Yokoyama and Okura Challenges High School Certification Exam

As they say, it’s never to late to study but studying is such a chore.

As reported,

It had been reported that Kanjani8‘s Yokoyama Yu and Okura Tadayoshi have taken up High School Certification Exam last November. The said exam was part of their challenge for “Kanjani no Shiwake Eito 2 hr SP“.

Under the guidance of a professional tutor, the two studied for two months since Sept 1st from subjects ranging from national language, Mathematics, World History, Japanese History, English, and Science and Human Life. The two attended almost everyday in the early morning until late evening at the agency.  Yokoyama completed 231 hours of studying while Okura did 81 hours, which makes their combined hours to 312 hours. Yokoyama had a hard time with subjects especially with the usage of verb in English. In Okura’s case, he’s fine academically but he has problem with learning motivation.

High School Certification Exam is equivalent to earning a High School diploma that will make them eligible to take further studies in universities, colleges, and even vocational courses.

No announcements were made yet if they passed the exam, the entire episode will be of “Kanjani no Shiwake Eito” will be broadcast next year, Jan 17th.

via jnews1 and Yahoo!Japan


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