Gomen ne Seishun Episode 6

The race continues and while the students run together with their dilemmas, things have never been better since the merger started.

Here is a quick recap of Gomen ne Seishun : Episode 6

The relay race from Grand Shine to Hakone is now here and our 6 relay runners are each having their own dilemma that can surely affect their performance. Nakai starts strong but she gradually fell to last place after she recalled a conversation she had with her parents 5 days ago.

5 days ago, Nakai’s parents informed her that the family will be moving to Tokyo in 3 weeks, which means that she will not be at Sanjo, or Seishun High School, for the joint cultural festival. Cultural Festival aside, it also means that she won’t be seeing more of Heisuke. Nakai tried to tell Heisuke about it (cue from episode 5 when she asked Heisuke on who is her homeroom teacher) but she decided to let it pass. Well, after her talk with Heisuke, Ebisawa tells her that he wants her answer soon. Nakai coldly asks what was the question and Ebisawa tells her that she pretty knows what it is about. Anyway, without thinking too much about it, Nakai agrees that she’ll date Ebisawa.

Back at the race, Nakai fell to last place despite Heisuke’s word of encouragement. After passing the sash to Handa, it was Handa’s turn to run while Risa hops into Heisuke’s van. In such a rare occasion, Risa is wearing an above-the-knee skirt. XD

So, it was Handa’s turn to run and just like Nakai, he was having some issues. As Handa passed-by a throng of cheerers, he was greeted by a gleeful Murai who is more than happy to cheer for him. That is until a somber figure from Murai’s back appears revealing Amarin whose eyes casts curses toward Handa. haha.

Well, after Handa’s failed confession to Risa, he wasn’t having such a grand time. Not only did Risa sort-of threatened him not to tell Heisuke about her confession, he was forced to date Amarin. However, Amarin turns out to be one clingy girlfriend who demands an “I love you” from him day and night that interferes with Handa’s housework as the oldest brother.

Well, the pressure on his relationship while maintaining his tip-top figure caused him to break into hives and get hair loss, prodding him to date Murai. haha. When Amarin asks if he’s gay, Handa says he’s not but he’ll bet on the possibility. haha. This should be a lesson to all girls, don’t be too clingy or you’ll lose your guy to a guy.

Back at the race, Risa and Heisuke caught up with Handa and Risa tells Handa that she’ll kick his ass if he gets last place so Handa dashes off and finished first for his part of the race. The, he hands the sash to Ebisawa.

It’s Ebisawa turn to run and unlike the first two runners, he’s very much inspired. Aside from Nakai, who agreed to date him, Amarin immediately asks him to get back together after the latter got dumped by Handa. For Ebisawa, this is the moment of his life where he is at his most popular. Geez, guys.

Next to Ebisawa is Jinbou, who went on a date with Ooki, after their field trip at sea paradise. The two went to a video store to rent some DVDs and Ooki was looking for a long movie. Looking at Ooki, Jinbou realizes that he can’t date Ooki because he only looks cool on the outside but his inside seem to be lacking. haha. Ooki tells her that they’ve just started dating for 2 and a half hours and Jinbou reasons that she don’t know if she can even endure another 2 hours. Add that they will be at Ooki’s room and Jinbou starts thinking all the perverted things that Ooki might do.

So, Jinbou decides to move on to Akishima. However, Akishima already has someone he likes and that is Endou. XD. What captivates Akishima is Endou’s fast fingers and her unusual appetite. He also tells Jinbou is the like “hook”, where in a 3-choice quiz, the hook will never be the correct answer. haha.

Speaking of Akishima, he’s busy cheering for Endou, though she’s probably not listening since she’s listening to music. Jinbou arrives to passed the sash to Endou.

While Endou runs, the TV station who covers the event switch their cameras to Donmai-sensei who talks about her role during the race. Since Ippei, Elenacho, and Heita are watching the race at home, Ippei immediately perks-up upon seeing Donmai. When Donmai mistakes a question to asking her if she’s married, she replied that she’s not yet married but she has someone she likes. Of course, she said this stuff on air that makes Ippei rush on site.

Endou is done with her running and she passed the sash to Ooki. If Ebisawa felt like he’s at the height of his popularity, Ooki has had enough of the string of rejections he received from Sakuma, Abe, Jinbou, Bircken, and even Endou. haha. So, he ran so hard to forget all of his dilemma.

Risa is happy to report to Heisuke that Ooki is already in 2nd place and they agreed to meet at the finish line. Heisuke passed-by the tent to see a depress Mishimaru-kun aka Furui aka Crows. To add more to his depressed state, Heisuke tells him that if he were the anchor (the last runner), there’s a higher chance that they will win. Furui tells him that he wants to run too but aside from being suspended, his yuruchara job comes first. Heisuke tells him that he’ll wear the costume for him while Furui runs but he says that it won’t work since Mishimaru-kun and Mishimaruko-chan will be holding the goal banner at the end and it’ll be weird if they can’t find Heisuke after.

