Gomen ne Seishun Episode 5

Gomen ne Seishun’s 5th episode is undeniably one of its funniest episode. There’s less guilt-tripping for Heisuke, Risa is still a clueless virgin, and spotlight is directed to two characters who could pass as brothers, Ippei and Furui.

Here is a quick recap of Gomen ne Seishun : Episode 5

Continuing from previous episode, Narita hops in at Donmai-sensei’s clinic for a treatment but what he sees shocks him so much, he forgot he was injured. He rushes out of the clinic to find Heisuke and a blushing Risa who asks about him.

Narita shouts that he’s fine,enough to make Donmai-sensei snaps back to reality and pushes away Ippei before Heisuke and Risa enters the clinic. Heisuke sees Donmai-sensei, leaning on the wall, looking flush and so and she reasons-out that she’s just doing some thinking.

Heisuke tries to take a peek at one of the covered beds in the clinic that agitates Donmai-sensei so she pushes Risa and Heisuke away from the clinic. She also says that people who are not sick must not enter her clinic. As soon as the two are out, Ippei pulls Donmai-sensei in and I’ll leave everything to your imagination.

Anyway, Bircken’s fan club have learned about her exclusively dating status with Furui and Nishikou students, who are members of her fan club, aren’t happy. Once the Izuppako have started moving, the guys targeted Furui and gave him some trashing, kicking and so.

Furui arrives at Sanjou, sans the pants and with bruises on his face, that made Bircken and her friends rush to his side. Due to the so-called “man’s pride”, Furui is too embarrassed to admit that he got beaten-up so he said that he just fell down the stairs. LOL. No one believed him, of course, and Bircken says that it must be her fault.

At Sanjo’s faculty room, Heisuke investigates the cause of Furui’s demise by checking-out Bircken’s unofficial fan site unwittingly called “Sandal”. Her unofficial fan club site is one step away from being her stalkers as it has tons of Bircken’s stolen pictures. The police also arrives to talk to Furui and for some reason, the Nishikou students owned-up to their wrongdoing. They even want to apologized directly to Furui.

Sister Yoshii asks for and motive and the police says that it’s about Furui’s girlfriend’s fan site. In Bircken’s fan site, a kill notice is posted with Furui’s picture on it, that’s why the Nishikou students are so hell-bent on targeting Furui. The video of Furui being continuously kicked while in Izzupako is even uploaded on the said site and it took minutes for sister Yoshii and Heisuke to realize that Furui and Bircken are dating.

At Tonkou, Risa receives a call that the meeting for the cultural festival is cancelled for the day so Risa decides to drag Donmai-sensei and talk about her marriage plans. You know, her marriage plan with Heisuke where he has no idea. Donmai-sensei, who is having her own love problems, is not too sure how to help Risa since her situation is too weird to take on. Risa still insists that she doesn’t love him so it’s just weird that she’s already planning her marriage.

Handa arrives and you can feel the awkwardness in the air. Risa stops him to ask if he hasn’t told anyone about her love confession and Handa says that he hasn’t told anyone. When Risa pressed-on that it has been five days since then so, how-come-no-one-knows-about-it-yet? Handa asks if she actually wants it to be known and Risa tells him that she will beat him up if he tells anyone.

Since Donmai-sensei can’t offer her any help, Risa then turns to sister Yoshii and confesses her feelings for Heisuke without mentioning his name. Risa shares that liking someone is indeed difficult and in time of her distress, words from the Bible can’t offer her any comfort at all. Sister Yoshii then shares a student of hers, and flashback reveals that the said student is Yuko. Yuko confessed that a friend of the person she likes have confessed his feelings for her. She can see that the person truly likes her so it hurts her that she can’t like that person. It’s hurts to be loved so sincerely yet you can’t return that person’s feelings.

Risa guesses that it’s her sister and I assume that the guy that was mentioned by her sister is Heisuke. Sister Yoshii adds that if only she had offered Yuko some words from the Bible, things wouldn’t have turned-out like that. Sister Yoshii feels assured that Risa will not be like her sister because she’s not the type who would lose herself just because she likes someone. Risa agrees and hopefully, sister Yoshii is right.

