Johnny’s-Watcher Rumor Round-up (Digest 015)

Rumor round-up this time are just boring but you might be interested. Involved parties, are: Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Shingo Katori, Matsumoto Jun, Nishikido Ryo, and Kanjani8.

  • Where do your idols live and how much rent they pay?

Speaking of big names in the entertainment world, SMAP‘s Tsuyoshi Kusanagi reportedly owns a place at Oakwood Premier Tokyo Midtown. Oakwood is a famous brand of luxury apartment all over the world. 2LDK apartment costs around 1.6 million Yen that includes luxury furniture and five-star hotel services. Rumor has it that even fellow SMAP member Shingo Katori have bought a unit at Oakwood. Not to be outdone is Arashi‘s Matsumoto Jun who reportedly lives in Fukusawa House in Setagaya. Fukasawa House is known for its vast space and is even connected to Komazawa park. An 8th floor’s 3LDK unit could cost you 80.8 million Yen. One of Matsujun’s BFF, Oguri Shun, reportedly owns a unit at Fukusawa House as well. Lastly, Kanjani8‘s Nishikido Ryo reportedly owns a place at King Homes Daikanyama where 4LDK unit can reach up to 850,000 Yen. Actress Aragaki Yui is rumored to be also living at King Homes when Nishikido and Aragaki’s “Neighborhood love” got exposed.

New goal in life: must moved in one of this address!

  • Johnny’s on rage VS. Chinese auction site

Just days before Kanjani8‘s Sapporo Dome concert and before “Kanjanism” pre-sale of goods, JE is reportedly enraged to find “Kanjanism” tour goods in an auction site in China. The said goods in the auction site have been deleted but some are wondering if those were the original goods or just a copy considering that China is the “factory of the world”. Oh well, Johnny is hard with his copyright laws so let’s see if the agency will take action in the future.

Piracy is everywhere and it’s not something that can be stop that easily.

via Johnny’s-Watcher 1 and 2


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