Ooki’s frustration did him good as he arrived at the last stop in first place. The last runner will be Narita, who is getting bullied by one of the Nishikou students, since Narita’s position is supposed to be Furui’s. The clinic tent is nearby Narita’s post so he had another shock of his life upon seeing Ippei pushing his affections to Donmai-sensei. Donmai-sensei isn’t too strong with her rejection and Narita has to forced himself to forget whatever he has seen when a limping Ooki passed the sash to him.

At the clinic’s tent, Ippei is about to commit some major crime when they heard Heisuke’s voice outside. He is coming in with the injured Ooki so Donmai has to pushed Ippei somewhere and he has no choice but to wear Mishimaru-kun’s head that Furui left earlier. LOL. So, Heisuke dropped Ooki off to received first aid treatment while Mishimaru-kun gets carted-off since he has to be in the goal line. Geez, did no one notice the Mishimaru-kun is just a head?

Anyway, Furui arrives at the clinic, and no one notice that he’s wearing an odd outfit. haha. He panics upon seeing Mishimaru-kun’s head gone so he ran to look for it. As it happens, Mishimaru-kun’s head (the one wore by Ippei) is in Heisuke’s van. Heisuke stops by the roadside after seeing Narita in pain and Ippei removes himself from the scene before Furui catches-up in time to see Mishimaru-kun’s head in Heisuke’s van. They asked Narita if he can still run and he sadly says no that left Furui with no choice.

At the finish line, students of Seishun High School awaits Narita and they start cheering for their last runner. Imagine to everyone’s surprise when they see Mishimaru-kun instead. Mishimaru-kun is wearing Seishun High School’s sash, and it’s just as surprising that from last place, Mishimaru-kun was able to run past all the runners while still wearing the costume.

Anyway, Mishimaru-kun managed to get past that Nishikou student, crossed-over the goal line, and everyone erupted into cheers until Mishimaru-kun’s head fell off. haha. Furui jumps for joy for finishing first and when he faced the shock faces of his classmates, he realizes that his yuruchara’s head has fallen. Since the event is also telecast, it means that almost everyone in Mishima have seen who is the real Mishimaru-kun including 3D and sister Yoshii.

Once the initial shock have subsided, the participants of Seishun High School gets to see an all heroic Heisuke carrying an injured Narita on his back as he helps him cross the finish line. It was such a defining moment that if Risa is looking for Heisuke’s quality to fall in love with, this should be it. However, she finds herself struggling with her feelings so let’s just leave it at that.

Back at Sanjo, Heisuke is absent since he has to go to the city hall to make an explanation letter after Furui’s identity got exposed. So, it’s Risa’s turn to give this episode’s word of wisdom. She talks about the quote, “sometimes the best gain is to lose”, and shares how she always thought that there’s no point in competing if one would not win.  In today’s event, their school lost because of disqualification since Furui is not a registered entrant. However, they all saw how Mishimaru-kun aka Furui managed to finished first and that he chose to participate at the relay race as Mishimaru-kun since he doesn’t want to crush the children’s dreams. For that reason, their win is an unwavering win.

However, Ooki says that if they have participated normally, they would have won just as the same. Risa agrees with his observation and says that if they have won normally, would they get that fired-up? They might have lost, but it’s such an interesting way of losing that it’ll forever be imprinted in their memories. That is youth, more than winning, losing is youth.

At 3D’s radio show that night, he got an unexpected caller who wanted to be anonymous but her self introduction made it so obvious that she’s sister Yoshii. Since “Gomen ne Seishun” is a sorry corner, sister Yoshii says that she wants to apologize to the principal of the merging boys school. XD. Sister Yoshii says that watching the relay race made her heart race upon seeing boys and girls working together that she suddenly felt that the merger is God’s will and that co-ed is a wonderful thing. Awww….3D is so touched with sister Yoshii’s call that he’s giving her the limited edition “Sorry Eel” socks. LOL.

Heisuke is also listening at home and while he was touched with sister Yoshii’s confession, the “Sorry Eel” socks also got his attention. What a fanboy. After Heisuke listened to the radio show, Ippei arrived and when Heisuke asked where he has been, he coldly says that it’s none of his business. 

The next day, Sanjo and Tonkou have started their preparations for the first joint cultural festival and they started by removing the protest banners before the merger happened.  While everyone is busy preparing, Satoshi arrives at school wearing a cowboy outfit. He tells Heisuke that Risa’s father sort-of agreed to let him help with the farm but other than that, Satoshi is more interested to talk about Risa. Well, during one of those days when Satoshi was helping-out, he accidentally sees Risa having an argument with herself while she deletes Heisuke’s pictures that she doesn’t like. haha. Satoshi reasons out that if Risa doesn’t like Heisuke, she would have thrown those pictures in a real trash can and not in computer’s recycle bin. He also encourages Heisuke that it’ll definitely workout with Risa and Heisuke says that people who says “it will work” usually end up the one going for it. Cue to the past when Satoshi keeps on cheering for Heisuke’s feelings for Yuko and he end-up being with Yuko.

