Gomen ne Seishun Episode 7

The day of cultural festival is almost here! Risa finally found something to make her fall in love with Heisuke, Murai aka Cosme finds himself in a pinch at the end, and one of my favorite characters, Nakai, bids her farewell.

Here is a quick recap of Gomen ne Seishun : Episode 7

After Heisuke learned that Ippei is having an affair with Donmai-sensei, all he can do is give his brother a much-deserved punch. Ippei is caught surprise that his little brother will punched him so he decided to fight back and the two end-up in a half-fight and half-hug when Elenacho sees them. Heisuke says that they are just having a wrestling match and she tells them to take a bath together.

So the two took a bath together and Ippei enumerates Donmai-sensei’s fine qualities that he loved. He says that Donmai-sensei is that perfect woman who is full of intellect, sensitivity and tolerance; qualities that Elenacho lacks. Ippei admits that there are times that he can’t understand what was Elenacho is talking about; however, Donmai-sensei also lacks most of Elenacho’s qualities. I don’t know if he refers to physical aspect.

While Ippei continues to gloat on how is he more suited to older women, Heisuke just ask if he hasn’t crossed the line yet and Ippei chose to ignore the question with a hint that they might have crossed the line. Ippei goes upstairs and Heisuke follows him after hearing him scream. Ippei said that the Goddess of Mercy in Heisuke’s room transforms to the image of their mother and when Ippei won’t calm down, Heisuke gives him a punch and tells him that he’ll cover-up Ippei’s affair from their father as long as he breaks up with Donmai-sensei. When Ippei gives Heisuke a look that he won’t broke-up with Donmai, he threatens him with another punch, so he agrees.

So, Heisuke goes back to the Girl’s bar and tells his father that it was all a misjudgement on his part since Ippei is not cheating at all.

The next day, Heisuke sees Donmai-sensei sewing a violet scarf with swastikas, and he can’t have the heart to tell her to break it off with his brother. Anyway, Heisuke gets called by Murai, who is wearing a Sanjo uniform like it’s the most natural thing in the world, and they went to the cultural festival planning committee.

The cultural festival committee obviously lacks most of their members since everyone is busy. Ooki and Akishima have their make-up exams where Furui and Narita are also present. Surprise not to see Handa and Ebisawa there since they are part of “baka 7″. Endou and Jinbou are studying for their prep school’s mock exams, and Amarin is doing “taiko no tatsujin” game because of shock from getting dumped by Handa aka muscle-y. haha. Risa tells the five present, Nakai, Handa, Ebisawa, Bircken, and Murai, that if they can’t go to school to do stuff for the cultural festival, they can at least do their share at home.

Heisuke arrives and while he gets chided by Risa for being late, Nakai excuses herself and says that she has to go back to work. Risa tells Heisuke to follow Nakai since her look clearly screams that she wants to be asked if there’s anything wrong. So, Heisuke follows Nakai to some area where she’s helping some students to paint some posters. Heisuke says that Nakai’s sense of responsibility is strong so she should say something if she needs help instead of pushing everything to herself. Nakai says that she’s doing it because she likes it so it’s fine. She also adds that she pities everyone because they can’t participate in something that fun and they’ll surely regret it when the time comes.

Hearing the word regret, Heisuke grabs a paint and a brush and starts painting one of the posters together with Nakai.

Back at classroom, Ebisawa breaks his promise to Nakai by telling Risa that Nakai will transfer schools soon. Risa is surprise that the transfer thing came in earlier so she called Nakai’s father and tries to change his decision. haha. She even had the gall to tell Nakai-san (the dad) that she hates him. Late afternoon arrives and Nakai and Heisuke are still painting side-by-side. Awww…

At Heisuke’s home, Ippei scolds Elenacho for leaving the pot on; he sees her washing his polo shirts and asks why she won’t used the washing machine. Elenacho says that she learned somewhere that handwashed polo shirts lasts longer, she also adds that for the sake of her beloved husband, she can’t let him wear polo-shirts with stretch collars. That simple gesture makes Ippei turn to a guilty cow that he hugged Elancho tightly and almost spill the beans when Heisuke arrives.