At Heisuke’s place, Risa’s father goes pays him a visit to asks him to tell Satoshi to stop pestering him. As it happens, Satoshi goes everyday to Hachiya’s field to help Hachiya-papa do some farming. Hachiya-papa told Satoshi that if he feels sorry for what happened with Yuko then he should stopped with whatever he’s trying to do.

Before Hachiya-papa leaves, Heisuke asks him what had happened to Yuko since then. Hachiya-papa haven’t got a clue, they didn’t even file a “missing person” report after Yuko have left home since he and his wife were thinking that she’ll eventually return. Hachiya-papa adds that before she left, they only talked once, and it was when Yuko told him that someone spoke to her.

Heisuke says that it was him who talked to Yuko that day (cue back to episode 2). Yuko happily reported to her dad that someone had actually spoken to her and her father was like, “so what about it? Stop with that depress face of yours or customers won’t get in”. Yuko went in to her room and the next day, she was gone.

Hachiya-papa tells Heisuke he regretted what he did and wished that instead giving Yuko the cold shoulder, he should have said something uplifting. Again, Heisuke can feel his burden getting heavy after what he learned from Hachiya-papa.

Elsewhere, Ippei must have forgotten all about his lovely and busty wife at home that he’s intent of unleashing the “tiger” inside of Donmai-sensei, who is clueless that Ippei is married.

At Girl’s Bar, Risa is far from over in determining her feelings for Heisuke. Heita, a regular of Girl’s Bar, suggested that Risa and that guy could just go to the hotel because that guy might have some wild moves. LOL, you’re referring to your son. While Risa waits for her order, she sees some “Sorry Eel” coaster, which is the cartoon character of 3D’s radio show, and decides to send an email. While she compose an email, Heita tells her that Catholics are too stiff with their view on marriage, it’s not like God would look at couples one by one. Risa reasons-out that in (Catholic), you must love that person for a lifetime for that kind of love will lead to happiness.

Heita then asks if his son is a no and if Risa will try to let Heisuke into her heart. OMG Heita, you have no idea. Risa pretends to be against the idea but she asks about Heisuke’s reaction and Heita tells her that Heisuke seemed not to be totally against the idea.

Anyway, while Risa searches what does “not totally against the idea” meant, she gets a call on her phone and it’s Kaba-san (3D’s DJ name) and asks what she’s sorry about. Totally clueless who Kaba-san is, Risa was like, “Principal, who are you calling?”. haha. She laughs about it and Girl’s Bar mama says that Kaba-san is the DJ from “Gomen ne Seishun” so Risa got on the phone again and apologizes for her mistake while 3D tries his best to change his voice. haha.

Risa keeps on laughing and 3D is getting irritated since his callers shouldn’t be prattling by themselves. He changes the topic and asks, “I don’t know how to love-san”, if there’s something she’s sorry about. Risa asks, in her usual brusque manner, on why she should apologized and 3D says that it’s because that’s the purpose of his radio show. haha. He then asks Risa about her problem, on not being able to like her marriage prospect, and Risa got defensive on how he learned about it. So 3D has to remind her that she’s the one who sent the email. haha.

Risa then tells him that the matter is now fine and Kaba-san shouldn’t be bothered about it. Risa adds that as much as she ponder about it, she can’t reach into a conclusion and that her remaining days of the year will be crammed with events so she’ll eventually find his good points. haha.

After Risa, 3D gets another caller and this time, it’s from Hachiya-papa! Two Hachiya’s in one night! 3D asks if he wants to say sorry to his daughter who have left and Hachiya-papa tells 3D not to prattle by himself. haha. Hachiya-papa goes on prattling with his apologies for Yuko and when he ended his call, 3D immediately played the Mishima Tourism Association CM and starts whining that he got the wrong set of callers for that night. haha.

The next day, the cultural festival organizing committee decides to make their revenge for Furui by joining the annual Mishima relay race from Grand Shrine to Hakone. Nishikou have won the said race for three years in a row and the students decided that making them lose is the biggest payback. Tonkou will join forces with Sanjo that will be spearheaded by Handa and Nakai.

Learning the kids plan made Heisuke cry in buckets since Sanjo working with Tonkou has never happened before. He shares his happiness to the Goddess of Mercy aka Mom who is just as happy as he. Heisuke finished his story, lie down in bed, only to find out that his sister-in-law is lying beside him. haha. Heisuke has had enough of Elena’s foolishness and says that if she’s checking if he’s gay then she will be sorry because he’s 100% not gay. That’s nice to know.

