Rumor Round-Up (Digest 016)

This is still “Johnnys-Watcher” Rumor Round-Up; however, my sources for this rumor digest aren’t from JW so let’s just go with this title. The following rumors aren’t exactly rumors but since it leans toward gossip, here it is. Involved parties, are: Sakurai Sho and Inoo Kei.

  • Arashic vs. Arashian

Kanjani8 has “Eighters”, KAT-TUN has “hypens” and Arashi has Arashics? Well, just when you thought “Arashic” (or Arashikku) is the official name for Arashi fans, this issue comes out. It’s all because of “Take Off!!!!!”, the bonus track from Arashi’s “THE DIGITALIAN” album, which Sakurai Sho‘s solo where one of the lyrics is, “My fellow, ARASHIANS”. In addition, the words “nakama” (friends/comrade) and “doshi” (fellow/companion) were also used in reference with ARASHIANS. Sakurai was asked if “ARASHIANS” is the official name for Arashi fans, something that he denied in Only Star November issue as well as in Nikkei Entertainment interview. Sakurai mentioned that he like both Arashic and Arashian. He also added that using “ARASHIANS” in the lyrics is unintentional and something that he contemplated before he wrote it. In the future, Sakurai would rather not classify Arashi’s fans as Arashics or Arashians just to be safe.

Personally, I prefer Arashians since Arashic rhymes with “sick” and when someone tells me “you’re sick”, it gives me an image of a mentally ill person. Oh well, I hope Sho just agreed that Arashi is the official name for Arashi fans just to close that issue. 

  • Inoo Kei is gay?

Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Inoo Kei is definitely one of the members with the quietest life (read: less activities) so it caused quite a stir when talento Hiromi of “Hiromi and Fukami twins” posted a picture on his Instagram with Inoo. The private picture reveals the two all chummy and the picture seems to have taken from a festival at Hanazono Shrine in Shinjuku, Tokyo. After the picture went viral, it has been a hot topic on twitter about their real relationship with gay allegations to boot. Inoo is such a private person so it’s a surprise to see a photo of him. After Inoo graduated from Meiji University with a degree in Architecture last year, rumor has it that he continued with graduate school. A search at Meiji University’s database will reveal an Inoo Kei enrolled at “Graduate School of Frontier Innovation”, but fans aren’t too sure if that is the same Inoo. Since there were no reports that Inoo entered Graduate school, it might not be him at all since it’ll be weird if the agency hid that fact. Oh well, hardcore JUMPers will surely find it a blessing that Inoo is not pictured with a girl.

Give the guy a break, he studies hard (if the graduate school is true) so he can be FRIENDS with anyone he wishes. 

via News Livedoor and geitopi


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