Bits & Pieces 011

2015 is here and here are some snippets news and not-so-news that I’ve missed during my vacation after the New Year. Involved parties, are: Arashi and Johnny Kitagawa

(c)credits on pic
  • Ratings for NHK’s 65th Kohaku Uta Gassen had been announced. Kohaku’s first half of the show posted 35% in ratings while the second half posted 44.2%. The latter rating is a bit smaller than last year’s 44.5%, but it’s still the second highest recorded rating of Kohaku for the past 10 years. Individual ratings for each performers are yet to be announced.
  • In a related news, White Team won Kohaku again this year. Some people might be tired that Arashi is the host, but they are definitely not yet tired that White Team keeps on winning for the 3rd year in a row.
  • Johnny Kitagawa was the guest in “Ninagawa Yukio Crossover Talk” where revealed that he got trapped in an elevator for 4 days. Thankfully, he has a scheduled washing machine delivery four days later and the custodian saw him. While I believe that Johnny has an elevator (he’s 83 y/o!), I highly doubt it that he got trapped for four days and still managed to come out alive. Then again, if he has an elevator at home, he must also have a well-stock reft and toilet inside the elevator.

That’s all for now, it’ll be back to school and work tomorrow!



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