Elena starts to cry and shares that her marriage life has gotten weary. One example is that they are only having sex thrice a week when…the production decides to bleep everything she says. Heisuke points out that their sex life is abnormal in the first place and Elena says that Ippei used to say “I love you” for like 20 times a day and that Ippei used to text her a lot. Heisuke makes light of it and says that it’s weird for them to be texting each other when they are together at home for most of the day. haha. Anyway, Elena is sure that Ippei has another woman, woman’s instinct is really never wrong, and Heisuke reasons-out that it’s impossible since Ippei is also mostly at home. Elena says that if Ippei don’t have a woman then the one with her now has been changed by a robot or something.

Well, her confession to Heisuke got interrupted when Ippei starts calling her name, in a sort-of possessed way, so she rushes off to her beloved. Little did she know, Ippei is trying his hardest to forget all about Donmai-sensei.

The next day, the morning practice between Tonkou and Sanjo have started and it’s cute that even other Sanjo students are rooting for them. Heisuke joins the kids for a morning practice and almost dozed-off during one of his classes. He noticed that Furui is missing and Bircken says that Furui went home immediately after lunch.

Speaking of Furui, he’s somewhere in Mishima, staring at the relay race poster and he’s in an inner battle with his self. Few seconds later, that bully from Nishikou starts harassing him, bashing Furui and in his team, and how he must break-up with Bircken if they lost. Consequently, they will break-up the fan club if Furui wins. However, all his taunting is ignored by Furui as he walks away, the Nishikou guy won’t stop with his teasing and Furui just got an awesome idea and launch toward to the Nishikou student.

At Tonkou, sister Yoshii and 3D together with their respective vice-principals are supervising the uniforms for the united Sanjo and Tonkou team for the relay race. The violet track and field suit are modeled by Amarin and Narita who look too embarrassed with the tacky outfit. To add more to their embarrassment, the school’s outfit also carries advertisement from their sponsors, which is Mishima’s Croquettes and Girl’s Bar. haha. 3D thinks that the girls are too young to be wearing a uniform with Girl’s Bar logo at their back. Risa reasoned-out that instead of the advertising logo, the school’s name should be at the back but they haven’t decided for that one yet.

Well, since both schools will be uniting for the relay race, they also think that it’s time for them to change the school’s name. Sanjo’s vice-principal suggested “St. Mishima Girl’s High School East”. Heita is against it and wants to go with “Koma Uni Affiliated Mishima High School”. Heisuke arrives to talk to Risa because of an emergency but he got shut-off by his dad because they are deciding the school name.  Heisuke decides to intervenes and suggested “Seishun Kokou” (Seishun High School). Heisuke took St. Mishima’s Sei and Sun from the word Sunshu that represents the central part of Shizuoka province. In short, it’s Seisun but can also be called Seishun as a pun since Seishun means youth.

Surprisingly, everyone likes it, Heita wants it to be “Komagata Affiliated Seishun High School” and sister Yoshii also agrees since it has the character for “holy” and wants both schools to start anew and forget all about the past. Once the school name has been decided, Risa asks Heisuke what he wants her for and apparently, Furui is in trouble and they must head to the police station.

Heisuke and Risa rushes over to the station where Furui is dead-set on getting  suspended since he got involve in a dispute. Anyway, Risa asks him what he will do with the relay race since it all started as a revenge for him. Furui says that he won’t be joining the race at all.

So, Risa makes an announcement to the team that Furui will be withdrawing and they were all disappointed. Nakai says that there’s no meaning if Furui won’t run with them, Jibou adds that it feels demoralizing. Risa tells that just because a Tonkou student got involved doesn’t mean that it’s none of Sanjo’s business and asks them how they will continue. Risa then turns to Bircken to ask if she knows anything about Furui’s situation.

Bircken makes them promise not to tell Furui that they heard it from her and starts telling about Furui’s sob story. Bircken says that Furui has a part-time job, though she mispronounced it as “al dente” instead of “arubaito”. LOL.