Heisuke drags him upstairs and asks him on what the hell is he trying to do. Ippei says that he can’t keep it in anymore because Elenacho is such a nice girl. Then why did you cheat? Heisuke tells him that he can’t be saved by talking, which in a way also applies to Heisuke’s sins. Heisuke adds that once Ippei confess, he’s the only one who will feel at ease so Heisuke want Ippei to talk to Donmai-sensei and break it off.

Ippei says that she can’t hurt Donmai’s feelings since she’s the type of person who’ll just say, “don’t mind”, once she learned the truth. Donmai have lived 40 years of her life that way and he doesn’t want her to keep on saying “don’t mind” any longer. Heisuke begs his brother to do so since Donmai-sensei and Elenacho are just as important as his brother.

The Goddess of Mercy transforms to the image of their mother and repeats Heisuke’s earlier words about telling the truth will only save oneself. However, mom also adds that making oneself at peace is also an important thing.

The next day, Tonkou’s vice principal chases a cross-dresser Murai all the way to Sanjo. Sanjo’s own VP wouldn’t let Tonkou’s VP to cross the premises and he screams that Murai is the son of Tonkou’s president and he’s cross-dressing! Though, he also realize that if Murai is fine with it then so be it.

Cosme is BFFs with Jinbou and Endou who tells him that they have thought of something good for the cultural festival. That good thing is that they want to make a school hymn for Seishun High School since it has been a Sanjo tradition to sing the school song every last night of the school festival. Since there will be a merger, they might as well have a new one and they brought the topic of school song to 3D. 3D suggests if it’s possible for both school’s to merge their school song.

Well, Sanjo sings their school hymn, it’s light and mellow but Tonkou’s officials think that it’s depressing since the word “sin” have came-up 11 times and Tominaga is delivering his own lines to the song like a “free verse”.  haha. After Sanjo, the Tonkou boys sang their school hymn in a sort-of military style that will make you squirm. In short, both school songs can’t be mashed-up and sister Yoshii says that they can just make a new one. Risa volunteers the cultural organizing committee to do it and the task will be on Nakai’s. Since Nakai has a lot of things under her belt, the rest of her work will be given to other members of the committee whose hands are empty like Amarin, Akishima, Endou, Jinbou, and Ooki.

Risa tells Nakai not to help anymore with the cultural festival and just concentrate on writing the lyrics of the new school song. Of course, Risa also volunteers Heisuke to help Nakai with the composition and seeing Heisuke playing the piano is one of the best things ever. XD. Nakai thinks its funny since it’s obvious Risa knows that she likes Heisuke so she’s leaving her alone with him. Anyway, Nakai writes the first lyrics in mind that composes of the words “hikari” and “nozomi”. Literally, hikari means “light” and nozomi means “wish”, but it actually signifies the names of Shinkansen where Hikari stops at Mishima but Nozomi only passes through. Wow, this song is gonna be deep.

Afterward, Heisuke sees Ippei leaving Donmai-sensei’s clinic like he did something wrong. Heisuke comes in and asks Donmai to whom will she be giving the scarf. Donmai says that “ignorance is a bliss” and asks him about the school song that they’ll be making. Donmai says that Heisuke has lots of responsibilities and he says that he’s kind of stumped since he doesn’t have that sense at all. Donmai jokes that Heisuke can’t write a satisfactorily love letter as well. Flashback reveals when Donmai was still the school’s “Madonna” and she scolds Heisuke for inserting too many “thoughs” in his love letter. She says that he should just say his feelings simply.

Looking back, Donmai says that she’s good in butting-in with her students love problems but she’s no good with her own. Even though she has someone she likes, she always thinks how it will end with them. Before Heisuke can say anything about his brother, Donmai wraps the scarf around Heisuke’s and tells him that he can throw it if he doesn’t like it. She goes to hide herself in one of the clinic’s bed curtains.

