Sakurai Sho Denies Dating Horikita Maki

Another dating rumor goes poof!

Last July 8th, popular actress Horikita Maki made a guest appearance in “Sakurai-Ariyoshi abunai yakai” (Sakurai-Ariyoshi Dangerous Evening) where Arashi‘s Sakurai Sho is one of the MCs and his co-MC, Ariyoshi Hiroiki, teased Sakurai about the dating rumor between him and Horikita.


Sakurai and his “Tokujo Kabachi!” co-star were rumored to be dating last July. Sakurai mimics his face from the tabloid when the rumor came-out and he says that while Maki looks wonderful and pretty, his photograph looked malicious and he should complain. XD

Anyway, Sakurai continues and says that he and Maki are not in a relationship. “I have to put that in order first, I’m sorry,” he says upon denying about it. “Please be relieved (once I’m dating) there would be no dangerous situation,” he added.

via jnews1

Errr….I actually like them together!


8 thoughts on “Sakurai Sho Denies Dating Horikita Maki

  1. i think they look great together as well (though i haven’t watched Tokubo Kabachi)… MAKI MY DEAR MARRIED BACK IN 2016, AND I’M CRYING ‘CAUSE I SHIP HER WITH TOMA IKUTA, BUT TOMA BOI ISN’T THE GROOM! TT A TT


  2. I never liked TK and I’m no fan of Horikita either so whatever lol.
    I do wonder though if the guys get annoyed of being paired up with every one of their co stars, like i imagine it must be especially tiresome to their actual partners.


  3. Good, since I don’t like her anyway. I knew they were not due to how un-Shoish Sho was in the rumor. Knowing Sho he would probably end up with one of his former classmate. He did mentioned that he prefers non-celebrity woman before.


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