Billboard Japan’s Year End Chart 2014

Arashi is SUPREME!

As reported,

Billboard Japan HOT 100 ranking is based on: (1) Estimated number of sales; (2)no. of airplay in radio stations, and (3) total number of music distribution in iTunes with the use Gracenote Media Database. In addition, “no. of look-up/searches” in computer database and “no. of Tweets” were also assessed.

Here is the Top 5 Result from every category

HOT 100 of 2014 | Single Chart

1) GUTS – Arashi

2) Kokoro no Placard – AKB48

3) Labrador Retriever – AKB48

4) Dare mo shiranai – Arashi

5) Bittersweet – Arashi

Top Album of the Year

1) Anna and the Snow Queen Original ~Deluxe Edition~


3) Ballada – Namie Amuro

4) HUMAN – Fukuyama Masaharu

5) Kanjanism – Kanjani8

Hot Single Sales of the Year

1) Labrador Retriever – AKB48

2) GUTS – Arashi

3) Bittersweet – Arashi

4) Dare mo Shiranai – Arashi

5) King of Otoko! – Kanjani8

via jnews1 and Billboard Japan


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