At Donmai’s clinic, a similar conversation is also happening between Furui, Heisuke, and Donmai-sensei. Heisuke asks him what’s the reason that he hid about his part-time job when it’s not against school regulations to work.

Bircken says that the reasons why Furui got a part-time job is because Furui’s family is so poor. He’s the oldest of 7 siblings, his dad has drinking problems and wouldn’t contribute to family finances, and that his mom is working at an inn in Atami. Handa overhears this tidbit and tells everyone that Furui was talking about his life.

Furui apologizes to Heisuke for lying and Heisuke clarifies to Donmai-sensei that Furui got accepted in Tonkou even though he’s from other prefecture because his family owns a famous temple in Kyoto and that he’ll to succeed it. Currently, he lives with his mother in a luxury apartment, which is very far from what he told Bircken.

So, Heisuke asks him why he has a part-time job when he obviously doesn’t need one. Furui says that he will tell them but they have to sign a confidentiality agreement. LOL. Donmai has had enough secrets to keep so she excuses herself while Heisuke proceeds on signing the agreement.

Afterward, Furui brings Heisuke to a not-so shady part of the town where Furui rents a locker. Once opened, Heisuke takes a peek, only to coil back in fear. haha. Furui tells him to look closer and what he saw surprises him. Inside the locker is mascot costume for Mishimaru-kun, who happens to be Furui. Heisuke was just speechless.

Anyway, Mishimaru-kun and Mishimaruko-chan are the official mascot’s of Mishima City Council.

At the famous stream, Furui looks back on how he became Mishimaru. It happened one day while he was having his snack, a guy named Nakano-san asked him to stood-up and measured his height with the walking stick/human ruler that he always carry. Upon noting that Furui is 150 cm tall, he told him that he passed and asked him to go with him.

Reluctantly, Furui goes with Nakano-san and later learned that Nakano-san is a famous mascot from every existing prefecture and he has chosen Furui as his successor. At first, Furui didn’t take the job seriously and just used it to earn extra money until one day when he went solo stint. At an orphanage, a girl approach him and says that Mishimaru must not be feeling well and asks if he quarreled with his mother. Coincidentally, Furui did have a fight with his mother before his mascot stint and he was still feeling irritated about it. The little girl gave her a drawing to cheer him up and he realized that time that he’s the type of person who can’t lie, even though he was wearing a costume, it still showed that he was feeling dispirited.

Since then, Furui decided to take the job seriously. After he graduates from the university, he has to go back home and inherit the family’s temple, so even though he has found his life’s purpose in Mishima, he still has to quit. For that reason as well, he doesn’t want to be found-out even by Bircken because he doesn’t want to destroy the kids’ dreams.

In short, Furui can’t participate in the relay race because he has to attend the said race as Mishimaru-kun. So, he decided to attack the Nishikou guy so he’ll get suspended, which means that he’ll be unable to attend the race, and he can do his mascot job.

Afterward, Heisuke talks to Nakano-san and asks if there’s a way for him to cover for Furui on that day. Nakano-san would like to say yes but he has a job somewhere else. Heisuke even asks if he can be Mishimaru-kun for that day but he can’t because he’s taller than 150 cm. Well, that’s nice to know.

The next day, Heisuke makes the annoucement that due to Furui’s suspension, he can’t participate at the relay race. Risa still tries to argue and says that Furui can serve his suspension after the race but Heisuke covers for him that there might be an outcry if Furui runs.

Nakai says that since they can’t win without Furui then there’s no point in participating. Furui tells them that they won’t know unless they try, but Jinbou tells him that he doesn’t have the right to lecture them since he’s the one who got into trouble. Well, the girls and boys starts to exchange banters so Heisuke asks Bircken on what she thinks about Furui’s decision. Bircken says that it’s like “losing face” (mentsu) and when Heisuke asks her whose face she’s talking about, she said that she doesn’t even know what mentsu meant. LOL.

So, for this episode’s “words of wisdom”, Heisuke writes the characters “面子” on board and says that the word mentsu or face also equates to honor, appearance, or public image. In English, honor also meant pride in which when you hurt your pride, there’ll be conflict.

