Rants & Raves : Medley

It’s a busy time this season and I’m having problems with my memory. I’m so forgetful that I’m looking for some money and I can’t recall where I have spent it, if I have ever spent it. ORZ. So, before I forget anything else that is Johnny’s relevant, here is my occasional Rants and Raves…

  • Aiba Masaki mentioned during “MIRACLE” stage greeting to celebrate their box office earnings that his father became a fan of Anna (Eikura Nana’s character). Aiba’s dad is not someone who goes to cinema a lot but he told Aiba (Masaki) that if he watch the movie again, it’ll be because of Anna. Also, his dad prefers Anna over So-Yeon (Han Hyo Joo) that his father was saying “kyunkyun” much to Masaki’s embarrassment.

So, do Aiba’s dad like Anna for himself or for his son? Well, they looked together and I would have shipped them if I weren’t shipping Eikura with Okada. XD

  • It’s raining idols for the 65th Kohaku Uta Gassen is like Johnny’s and AKB Festival as they occupy 3/4 of the entire artist line-up.

Talent and popularity aside, Kohaku is also a display of agency power and influence. I like Johnny’s so I don’t mind if I will see one JE group every hour in Kohaku but for non-fans, watching Kohaku is like watching an idol concert.

  • Comment on Johnny’s Medley during NTV‘s the BEST ARTIST 2014

I love Johnny’s medley because there’s so much to rant about. Anyway, Arashi and NEWS paid homage to Japan’s athletes while the rest paid homage to their dramas. XD. Matsujun looked like he was not feeling well that he came across as bored and pissed. I wonder if he had some lovers quarrel or whatever.

NEWS sang “ONE for the WIN” which is kinda awkward since Japan lost the World Cup. HSJ babies looked adorable, as always, and I love the rap part of the “Weekender”. Shingo joining them at the end is also cute.

Kanjani8’s performance is very Maru-centered, which I love, but the choreography is such a let down. Why do they insist on making Kanjani8 dance? I have no idea.Also, the wore one of the worst costumes for the evening. Lastly, TOKIO are a bunch of awesome ossans!

  • 71 Johnny’s will pay tribute to their senpai, Masahiko Kondo, for his 35th Anniversary at the “37th FNS Kayousai

OMG! This will be like The Johnny’s medley of all the medleys that they did. It’s amazing that Iijima and Julie factions decides to merge for once for Matchy. If I were not mistaken, it has always been SMAP who is always in FNS, then Kisumai and Yamapi followed since they are also under Iijima’s wing. So, it will be a blast to see KAT-TUN, Kanjani8, NEWS, Hey!Say!JUMP, and Arashi in Iijima’s stage for a change.


But wait…all of these will be LIVE right? I’m afraid that they’ll do a mash-up sort of thing which will be disappointing.

  • JOKER GAME movie starring KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya have updated their website with a new poster.

Everything about it is cool and there’s no denying that I like Kame but after watching the trailer, Iseya Yusuke is just perfect in his role.

That’s all for now! Have a nice weekend even though it’s only Wednesday. XD


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