Rants & Raves : Winter Dramas

Its Winter and while most winter drama SPs have started, I’m nowhere near in finishing my GnS recap. I don’t have too much free time to do a drama preview, also because 1 drama have started and 2 SPs are over so I’ll just do this post along with other things.

Here is my occasional Rants & Raves : Winter Dramas

  • Kusanagi Tsuyoshi’s “Zeni no Sensou” premiered with 14.1% in ratings 

I think that’s pretty high compared to most Johnny’s-starring dramas that usually earned 11% or lower for their drama’s pilot episode. However, the 14.1% rating got a lot of criticisms considering that the Korean original, “War of Money”, received more than 30% in ratings during its run. I guess making a remake isn’t such a good choice and dramas with high ratings doesn’t mean that their counterpart will receive the same.

  • Taishi Kakka no Ryourinin 2015 SP

Sakurai Sho playing a chef, father, and husband looks good and his fans would be like, “this is the future that I see in him” (or is it just me? Move along…). Shige is also in this drama but the biggest factor why I’m so unmotivated to watch this drama is Ayame Gouriki.

  • Ninomiya Kazunari joins a stellar cast in “Murder on the Orient Express” SP

One of the most-awaited SPs this season that should not be missed. I’m particularly excited to see how Koki Mitani will make a Japanese adaptation of a classic novel and since I haven’t read the book, I’m ecstatic to make guesses on whodunit.


  • Ikuta Toma on “Ouroboros”

Ever since “Ouroboros” was announced last fall, I knew then that I will watch this drama. Not only does BFFs Ikuta Toma and Oguri Shun are in one drama, I also want to see one of my favorite JP actress, Ueno Juri,doing a deka drama. The plot is interesting since the “revenge” factor spells suspense and lots plot twists, but I’m more eager to see Ryuzaki’s (Ikuta) and Danno’s (Oguri) contrasting personalities in making this drama worth to watch. Aside from that, Ikuta and Oguri look so much alike their manga counterparts.

  • Bunch of Johnny’s Juniors in “Oniichan, Gacha” lead by Kishii Yuta

This late night drama is kawaii overload starting with Suzuki Rio, and Kishii Yuta have proven from his last drama, “Kinkyori Renai~Season Zero~” that he’s just as adorable and more importantly, he can act. I don’t know how the director will make him transform from a toy to a human being and I hope it’s not some cringe-worthy graphics.

  • Kamenashi Kazuya Romances Fukada Kyoko in “Second Love”

Kame always has a dating rumor when he has a new drama and this time, it’s with the über gorgeous Fukada. Well, I can’t blame the tabloids for creating a love affair between the two since they have worked together for “Joker Game” and now in “Second Love”. The drama’s stills is such a tease and it makes me expect a lot, which I know is wrong since “too much expectations leads to too many disappointments”. But I like Kame and it’s been so long since he did a melodrama (Tatta no hitotsu koi with Ayase Haruka, 2006) and the forbidden love plot is too intriguing to past up. I searched about Oishi Shizuka, the drama’s writer, and it’s such a shame that of all the love stories she wrote, I’ve only seen “Otenki onee-san” and it’s not even a love story!

That’s all for now.For the rest of the Johnny-starring dramas,check HERE.


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