Kamenashi Kazuya Talks about his Action and Love Scenes during “Joker Game” Event

And the cow steal the show….

Last Jan 8th, KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya attended the completion announcement for his upcoming movie, “Joker Game“, at Tokyo Dome City Hall. The spy-action thriller also stars Fukada Kyoko, Iseya Yusuke, and is directed by Irie Yu.

Based from a bestselling novel of the same title written by Koji Yanagi, “Joker Game” tells the story of a fictional spy organization where Kato Jiro (Kamenashi) gets recruited by a top-secret military organization- D Kikan-. The said organization is headed by a mysterious man named Yuki (Iseya), who will established the ultimate brain game revolving around the secret document called “black notebook” Likewise,  Fukada will play the mysterious mistress of United States Ambassador Graham who has a “black notebook”.

Kamenashi did his own action scenes, “it’s not a type of work that uses CGs so I managed on my own. I want my body to adapt to gestures and movements,” Kamenashi commented. He also talked about his preparedness and confidence to do each scene, like if director Irie tells him stand and take off his clothes, he would do so. Fukada also challenged her own action scene where she had to aim a knife at Kamenashi’s face. The director told her to aim directly since Kamenashi will surely be able to dodge it. Kamenashi and his co-stars spent 5 weeks filming in Indonesia where they have fond memories.

1600 fans in the hall screamed when the love scene between Kamenashi and Fukada was mentioned. The said love scene took two days to film and when they were fitted in a sack cloth,  a cow next to the straw got unreasonably excited. Kamenashi joked that the cow messed-up his excitement from doing the love scene because waiting for the cow to be calm is like waiting for a baby to be born.

Joker Game” will hit the theaters on Jan 31st.

via Daily Sports Mantan Web, and Eiga

Image credit : aorriiss


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