Imai Tsubasa Makes a Comeback while Abe Aran Gets a Fracture

PLAYZONE 2014 opens with much fanfare starting with the comeback of Tackey&Tsubasa‘s Imai Tsubasa after he took a sick leave.

Tsubasa kicked-off “★Sayonara!~Aoyama Theater★ PLAYZONE 30YEARS ★1232 Performance“, it was Tsubasa’s return to stage after he appeared in Johnny’s live countdown last New Year’s eve. Tsubasa showed his sharp dancing skills with flamenco and at the press conference afterward, he said that he wants to keep doing things at his own pace as his way of repaying the people who have supported him. As for his partner, Takizawa, Tsubasa revealed that he gave him a matching pair of pajamas as his way of thank you for taking his work while he was gone.

Last November, Tsubasa was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and after leaving rehabilitation last December, he attended a two weeks training prior to show. After consulting his physician, his song appearances changed from 18 to 11 songs. “The physical condition is not a problem, I would like to say that ‘I don’t have that at all’, ” Tsubasa said. He also revealed that his heart broke after he learned about the disease and he had to change his dietary and sleeping habits. I guess, his body fat percentage have gone up by now.

PLAYZONE have run every summer since it started in 1986 with Shonentai as the chair. Since Aoyama Theater will be closing this year, Tsubasa wanted a successful conclusion for the play that he inherited from his seniors.

In a related news, Johnny’s Jr. Abe Aran suffered a fracture on his right leg during a performance last Jan 4th. Abe’s future appearance will depend on the doctor’s permission.

via Sanspo and Oricon Style

Image credit : ringonokimi


2 thoughts on “Imai Tsubasa Makes a Comeback while Abe Aran Gets a Fracture

  1. Thank for you this! I was frustrated around the time when I couldn’t understand any of the news on this going around, and I’m appreciative of it now.

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