The Best and Worst Skin in Johnny’s

When it comes to skin care, most Johnny’s seem not too keen to invest on it. It’s a good thing that there’s Photoshop to fix all your skin problems until the editors starts complaining…

As reported,

A certain magazine that deals with a lot of Johnny’s is quite troubled by excessive image modification request from the agency. As requested from the agency, they want that talent to look like he has inconceivably beautiful skin and they also want the jaw line to look sharper and to correct the form of his nose.

Basically, it’s not just with Johnny’s, most celebrities used “Doran” as a foundation. Doran doesn’t just cover but also improves skin condition. Most Johnny’s entered the agency at such a young age were they driven to have irregular lives. Fatigue from their hard work will eventually show on their skin.

So far, the talent with most touch-up’s is K, you really have to clean his skin in posters and so. Once you see K in person, you’ll be surprise with the difference. On the contrary, the one with the most beautiful skin is Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari who celebrated his 15th anniversary since CD debut. “Ninomiya-kun is really beautiful, you don’t have to modify photos that were sent and can be used as it is. It’s so beautiful that it’s rare among other entertainers,” according to a magazine editor.

via Johnny’s-Watcher

Who the heck is K? I’m sure it’s not Kame, I’m definitely sure. So let me name all the possible “K” in Johnny’s (mostly those that have debuted) irregardless of whether K is a surname or the first name.

>>>Katori, Kusanagi, Kimura, Koyama, Kato, Kawai, Kitayama, Kento, Kota, Kikuchi, Keito, (Goseki) Koichi, )Domoto) Koichi, Kiriyama, Kamiyama, Kotaki, and Ken.

Setting “K” aside, some Johnny’s who I think has nice skin are Junno Taguchi and Yokoyama Yu. As for those who need to take care of their skin more are Tamamori Yuta, Chinen Yuri, Matsumoto Jun, and Ohno Satoshi. You can really see acne in Tamamori’s skin during “Nobunaga no Chef” and Chinen can be visible as well. As for Matsujun, he really should do something about it since nice skin would go well with his good looks. On Ohno, he has visible open pores (probably from deep scarring from acne) during “Shinigami-kun” so I hope it gets treated.


16 thoughts on “The Best and Worst Skin in Johnny’s

  1. I have seen pictures taken of Kame from Airport and practice sessions. His skin is flawless. I dont think its him.. Even Yamapi and Junno’s skin is good.


  2. I think it’s Kotaki Nozomu… no offense on Non-chan’s fan please!! (He’s my ichiban in JE, btw) but recently when I’m watching Shounen Club’s videos of JWest, you can really see that he doesn’t have a good skin 😦

    anyway, I still love him the way he is…. 😀


  3. yah. it’s not Kame…since you can see how fair his skin is during live shows such as SCP and Naru Tabi. And doesn’t need repair. And I love Junno’s. I wonder how it feels to touch him. It will surely feels nice to caress him. hehehe…looks so soft and smooth, just like a real Prince 🙂

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  4. Not Kame for sure. In fact, there’s a lot of his shot in magazine un-photoshop (esp on MAQUIA. I guess they like him natural) and he look just fine. He had better skins that I do!


  5. I agree with all of you. I don’t think “K” is Kame.
    Kame takes care his skin so much and he was Panasonic Beauty endorser.
    Really curious who is the “K”.


  6. I read the original article and some of the comments are so sure that it’s Kame but since Panasonic Beauty was mentioned ^^^^ I doubt its Kame since I’m sure Panasonic won’t be wasting money on someone’s skin that they need to repair. I haven’t seen any paparazi/ stolen shots of Kusanagi so I’m not sure about him as well. As for Tamamori, ugh, he really have lots of zits and it was really visible during his Ougon stint


  7. I also think that Kame’s skin isn’t fake or Photoshop. Panasonic Beauty won’t be getting him as an endorser if he needs a lot of work with his skin. I wonder who is this “K” when I always thought that Jun and Ohno has the worst skin in Johnny’s.


    • I think you got it! Must be Kusanagi!

      I’m amazed there is actually a blog post on this topic. It’s shallow, but it’s something that’s been bottling inside of me every time I watch Vs. Arashi! I’m amazed how bad Matsumoto Jun’s skin is. It makes me wonder what he looks like in person. Ohno’s skin is terrible, too, but it doesn’t matter as much since he’s not a pretty boy.


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