Heisuke goes to Girl’s Bar and was surprised to see his father with Risa’s father. Risa’s father, whom Heita calls as Zen-chan, says that he started a home delivery service to make Mishima croquettes more popular. As a demonstration, Satoshi arrives with bunch of raw potatoes and a gas burner and starts to make croquettes from the scratch. haha. While they wait for Satoshi’s Mishima croquettes, Girl’s bar mama puts on the radio and tune-in to the only radio program in Mishima.

3D gets a caller, who refers to herself as Madonna-san, and exclaims that she’s having an affair. Heisuke spills his drink to Satoshi when he recognized the caller’s voice and he immediately jumps from his seat to turn-off the radio so his father won’t hear it. Luckily, his father goes out so it’s safe for him to listen to Donmai-sensei and calls Ippei to tune-in to the said radio show.

At the radio booth, 3D assumed that the Madonna-san might be Donmai-sensei but he immediately shrugs off the thought. Madonna-san confessed that the guy she was having an affair with finally confessed that he’s married but he also mentioned that he doesn’t want to break-up with her. However, Donmai-sensei gives it a thought and felt like continuing the illicit affair with that man is such a heavy burden for her to carry. She doesn’t really empathize with his sense of guilt, and there’s another man that she wants to date with the intention of marrying him. What?!

Madonna-san continued in saying that she’s thankful to that man because even though it’s for a short time, he’s been a good practice partner. 3D asks if their relationship was just casual, but Donmai says that she’s thankful to that man for unleashing the sleeping beast in her, she’s thankful that he has given her the courage to fall in love; however, she also wants to say sorry to that man since she can’t join him in carrying that heavy burden.

Afterward, Donmai-sensei goes back to her usual attire, an un-ironed coat, messy ponytail hair, glasses, socks, and slippers. She meets Tominaga-sensei outside whom she fondly calls, “Tommy”. XD

At home, the Goddess of Mercy transforms into mom who consoles a crying Ippei. Since that day, Ippei can no longer see his mother’s figure.

26 days until Seishun High’s school festival and the school hymn is far from over. So, Risa drags Heisuke out of his ongoing class to the art room and berate him for the lack of progress. She even teased Heisuke into trying in singing the song and Heisuke’s anger finally erupted. He tells Risa that he can’t think of what to say when Risa goes on like that like a rapid fire. He adds that he’s definitely thinking about the song, not just the song, he’s also assessing his priorities, taking student’s into consideration, he’s putting his greatest efforts, and he doesn’t like Risa’s meddling. Heisuke reasons-out that the students are busy enough on their own and the school song doesn’t have to be done now, they still have time until the graduation ceremony.

Speaking of graduation, Risa asks about those that will not be graduating, or those that will not be present for the cultural festival. Risa blabs and tells that Nakai will be moving soon, she can’t even make it for the cultural festival. After saying that, Risa felt awful for breaking her promise not to tell, she asks Heisuke to pretend that he doesn’t know anything, and  says that the school song is a parting gift from Nakai to Seishun High.

Now, Heisuke feels like a complete dullard for missing the signs that Nakai is leaving. He recalls Nakai’s confession when he tells Heisuke that she’ll make the cultural festival a success not because she’s the school’s president but because she likes Heisuke. He also recalls the time when Nakai wants to do everything on her own for the cultural festival because even though she has other circumstances like many others, she’s still doing her job whole-heartedly.

At class and for this episode’s word of wisdom, Heisuke writes two proverbs. One is, “not knowing is Buddha”, which means that not knowing the truth is better since you can be as tranquil as Buddha. The other one is, “God dwells in the head of the truth”, which means that God’s blessings comes to those who live their lives honestly. It’s the complete opposite of the first proverb and Heisuke says that he’s on Buddha’s side since if speaking the truth will hurt someone, it’s better to keep mum on it. However, for the kids, even if they’ll learn the truth and get hurt, they can still recover since they have enough time to restore the relationship.

