Sexy Zone’s “Kimi no HITOMEBORE” Sold Almost 300K Copies on First Day

Sexy Zone’s “Kimi no HITOMEBORE” Sold 300K Copies on First Day….but not without a controversy.

As reported,

Sexy Zone‘s latest single, “Kimi no HITOMEBORE“, sold about 299,000 copies on its first day, making it no.1 on Oricon’s Daily chart and the group’s best-selling single ever.

“Kimi no HITOMEBORE” is Sexy Zone’s 8th single and is also used as the theme song for Nakajima Kento‘s “Kurofoku Monogatari“. The said single is being sold at Type A and Type B, both types have 5 versions each that corresponds to each Sexy Zone members as well as a set version. In addition, Pony Canyon have also released a Ponika music card that also comes in two Type A and B along with 6 pieces set each. All in all, there are 12 versions for “Kimi no HITOMEBORE”.

However, if you add Sexy Zone Shop Board that consists of versions from Nakajima Kento (K), Sato Shori (S), and Kikuchi Fuma(F) where they all have Type A and B, the total will be 20 versions.

All of which are advertised to celebrate Sexy Zone’s 3rd Anniversary since CD debut and aside from freebies like postcards and clear file, those who buy the music cards can apply to win an invite for Sexy Zone’s anniversary event.

So, what’ the big deal? Well, some fans think that this type of selling is too vulgar and that Johnny’s have started following AKB‘s commercial code. An entertainment reporter also commented that he can sense desperation in the side of Johnny’s by putting back Marius Yo and Matsushima Sou on recording just for added benefits.

Is this the birth of Sexy Zone’s commercial code?

via jnews1 and Cyzo Woman

So, I decided to merge fact and rumor because it’s related anyway. Oh well, I’m not a huge fan of SZ so I’m not that affected how many versions this single has and the pressure to buy all of them because missing one is not an option. This is definitely one of Johnny’s greatest advertising ploy just to generate sales and not only it is vulgar but it looks cheap as well. Like, is the group not selling at all so there’s a need to attach this and that freebies just to generate sales? Actually, 300K is pretty short compared to 1st day sales of AKB family and I think that making that much versions is costlier than how much they will earned. I know that everything is just about business and whether or not this is taking advantage, well, no one can take advantage of us without our permission, right?



6 thoughts on “Sexy Zone’s “Kimi no HITOMEBORE” Sold Almost 300K Copies on First Day

  1. 12 versions is definitely too much. I mean..this group only has 3 members right? AKB has 8 versions for their latest single which i find extreme as well but they have alot of faces they need to put on the CD cover so it’s still understandable.


  2. AKB is AKB and Johnny is Johnny, ppl can understand AKB do their method but Johnny is not
    I’m not fan of sz but I very surprise of this way to sell single. Sz always use gimmick for sale cd but this is …

    hmm, I saw in somewhere ppl call this is downhill of Johnny and this single is very very cheap!


    • sorry? always use gimmick? please can you tell me the gimmick of the other singles? I’m a Sexy Girl and this single playing with the feelings of the fans certainly, but please, don’t talk about they always do because it is not!


    • yes, I dont sure about every single but many single and album has gimmick with shop only version for every single, good when buy single…

      14 version of dvd is not much? 9 version of second album + sport towel is not gimmick?

      and what’s about debut single when their fan proud of the victory compete with Not yet but it has many version, big handshake event and even Taipi of Kisumai join too?


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