Shibutani Subaru to Attend Rotterdam International Film Festival

Subaru’s first movie not only gives him a solo single but he also gets to attend an international film festival. Calling all Dutch Eighters and anywhere else within the vicinity!

Kanjani8‘s Shibutani Subaru first solo movie, “Misono Universe“, will be shown under “Spectrum” section for the 44th Rotterdam International Film Festival that will kick-off this month.

“Misono Universe” (Misono Yunibasu) will be exhibited using the English title “LA LA LA AT ROCK BOTTOM” that will be screened on the 22nd. Shibutani will attend together with the movie’s director, Yamashita Nobuhiro. Shibutani commented that he’s pleased that his first solo movie got invited by Netherlands Film Festival, a faraway place where most people aren’t Japanese (speakers). Nonetheless, Shibutani said his thanks and that he will go to Rotterdam proudly.

Misono Universe” will hit the Japanese theaters on Feb 14th. The trailer is worth checking-out, which comes in two languages, Japanese and English.

via jnews1 and Nikkan Sports

They could have just used “Misono Universe” instead on that “LA LA LA AT ROCK BOTTOM“. It makes me think of Spongebob’s “Bikini Bottom” and it might even caused confusion to some fans who are looking for “Misono Universe”. Anyway, the movie is not yet listed on RIFF‘s website so let’s just wait and see if they’ll stick with “LA LA LA…” or if they’ll change their mind and go with “Misono Universe”.

Congratulations, Subaru!


12 thoughts on “Shibutani Subaru to Attend Rotterdam International Film Festival

  1. I’m french and i definitely want to go!!! Maybe my only chance to see him in my life! Except I don’t know anybody in Dutch who can help me (or any word in Dutch lol). If anybody want to go too, maybe you can contact me? *w*

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