Yamapi’s “Otona no KISS Eigo” Changes Format to “Bachelor” Type

Well, it’s quite disappointing that Yamapi won’t be the “bachelor”.

As reported,

Yamashita Tomohisa aka Yamapi‘s late night TV show, “Otona no KISS Eigo“, will changed it’s TV format to “Renai jikken shitsu – the PROM that will start for their 30th broadcast.

In the new format, 1 foreign man and 10 Japanese women will be in cohabitation for a week at Riviera Zushi Marina if love will be born or.... They will go through various activities like cruising and barbecue and at the end of the week, the foreign man will choose one lady as his sweetheart. The chosen lady will win 1 million Yen as cash prize.

The ikemen foreign man is a  Canadian named Deva and 10 Japanese women will appeal for his affection where they must only speak in English.

Yamapi will serve as the chairperson as he watches over the whereabouts of this experiment. The first recording is over and Yamapi commented that it’s quite pleasant since he doesn’t have to look at other people love affairs so closely. He also adds that he’d rather enjoy watching them in developing a nice relationship from the TV monitor at the separate room.

via Yahoo!Japan

Image credits : ohmyryo


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