Johnny’s WEST Revives a Legendary Play

Legendary as it was, let’s see if they can emulate the success of The Dangoro Party.

As reported,

Last Nov 28th, a production announcement was made as Johnny’s WEST will be starring in the stage play, “Naniwa Zamurai dangorō ichiza“.

The said stage play is revival of 1960’s hit stage play, “Kumo no Ue dangoichiza” (The Dangoro party in the sky), that starred Showa era’s comedians, Kenichi Enomoto and Norihei Miki that was directed by Kikuta Kazuo. “Naniwa Zamurai dangorō ichiza” will modeled after Dangoro and  will be arranged to fit the modern times. This will be the first time in 40 years that the legendary play gets a revival.

The comedy-packed stage play will tell the story of the troupe alternately with a play within a play with a “chushingura” story. Back in those days, the legendary play is said to be worth of 1 year’s laughter and Kotaki Nozomu commented that their version will be “1 year and half worth of laughter”.

Also, the play is known to used lots of improvisations (ad lib) and Kiriyama Akito and Tomohiro Kamiyama commented that they want to challenge in doing sharp ad lib’s for the play.

Naniwa Zamurai dangorō ichiza” will run from Jan 10th to 31st, 2015 at Nissay Theater Tokyo.

via jnews1 and Daily Sports


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