Kamenashi Kazuya Meets Princess Takamado

If Arashi and SMAP gets to rub elbows with PM Shinzo Abe, Kame gets to meet a member of Japan’s Royal family.

As reported,

Last Dec 16th, Her Royal Imperial Highness Princess Takamado attended the movie premier of “Vancouver no Asahi” at Tokyo Prince Shinagawa. Also in attendance are the stars of the movie, KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya, Tsumabuki Satoshi and director Ishii Yuya.

Kamenashi and Tsumabuki managed to chat with the Princess after the movie screening and Kamenashi said that the Princess thought that the movie was a good thing since there weren’t too many movies that focuses on immigrants. Princess Takamado has maintained years of friendship with Canada and is also the honorary President of Canada-Japan Society. In addition, the Princess also attended the premier because she’s familiar with the sport.

Kamenashi said that this is his second encounter with Her Royal Imperial Highness after 10 years. Princess Takamado informed him that she had seen a stage play where Kamenashi appeared in Imperial Theater before he debuted in KAT-TUN. Kamenashi is delighted the Princess remembered him. Seated and laughing beside the Princess during the movie, Tsumabuki is confident that the movie will become a hit.

Vancouver no Asahi” will hit the theaters on Dec 20th.

via Nikkan Sports and Walker Plus

Image credit: kiri223


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