Imai Tsubasa Returns to Radio Show

Good news to everyone who are waiting for his recovery!

As reported,

Last Dec 18th, Tackey & Tsubasa‘s Imai Tsubasa returned to his radio show, “Imai Tsubasa to base” at Nippon Broadcasting Corporation.

“Thank you everyone, I’m able to come back for the first time after two months,” Imai said at the beginning of his program. He also thanked all his listeners and fans for their support.

Imai took a leave at work after he was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease so he can focus in getting treatment. Takizawa has served his understudy while he was gone and he also thanked his partner for taking on the task.

“I think this is my restart”, Imai said and promised future achievements.

via jnews1 and Nikkan Sports


4 thoughts on “Imai Tsubasa Returns to Radio Show

  1. Thank you! I gotta admit I’m still worried since he is probably still undergoing treatment. It’s great that he’s back, but we want him to focus on health first and foremost!

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