes Hara-sensei. I’m getting too many feels from this.

Elsewhere, another confession is about to happen between Handa and Risa. However, Handa was too nervous in shouting his love for Risa that he ends-up falling in the sea when he stood up on one of the steel chairs. Once Handa is on land, Risa asks him when he started liking her. Handa says that he liked her since the first day of the joint class after Risa made her “I’m-still-a-virgin” speech.

For someone who is inexperienced in love, Risa is handling Handa’s confession pretty well. She says that while she’s thankful for Handa’s feelings, she can’t accept it since she’s gonna get married already. What, she’s engaged?! Handa asks about the guy and Risa says that they are not dating but they are going to be married. Ha? Handa asks further if Risa likes that guy and Risa says that she doesn’t know but since she’ll be marrying him, she will come to like him. Handa is just confused as I am on how Risa can even think of marrying a guy that she’s not dating and that she’s not even sure if she likes him.

The guy that Risa has decided to marry is Heisuke and she made up her mind after they accidentally held the “heart strap” on the Izuppako line. For someone who thinks that the legend of “heart-strap” is a mere advertising ploy, she believes it wholeheartedly. She stated that there is only one heart-strap, on one train, and that it only runs once a day. In short, what happened is not a mere coincidence but an act of fate.

Risa makes Handa promise not to tell anyone about her marriage plan with Heisuke and Handa agrees, albeit reluctantly. The part-field trip, part-goukon ended with a class picture.

At Sanjo the next day, Heisuke decides to make dating his topic for his daily dose of wisdom. He writes “Are we dating?” on board and asks the rest of the class to read it. The class reads it aloud along with embarrassed and knowing smiles on their faces. Heisuke asks them on why girls would ask that question to guys. The answers were pretty similar and they all boils down to insecurity, like: “is he serious about me?” or “is he just playing with me?”

Heisuke argues that if a someone special exist then it means that someone who is not special also exist. He has a valid point. Heisuke makes Adam and Eve as an example and even though he’s not well-versed with the Catholic sacred book, he says that Eve never asks Adam that kind of question because insecurities have only existed when more women have roamed the earth. In a month of their co-ed class, some of them already have a love target, however, they also have those that are not part of their target. Once they are out of the society, there will be more person that’ll be added to their “not target” list because the society is a huge co-ed class. For Heisuke, it’s impossible to find your special someone in just an instant and they must first gauge the situation before they start declaring their love.

However for Risa, gauging the situation is a waste of time. She asks Sakuma to read a quote by a famous English poet, which is “You must love him, before to you he must seem worthy of your love”. Risa wants to interpret it as “if you don’t like someone, you won’t know the reason of liking someone”. If you think about it, it has the same thought as the one said by Heisuke.

Risa uses Amarin as an example and asks if she started liking Handa because he’s ripped or if she likes him before she learned that he is ripped. Amarin shyly admits that liking came first. In a similar example, Risa thinks that other’s like someone because they are kind but if you like the person first, whatever he or she does will look like an act of kindness. In short, Risa wants them to trust their instincts and forget all about prejudices, they are a waste of time and they should just go for it. Ooki asks Risa if she likes someone and she says that she does.

The love co-relation chart gets updated, Akishima confessed to Jinbou but he got rejected and Jinbou seems to have moved-on from Ooki to Ebisawa. Ebisawa likes Nakai, but Nakai likes Heisuke, something that even Risa knows. heeee.

However, the love information about the students is just kids’ play compared to the scene that Narita saw in Donmai-sensei’s clinic where she got kabedon by Ippei. Heisuke’s brother is such a player.


OMG. I guess KudoKan will never take the romance side in this drama too seriously because the OTPs are just fucked-up. haha. Handa likes Risa when I always thought that Handa is too stiff to even like a girl. I was expecting that Nakai will like Heisuke, pure admiration, but I’m hoping that he’ll take notice of Ebisawa who looks too awkward when he’s beside Nakai. I did see Risa liking Heisuke but I was hoping that it’ll be Heisuke who’ll like Risa first and not the other way around. I wonder if Risa really like Heisuke or she just illusions herself of being in love because of the “heart-strap” legend. I still have my suspicions that Heisuke might still harbor feelings for Yuko after all those years. Oh well, no one can top Bircken and Furui! They’re so mismatched but too perfect as well.

Speaking of all the changes of heart from both episodes, I think that Heisuke and Risa subtlety rejects both of their confessors during their ending speeches in episode 4. Heisuke talks about gauging the situation first before declaring that someone is your special someone while Risa proudly declares that she likes someone in front of the entire class and that she decided to be brave and face that love instead of being concern about other things.

Anyway, both episodes are so real with the co-ed plot. I like how they tackle acceptance in the 3rd episode since the battle of the sexes has been a huge issue. Also, I like how they tackle the love part in the 4th episode since it’s only natural that the topic will emerge in a co-ed school that is full of teenagers who can mistake a simple like to love and vice versa. One thing is for sure, teens fall in love just as fast as they fall out of love. Well, that’s youth.

As for Heisuke and Satoshi’s situation, I should feel sorry for Satoshi for taking all the blame for Heisuke’s blunder but I really lack sympathy for him. Not only did he betray Heisuke but I don’t like that he’s pointing fingers at Yuko for being the tempt. Hey, it takes two to tango. I do feel sorry for the Hachiya’s for all the pains that they received after that incident. I never thought that the gravity of Heisuke’s sins are that much and it sucks that he gets to learn about everything after he initiated the co-ed class between two schools.

Anyway, the plot thickens as new conflict is introduced each episode making me eager to follow this drama. The ending in each episode where Heisuke gives his word of wisdom can be a bit tiring so inserting Risa’s own word of wisdom in her class is a welcome change.

Usual credits apply.



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