Heisuke shares that even during his high school days, Tonkou and Nishikou students were compared and were made fun of by Sanjo students. It’s better to date someone from Nishikou and dating someone from Tonkou is a taboo. Tonkou students didn’t have that kind of honor or prestige that’s why he was touched when a Tonkou student (Furui) was made fun of, the girls went into his defense.

Since the co-ed class was established, things like honor and pride have risen and withdrawing from the relay race will surely crush that honor, not just with Tonkou students, but for Sanjo students as well. In short, it’s not just about Tonkou and Sanjo now, it’s all about the reputation of Komagata University affiliated Seishun High School. XD

That’s the first time that the students heard the name that was decided by Heisuke and was also agreed by both schools. Furui strips off his uniform, revealing the track and field jersey that they will wear for the race. On it is the logo of Tonkou and Sanjo as well as the new school’s name.

Nakai stands-up and says that they will participate since it’s irresponsible to quit midway too but she can’t accept that Heisuke is obviously covering for Furui who won’t give them a proper explanation. It’s something that she can’t understand. Risa interjects and says that they will just have to bear for things that they can’t understand because that’s youth. Well, that shut them up. Heisuke adds that when they became adults, the things that they will remember are the things that they did not understand so they must as well live with it because that’s youth.

Afterward, Nakai asks Heisuke who is her Homeroom teacher, is it him or Risa? Heisuke says that it’s now him. When Heisuke asks her if there’s something wrong, Nakai tells him that it’s fine. Hmmm…I wonder why she’s asking.

Anyway, the hellish practice continues the next day with Narita as Furui’s replacement. Risa also supervises their training and tells Narita that Sakuma’s G-cup will be his reward. haha. While at some part of the town, Furui continuous with his mascot job. On the other hand, there are those who have stopped worrying over their pride so when Hachiya-papa sees Satoshi removing the weeds in his farm, he tells him that it’ll be busy next week since it’s time to plant sweet potatoes. An indirect way of saying that he can also help with sweet potato planting next week.

At Donmai’s clinic, she’s busy tending Ooki’s wounds while Heisuke tells them that they have a huge chance of winning if Nakai, the first runner, can widen the gap; and that if Handa and Ebisawa can keep up the pace. Ebisawa asks Heisuke if Nishikou’s track and field team isn’t what it was like in the past and Heisuke says that during his brother’s time, Nishikou was far better.

Sakuma is surprise to hear that Heisuke’s brother is from Nishikou and Heisuke says that unlike him, his brother is a prodigy, so it’s funny how much he has changed after getting married. Hearing the word “married” made Donmai-sensei dropped the kidney basin in shock. She clarifies to Heisuke if his brother is married and Heisuke finds it odd that he hasn’t told her. He even adds that Ippei got a really young wife and Ebisawa and Ooki reminisces about Elena’s huge breast.

Well, Donmai-sensei starts shivering from what she learned. At Heisuke’s room, Ippei is borrowing his computer to search about “Buddhism affairs”; the Goddess of Mercy transforms to Hara-mama to give Ippei a much-needed wake-up call.

The next day, the relay race to Hakone have finally started and the big question is, can Komagata University affiliated Seishun High School win?


This is such a cute episode and I totally adore Risa with how clueless she is and how dead-set she is in marrying Heisuke. I guess Heita is right, Catholicism is too rigid (or just Risa’s way of following the teachings).It’ll be heartbreaking once Yuko comes back to snatch Heisuke. Well, assuming she snatches Heisuke, whom I think still has feelings for Yuko because everything he has done isn’t just his way of atoning for his sins but also because he really felt bad on how Yuko got treated. Risa’s character aside, Matsushima Hikari is such a great actress!

I’m glad that this episode isn’t all about Heisuke and his atonement but also about the supporting characters. I totally didn’t see Ippei committing adultery knowing how obsessed he is with his wife and I also didn’t see that he’s gonna fall for Donmai-sensei. Ugh, I feel bad for Donmai that after taking a chance in love, she finds herself being involved with a married man. Aside from them, Furui’s background was just unexpected. haha. Though it was cute altogether especially his story with Bircken.

Anyway, the plot and narration remains smooth with just the right quirks and well-thought dialogues. Even though this episode is really funny, we have yet to reach the climax of this drama and that’s what I’ve been waiting for. Other than that, this is a feel-good episode that will absolutely crack you up.

Usual credits apply.



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