Kanjani8 Brings Radio Show to Kyocera Dome

Kanjani8 really know how to entertain their fans…

Last Jan 10th, Kanjani8 held their biggest public radio recording in Kyocera Dome. The said public recording will be broadcasted in “Kanjani8’s Recomen“, which is the regular radio program of Murakami Shingo and Maruyama Ryuhei. 40,000 people from 120,000 applicants got a free invitation from their CD purchase for the public recording.

Unlike traditional tour performances, Kanjani8 did three songs that includes their 31st single, “Gamushara Party!”. Wearing plain clothes, the group sat inside a special booth for less than two hours. Free talk boost the venue and the rest of the members also participated. When a listener asked about their goal for this year, Nishikido Ryo answers that he want to gain weight, his current weight is at 54 kg and he want to go up to 65 kg. Yasuda Shota talks about his diving hobby and that he wants to be a dive leader.

“It’s our first try that no one has attempted. I never thought that we could this kind of thing, it’s different from a concert, but we could have fun with this,” Murakami commented. Kanjani8 celebrated their 10th anniversary last year and for this year, they want to do more events and activities, “we should be able to do this 10 years later,” Shibutani Subaru commented.

Kanjani8 Murakami Shingo ・ Maruyama Ryuhei no Recomen” is broadcasted every Thursday at 10:00 PM (JST), the said public recording will air on the 15th.

via Daily Sports and Yahoo!Japan

Image credit : jdapjg

I’m waiting for a muscleman Ryo! haha. I doubt he could gain that much weight and I’m even more surprised that he weighs 54 kg when he looked underweight.


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