2014 Year in Review : Single and PV Awards

Just something light and fun that I like to write about. Johnny’s didn’t produces that much singles this year but the few singles they made still rack-up sales, thanks to loyal fans. As with any singles, the PVs are just as anticipated even though some wait for it just to bash. XD.

Anyway, what I think is the best and worst is my opinion and not influenced by sales or popular opinion. Here is what I think is the Best and Worst Single and PV

  • Best single : GUTS! (Arashi)

I hate the cover and the choreography but I super love the song! It’s catchy and I always think for YowaKate’s ending credits since it’s one of the good thing about the drama. Viva Seishun! 

Runner-up : Omoidama (Kanjani8)

The addition of High School Wind Corps is just so cool and the lyrics is well thought of. …And then that large, single drop of prayer transformed into rain, because over there, the flower of hope is in full bloom.

  • Best PV : King of Otoko (Kanjani8)

There are two reasons why I like this PV, first is because this is the theme song of Ikuta’s movie, and second is because of their overall look. They won’t win fashion points for what they wore, but it was so badass and so fitting of them, I wished they were in the movie.

Runner-up : In Fact (KAT-TUN) and Dare mo Shiranai (Arashi)

I like the choreography in both PVs.


  • Best Jacket Cover : Another Future (Kis-My-Ft2)

I’m picking “Another Future” for the best jacket cover just because the “other four” finally gets to have an equal space in pictures. So, yeah!

Runner-up : In Fact (KAT-TUN)

They always have cool jacket cover and this is one of the coolest. Clothes, hair, looks, poses, everything blends well together and Kame is wearing a dress. haha.

  • Worst Jacket Cover : Otoko never give up! (Sexy Zone) 

Because this is the single that they ditch the younger two. In fact, the title seems to be a message to Marius and Matsushima not to give up.

Runner- up : Tii Tii Tii Terette Tereti Ti Ti ~Dare no (BUSAIKU)

Putting grown-ups faces in babies with nappies isn’t funny at all.

  • Worst PV : CloveR (Kanjani8) 

I’m used to seeing Kanjani8 making a fool of themselves but CloveR’s PV is really bad. It’s weird because I really like their “Crouton” PV (Yasu in a teacup is so kawaii) and it has almost the same concept with CloveR but the latter is really irritating.

  • Best Collaboration : NEXTACTION (Yamapi feat Fujigaya Taisuke)

I’m not a fan of Taipi but I gotta admit that his hotness level just increase with this PV with Yamapi.

Worst Single title : Tii Tii Tii Terette Tereti Ti Ti ~Dare no (BUSAIKU)

I don’t  know why they even tried to put a title, or, I don’t even know why they bothered making such song.

  • I’m a grown-up now and gotta be sexy award – Yamada Ryosuke (Hey!Say!JUMP) from Weekender PV
  • Best use shoelaces award : ONE -for the win- (NEWS)
  • Best booty shake performance : Bittersweet (Arashi)

Their performance is so contradicting with the emotional PV of this song.


That’s all for this year! Happy 2015!


2 thoughts on “2014 Year in Review : Single and PV Awards

  1. Ahahaha so I totally loved this post!
    “In fact, the title seems to be a message to Marius and Matsushima not to give up.”
    Omg yesssss, I died XD
    KAT-TUN always has the coolness factor and those awards were on point!

    Liked by 1 person

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