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“I want to spend my Christmas with…

Christmas is here and in Japan, Christmas is for couples! It totally makes sense why a certain cafe chose to banned all couples on New Year’s eve. Anyway, if you can spend you Christmas moment with a male celebrity, who would it be?

Only★Star surveyed 300 women readers as to who (guy) they want to spend Christmas eve with and here are the results: (warning: Johnny’s heavy)

TOP 10 “I want to spend my Christmas Eve with” Ranking

1) Aiba Masaki

2) Sakurai Sho

3) Fukuyama Masaharu

4) Matsumoto Jun

5) Ohno Satoshi

6) Tusyoshi Domoto

7) Ninomiya Kazunari

8) Kamenashi Kazuya

9) Sakurai Kazutoshi Mr. Children)

10) Koichi Domoto

via jnews1

I know you people are not asking but if I’m gonna answer this survey, I’ll pick Kame all the time but since Fukuyama is also here, I’ll just do teleportation.


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