Tsuyoshi Kusanagi to Star in Japanese Remake of “War of Money”

I wonder if those Tsuyopon and Yuko love rumors will again resurfaced because of this drama…

As reported,

It was announced that SMAP‘s Tsuyoshi Kusanagi will star in the Japanese remake of hit Korean drama, “Jjeonui Jeonjaeng” (War of Money) or “Zeni no Sensou” in Japanese. The said drama is based from the popular Korean manga and Tsuyoshi will be joined ex-AKB Oshima Yuko and actress Kimura Fumino.

“Zeni no Sensou” is a revenge drama about a loan shark. In the drama, Tsuyoshi will play the role of Shiraishi Tomio, a foreign capital affiliate, who hit rock bottom after his father became a guarantor of a debt. His  father committed suicide after being constantly harassed by loan sharks and made him lose everything that made him broke-up with his fiance, Aoike Kazue (Kimura). Since the loan shark trade drove him to the bottom, he decided that all things lost because of money will be also be recovered using money and became a loan shark himself.

Tsuyoshi have usually done good-natured roles and playing a loan shark and an elitist who hit rock bottom will be a new ground for him. “(The drama) it was born in Korea, I want to dramatize the revenge like nothing that you have seen in Japan,” Tsuyoshi commented.

Zeni no Sensou” will air on Jan 6, 2015 at Fuji TV.

via Nikkan Sports


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