Rants & Raves : Covers and Websites

I’ve been busy finishing recaps and review for GnS since I’m so behind that’s why I haven’t been updating this blog. Aside from that, my internet connection have been shitty so updating this blog have been a problem. Speaking of updates, this time’s Rants & Raves will be updates that I missed from Johnny’s World. Here is my occasional Rants and Raves:

It was so bland when it started, it looks like an announcement board than a records website so I’m pleased that it got updated and I love their looks in hakama. It makes me wish that all Johnny’s have their own websites that they can play with. The only thing this website lacks is VIDEOS. That would be lovely, so Johnny-sama, PLEASE.

  • KAT-TUN has released covers for their single “Dead or Alive” and the track list as well

I’m never disappointed with KAT-TUN’s single covers because they dress so well. They should let other groups borrow their stylist. Anyway, “Dead or Alive” jacket covers is very KAT-TUN, grunge and edgy, and all of them are in suits! Very James Bond-ish. The tracklist look promising and I can’t wait to hear the track, “You are DELICIOUS”. I’m sure that will involve lots of teasing and fan service if ever they will make a PV out of it. Aside from “Dead or Alive”, the rest of the tracks sounds romantic with “Polaris” and “WHITE LOVERS”. I wonder if one of those will be used as the theme song for Kame’s drama, “Second Love”.

Talk about being star-studded, the poster for the drama SP looks cool with Nino carrying the 1930’s look so well. I can’t wait for the SP and it’s one of those times when I wished I live in Japan so I can watch it on time. Well, the drama won’t be released until next year and I need to read the book!

  • Comment of NEWS’s “KAGUYA” cover

OMG….Tegoshi look like a girl. haha. Well, I think that this cover nail the colorful tapestry that Princess Kaguya wore when she’s depicted in different artworks. It’s vibrant and bold and very Ninagawa Mika. However, I don’t think it works with NEWS style, Ninagawa’s style is something that I would expect from a girl group and not a guy group.

  • SMAP’s Nakai Masahiro and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi will star in each other’s drama.

This looks cool! A crossover like no other with Nakai’s “Naniwa Kinyudo” character appearing in Tsuyoshi’s “Zeni no Sensou” and vice versa. Both are Fuji TV dramas so it’s easy and I like that both characters are related with one another. I hope that other Johnny’s will get to do something like sans the faction wars. Lastly, since both dramas star SMAP, Kisumai is not far behind as Tamamori Yuta will make a guest appearance in Tsuyopon’s drama while Yokoo Wataru will be in Nakai’s drama SP. I wonder if Yamapi will make an appearance as well. XD

That’s all for now! Enjoy your weekend. ~~~~


2 thoughts on “Rants & Raves : Covers and Websites

  1. I actually love the cover for Kaguya! It’s different from the usual and I think NEWS is a great group to go for something vibrant. Tegoshi….well, yeah. He’s so flirtatious in the PV XD


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