Yamapi’s “Kinkyori Renai” Reaches 1 Billion Yen mark

Omedatou Yamapi! Paying that 3 million Yen settlement money is just loose change.

As reported,

[partial translation]

Weekend box-office ranking as of Nov 11th reports that Yamashita Tomohisa‘s “Kinkyori Renai” have dropped to 5th place (Oct 11, released date). The said movie topped the movie ranking for three consecutive weeks and as of Nov 9th, its box office revenue have reached more than 1 Billion Yen and have mobilized 810,000 people across less than 200 theaters.

Yamapi, who haven’t made a movie in three years, was fully prepared to challenge a romantic movie where he played a tsundere teacher and he has charmed women by his overwhelming smartness. Playing opposite of Yamapi is Komatsu Nana, who got her break in Nakashima Tetsuya‘s “The World of Kanako”.

Some factors on why the movie is a hit is because the world of shoujo mangas makes one yearn for the impossible thing. Kinkyori Renai made that impossible world into a reality that can be regarded as “It might be (possible?)”. Consequently, audience have sympathized with the love story between two people who are in different age and position since it felt like they have also obtained that impossible thing.

via Cinema Topics and Rakuten

Image credit : another-dreams

Frankly, I never really like the movie based form it’s synopsis and even the manga. However, considering how well-received this movie has been, then maybe it’s not so bad at all. XD


4 thoughts on “Yamapi’s “Kinkyori Renai” Reaches 1 Billion Yen mark

  1. I found “Kinkyori Renai” thoroughly entertaining.. Yamapi is at his best. I wish I had a sensei like him. He looks too handsome. Also his song ‘Only one love’ which has only english lyrics is very good..


  2. I read the manga as well and i didn’t like it. I think the drama set a very good stage for this movie though. And i suppose shoujo manga adaptations can never go wrong. (*Thinks Kyou wa Kaisha wo Yasumimasu)


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