Satoshi says that he just wants Heisuke to be happy and Heisuke says if it’s Satoshi’s way in atoning for him. Heisuke also asks Satoshi that if the sin weren’t on him, what he would do then? Satoshi got confused with Heisuke’s question and when he tries to explain further, Ebisawa arrives and says that the girls have started arguing. Before Heisuke leaves, he tells Satoshi that if he still has kindness in him, he wants to be left alone.

At the cultural festival committee, the girls are indeed arguing and its between Amarin and Nakai. Risa asked about the root of the fight and Jinbou says that it started when Nakai put Amarin in charge of the cafe but Nakai also wanted her to do the cafe uniform herself. Abe says that she doesn’t have the time to do it since she has prep classes and Risa says that it’s the same for everyone. Endou cuts in and says that Nakai will eventually says that she’ll do the job (the cafe uniform) and Risa says that if she do it, she might not be able to come home. However, Nakai insisted on doing it and the boys added something unnecesary by saying that they could just buy something from discount stores.

Nakai doesn’t want something like that and tells them that if they’ll do their share half-heartedly then they could just go home. Heisuke cuts in and says that Nakai can’t do everything by herself since as the person in charge, she should delegating their tasks and their academics is still their priority. He also adds that everyone has their own circumstances, and Nakai says that she has her own circumstances as well and walks-out of the room.




Ebisawa chases Nakai and tells her that he’ll help her with anything, all she have to do is ask. Nakai did ask something, but it’s for a different reason. She wants to confirm if Ebisawa is still dating Amarin. Ebisawa says that he’ll broke-up properly with Amarin and he asks Nakai out again. Nakai agrees to go out with him, but only for two weeks since she’ll be transferring schools before the cultural festival. Nooooo! Nakai made Ebisawa promised not to tell anyone because everyone are nice and it will just be all sappy.

At the Girl’s Bar, Heisuke arrives to have a drink with his father, Heita. Heita tells Heisuke his suspicions and says that he thinks that Ippei is having an affair. He tells Heisuke to directly asks his brother if he is having an affair. Heisuke arrives to see Ippei staring at the Goddess of Mercy statue. Ippei asks him on what is happening at school lately, which Heisuke thinks is very unusual of Ippei. After a few seconds of pondering, Heisuke asks Ippei if he’s cheating. haha. Ippei looks at him, wide-eyed, and after some silence from Ippei, he admitted it.

Heisuke is obviously aggravated by his brother’s stupidity and asks who it is. Ippei says “Donmai” but Heisuke mistaken it for “don’t mind” and tells his brother that he got a wife that young and they were like all over each other so why would he cheat? Ippei repeats that it’s “Donmai” and when Heisuke clarifies if it’s not the Donmai that he knows, Ippei can only bow for forgiveness.


How can a drama be consistently funny while being warm and fuzzy at the same time? We’re now past halfway of this drama and I was never bored, which is a good thing considering it involves a lot of talking and speaking of talking, nothing could be more beautiful than sister Yoshii’s confession during 3D’s program that turned me into some watering pot. From all the good things that has happened, I really dread the time when Heisuke will finally fessed-up. Can he just not confess what he did 14 years ago? I mean, everything looks fine and his confession would just ruined everything.

Well, I totally hate Ippei now, I’m very unforgiving when it comes to cheaters, not that I have previous experience. Though the ending part when Ippei sort-of admitted to Heisuke that he was cheating was quite heartbreaking especially after Heisuke learned that it’s Donmai-sensei. I mean, he’s like her second mother and she’s having/had an affair with his brother!  Aside from that, poor Narita for having to witness such debauchery. XD.

The OTPs have totally changed and its crazy. LOL at Handa for having to turned to Murai aka Cosme because Amarin is so clingy and demanding. I’m totally shipping Akishima and Endou because that’d be really cool. Poor Ooki for being dumped by Jinbou just hours after they have started dating. Nakai is cool and aloof a usual and it sucks that she’ll be leaving for the next episode. WHY does she has to leave?! During YowaKate, I’m so pissed that Kamezawa (Kanata Hongo) has to leave since I love his character and now they’re also pushing one of the favorite characters! That aside, I can’t believe that Risa is still not that in love with Heisuke. I’m not in a hurry but i wonder what would really make her gape and stare and dokidoki, whatever! And what it would take for Heisuke to see Risa as a woman and not just a colleague or the little sister of Yuko that he needs to do some atoning.

Anyway, almost everything is coming-up nicely, and next episode’s trailer might or might not be about Heisuke’s dreaded confession. Oh well, just sit back and enjoy as we this drama is nearing its end.

Usual credits apply. 


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