Live Concert Mobilization Ranking 2014

Surprise not to see Arashi at the top but this ranking boasts 4 JE groups in Top 10.

An artist popularity isn’t measured on CD sales alone, nowadays, there are Youtube views and concert attendance. Concert mobilization is not just measured on sold-out tickets but also with number of performances and the venue.

Here are the Top 10 Concerts with the highest mobilization

Artist/Group Name No. of Mobilized Audience(x 10,000 people) No. of Performances
EXILE TRIBE 105.3 31
BIGBANG 92.7 29
Arashi 89.4 18
SMAP 83.8 19
Kanjani8 78.2 16
Fukuyama Masaharu 70.6 29
DBSK 69.1 29
Kis-My-Ft2 48.8 10
Momoiro Clover-Z 48.6 13
Sandaime J Soul Brothers 46.2 35

Research Criteria

-All independent performance of the artist from Jan 1, 2014 to Dec 31, 2014 are counted. All tickets are assumed sold-out.

T/N – independent means that they must perform as one group (except for Fukuyama, the only solo artist in Top 10). In cases like in BIGBANG where their members (ie D-LITE and G.Dragon) have their own tour, those are counted separately.

– Only domestic performances are included. In cases where multiple artists appeared like in a music festival, it won’t be counted. Also, handshake festival, fan meeting, and school festivals are not counted.

T/N – This makes Arashi’s “BLAST in HAWAII” void since it’s an international performance. However, Kanjani8’s “Ten Festival” performances is counted.

-Since EXILE TRIBE is composed of multiple artists, they are also counted as one.

-Performances that are officially announced after Sept 30th are also not counted.

via Nikkei



5 thoughts on “Live Concert Mobilization Ranking 2014

  1. Commenting here for BigBang, I’m not really into JPOP but I’m glad that they’re doing well in Japan, much better than TVXQ, KARA, and Super Junior! Kickass.


  2. I’m so happy that Kanjani8 are in this list! They only had 16 performances but they got that much audience! Cool~
    Other than Johnny’s, Masha-nii is the KING!


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