Rants & Raves : Shut Down

This week has been so busy, my GnS recap has been in my draft box since the 16th and it’s far from over. Anyway, I mainly did this Rant and Raves just for the first item because I’m really affected and saddened by the news.

Here is my occasional Rants and Raves…

  • Torrents section in D-Addicts will be closed.

So, my first reaction was a multitude of F-word. I’m not being demanding but a bit of explanation would be much appreciated instead of simply saying it’ll be close. It’s so frustrating not to know the reason just when I started enjoying downloading torrents, which is primarily because my wifi server got upgraded. Oh well, I’m scared that with the closing of torrents section, the site itself will eventually shut down and that’ll be a huge bummer!

  • Takki will take-over Tsubasa‘s radio show while he is undergoing treatment for his Meniere’s disease.

Glad to know that the radio show won’t be change just because Tsubasa is unwell to do it.

  • Little Tokyo Live” is a mess when it comes to ratings

Despite my excitement when this was announced, this type of show is better if it has been a radio show than on live TV. Other than that, where are HSJ and Johnny’s-WEST fans? Are you all asleep by that time?

  • “Kabedon” is a rage everywhere because even Junno‘s character in “Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu” got kadebon-ed by the Chiba Yudai, the guy he wants to have as a little brother.

This is just cute. I mean, both of them are cute. As for kabedon, I’m not so sure, I think I’ll be scared if I get cornered like that.

credits on pic
  •  Kis-My-Ft2 did a semi-nude for an an. [Scans here]

Taipi must have enjoyed his full nude last year so he did a semi-nude this time together with his group mates. The photos were taken in a pretty artsy way but their bodies are so-so. Aside from that, we have seen lot of Johnny’s going topless so I don’t know what’s the big deal with this issue, maybe because it’s a shoot for “an an”.


  • Speaking of Kisumai, Kitayama Hiromitsu got mistaken for NEWSTegoshi Yuya during a pre-recorded show where he was referred as “Kisumai’s Tegoshi-kun“.

Note to Kitayama: Never dye your hair blond or it’ll be harder to set you two apart. hahahahaha.

That’s all for now. Have a nice weekend.


8 thoughts on “Rants & Raves : Shut Down

  1. sorry, what’s kabedon?

    and can you give the number rating of little tokyo live? I only watch Johnny’s WEST eps but I must say first 2 eps is boring~~~ but the 3rd ep is funny, I hope the show has time to provide before cancel
    I think 2 group hard worked but the format of show is not good


  2. Oh noes! Didn’t know about the shut down of D-Addicts’ torrent!! That’s my source for drama torrents… What a bummer 😢

    Is kabedon on the rise? That scene looks hilarious but damn awkward lol. Which episode is that? I am just about to watch ep 4 as I need subs >.<


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