Imai Tsubasa to Undergo Treatment

Get well soon, Tsubasa, or it might be hard for you to dance flamenco again.

As reported,

As reported earlier, Tackey & Tsubasa‘s Imai Tsubasa landed in a hospital due to constant dizziness and now it was announced that Tsubasa is suffering from Meniere’s disease. The said disease is characterized excessive lymph fluid accumulation in the inner ear. Dizziness is one of its symptoms, which can worsen due to change in pressure, intense rotation, lack of sleep, fatigue, and stress. Consequently, Meniere’s can lead to tinnitus (ringing in ears) and hearing loss if not treated.

Due to this, Tsubasa won’t be discharged from the hospital and will concentrate on getting treatment.

via jnews1

Image credit : Miyagei


3 thoughts on “Imai Tsubasa to Undergo Treatment

  1. […] Last November, Tsubasa was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and after leaving rehabilitation last December, he attended a two weeks training prior to show. After consulting his physician, his song appearances changed from 18 to 11 songs. “The physical condition is not a problem, I would like to say that ‘I don’t have that at all’, ” Tsubasa said. He also revealed that his heart broke after he learned about the disease and he had to change his dietary and sleeping habits. I guess, his body fat percentage have gone up by now. […]


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