Sexy Zone Celebrates 3rd Year Anniversary with Fans

Omedatou Sexy Zone and I’m also glad that you include the younger two in this activity.

As reported,

Last Nov 16th, Sexy Zone held a fan event at Odaiba, Tokyo to commemorate their 3rd year anniversary since debut.

Sexy Zone made their CD debut last Nov 16, 2011 with a self-titled single, “Sexy Zone”. The 5-member (and sometimes 3-member) group gave their appreciation to 10,000 fans who attended the event. During the event, the members were asked of what have changed after three years. Marius Yo said that it was his height, he grew from 156.20 cm to 177.60 cm. Speaking of body growth, Kikuchi Fuma shared that his chest has expanded from 74.5cm (A cup) to 90cm (D cup). Matsushima Sho was more serious with his answer and says that his performance have changed as his sex appeal oozes. However, Nakajima Kento thinks that he hasn’t changed at all and fans gives a scream as Nakajima showed-off his prince-like attributes. Lastly, Sato Shori declared the group’s plans that includes a National (Kokuritsu) performance by their 10th anniversary.

As for the division within the group, “I think we grew stronger, we got stronger as we struggle for our growth is like our response to the group’s re-organization.”

via jnews1 and Nikkan Sports

Again, congrats to the group that they managed to reach their 3rd anniversary with five members albeit the controversies. Anyway, why the heck would Fuma measure his chest/breast size?! I’m a girl and I never bother to measure mine when I was his age. XD. As for, Sou, what sex appeal is he talking about exactly? It’s hard to see it, really. XD


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