However, those who tell the truth, even if they regret it later, can never turn back but it’s important not to hold it on yourself and live truthfully. That being said, Heisuke starts to confess about the real culprit to that event 14 years ago and before he named himself as the perpetrator, Murai stood-up and shouts that he’s gay. haha. Murai apologizes for hiding it all alone and Jinbou can only say that they’ve known about it for a long time. Duh, everyone knows. Nakai asks if Murai’s family knows about his sexuality since his father is the Tonkou’s director. Murai says it’s fine since he changes uniform at the station. I guess that means no. For Heisuke’s supposed confession, well, all is forgotten.

On the last day of October, Nakai and Heisuke managed to finished the first verse of the school song and Nakai sang it with her beautiful voice. She bade her farewell afterwards and both of them leave teary-eyed on Nakai’s last day at school.

The next day, Ebisawa sends Nakai off to her father’s waiting car. She also gives him her cellphone number since her new school doesn’t prohibit the use of cellphones. She tells him to share her number to everyone except for Ooki, Akishima, and Furui. XD. Unknown to Nakai, her friends and classmates are all waiting for her car to cross the pedestrian bridge where they prepared a banner for Nakai. How cute. It says, “President, Thank you” and they waved and cheered for her.

The students presented the school song to sister Yoshii and both school’s VPs and afterwards, Heisuke apologizes to Risa for his sudden burst of anger. Risa says it’s okay and excitedly runs to Donmai-sensei’s clinic where she confessed that she already found something that she likes with the man that she’s going to marry. That something is when she argued with Heisuke the other day. She sounds pleased as she tells Donmai that Heisuke shouted at her and even mimics the way Heisuke says “Shut up!”. Seeing Heisuke’s sudden burst of anger, her heart constricted since it’s her first time to see him that emotional. She always see him being calm and passive that you don’t know what he’s thinking so when he got mad, that’s when Risa thought that she’s in love. She even likens Heisuke to the Buddhism god named Ashura with three faces and it stops Donmai when she realizes that Risa’s destined man is Heisuke.

Speaking of Heisuke, he finds himself facing Tonkou’s director, Murai, who asks him if he knows about his son’s leaning…before he can finish, his “leaning” son arrives, wearing a Sanjo uniform, and everyone just stops cold.


Waah…Nakai did leave and it’s just sad. I cried when she sang the school’s hymn and when everyone send her off. It was just the sweetest. I’m so happy that she got to spend some time with Heisuke before she leaves and I can’t believe that Ebisawa is still in the running to being her boyfriend. XD. I love the school song, the lyrics are so youthful while still taking their roots and both religions into consideration.

Speaking of boyfriend, or rather, fiance. Risa is not just S but she’s M as well. XD. Though she has a point that Heisuke have never really that shown that side of him. In fact, the last time that I’ve seen Heisuke really pissed was when he realized that Satoshi and Yuko has betrayed him. You can say that he has mellowed throughout the years or that’s just really his personality.

Okay, so Goddess of Mercy is only transforming as mom when one has a guilty conscience since she stopped appearing to Ippei after his affair with Donmai is over. So that means  that she’ll be gone too once Heisuke have let out those guilt inside. Speaking of Donmai, I really like what she said during the “sorry corner”, though I think that she has nothing to apologized for since disagreeing to be a mistress is just right. I do love Tominaga-sensei for her since he’s not the judgmental sort and she even defended Donmai-sensei to sister Yoshii when the latter was insulting her looks.

Anyway, I don’t know why KudoKan made Murai’s sexuality as a new conflict when this drama is nearing its end. I mean, Murai isn’t even a key character and inserting his spat with his father is too late to even begin now. Based from next episode’s preview, Murai’s revelation will surely affect the ongoing merger and may even put a halt into it. So, it’s up to Heisuke to patch things up and to make sure that his own plans for atonement will not be put on hold just because someone declared that they’re gay.

Oh well, I’m just excited for the next episode when Risa will finally tell Heisuke her feelings and that Nakai will still be appearing.Other than that, I’m also waiting for Yuko to make her appearance.

Usual credits apply. 


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