Gomen ne Seishun Episode 9

Gomen ne Seishun is almost over and this episode has some of the best moments in this drama.

Here is a quick recap of Gomen ne Seishun : Episode 9





Yuko is back and while Risa doesn’t feel to be part of “Yuko’s welcoming party”, sister Yoshii receives Yuko with warmth and kindness befitting for a nun. Yuko says that she heard about the joint cultural festival so she decides to do a special documentary about it. After all, Sanjo is still her alma mater and that she used to be part of the joint organizing committee.





Seeing Yuko after so long makes Heisuke a guilty cow so he wants to spill everything, but before he can say anything, he sees someone in more distress than he is, and that is 3D aka Kaba-san. haha. 3D motions Heisuke to look at the people’s belongings starting from Ebisawa to Yuko since they all have “Sorry Eel” stuff that came from his radio program. 3D isn’t aware that he has that much listeners who are near to him. Heisuke offers his handkerchief to a distress 3D, but of all things, he has to offer his own “Sorry Eel” stuff. XD




Anyway, sister Yoshii asks 3D about Yuko’s offer and Donmai-sensei chimes in that it’ll be a great chance to raise people’s awareness on Seishun High School. 3D tells them that he and Heisuke will think it through.





After school hours, Heisuke and 3D heads to the Girl’s Bar where they watch Yuko and Risa ignore each other. Seconds later, Hachiya-papa arrives together with Heita and Satoshi. Yuko and his father finally meets and Risa isn’t too happy with the reunion. As Hachiya-papa kneels down to apologize to his daughter, Risa grabs her things and left.

Heisuke follows Risa while Hachiya-papa begs for his daughter’s forgiveness. Yuko tells her father that she knows how sorry he is because she listened to the radio show. Hearing the word radio made 3D in panic mode especially after he sees what Hachiya-papa is wearing, it’s the “Sorry Eel” jacket. XD





Yuko helps his father get up and tells her father that she saw his delivery flyer at a hotel in Atami. She’s surprised to see Satoshi working for her father and Satoshi chimes in that he heard Yuko on the radio later that evening. 3D’s radio show is really popular. Yuko apologizes about it and asks if the arsonist has been arrested. Satoshi says no and Yuko says that the statue of limitations for arson is 10 years. She also adds that when she made an inquiry to the police, they told her that they were remains of fireworks found in the chapel.

Something rings a bell to Satoshi and Heita after Yuko mentioned “fireworks”, but Heita is more defensive about it. He asks Yuko why she came back to Mishima, and Yuko says that she came back for the Seishun High festival. So, Heita tells her to drop the fire issue since the joint cultural festival that got derailed 14 yrs ago has a chance to happened again, thanks to Heisuke and Risa’s efforts. It’ll be happening in a few days, so she must not ruin it all over again. Yuko stood up and says that she got nothing to do with the fire and Heita says that she should have said so during that time instead of running away that’s why she got suspected.




Hachiya-papa stood up and tells Heita to stop it. Heita apologizes and tells Hachiya-papa that they (the parents) must not undergo hardships because of their children.

At the famous Mishima pond, Heisuke sees Risa being all mellow and quite angry. Risa sarcastically asks Heisuke if he’s fine after seeing her sister. Heisuke says he’s fine and that he’s actually clueless on what to tell Yuko. Risa stood up and tells Heisuke to listen to her, Risa lets her pent-up emotions get loose starting from her anger toward her sister, on how she was always the center of attention, on how Risa failed to have fun because something would always come up about her sister, and now that it’s finally just Heisuke and Risa, she has to come back.

After saying all those things, she feels refresh and Risa’s anger toward her sister cuts deep to Heisuke. Heisuke talks to Goddess of Mercy and says all the things that he could have told Risa, like directing her anger for her sister to him, after all, he’s the cause of it all.





Well, Goddess of Mercy didn’t transform to mom because the Hara family has a new mother in training. Her name is Setsuko-san, Heita’s omiai partner, whom he fondly calls Secchan. XD

Heisuke asks Ippei on what he thinks about Secchan, and Ippei says that he can’t point anything wrong with her. She’s perfect down to bringing rice-bran paste pickles to their home when Elenacho brought Nintendo when she moved in to the Hara’s residence. haha. Speaking of Elenacho, she has warmed-up to Secchan whom she considers as her mother-in-law.





Since the Hara brothers can’t point-out anything wrong to Secchan, they decided to look for mistakes in her cooking. Ippei complains that he wants a softer rice and without any word, Secchan takes his bowl, pour some cooking wine, and microwave it. When she comes back, the rice is soft enough that Ippei immediately calls her mom. haha. Heisuke is still not softening toward their new mother and says that he can’t accept her, Secchan again leaves and when she comes back with a furikake for Heisuke, he can only nod. XD





Later, Yuko starts documenting the students’ preparations for the upcoming Seishun High School festival. Almost everyone who were interviewed were singing their praises to Heisuke as the mastermind of the festival. Yuko shows the video to Heisuke and says that he’s really popular; she also adds that if she has a teacher like Heisuke back then, she might have fallen for him. And what are you insinuating?! Before they part ways, Yuko tells Heisuke to relay a message to his father and that she apologized for yesterday.

When Yuko left, Risa arrives and calls Heisuke, Hara-kun. haha. She asks if she can stay over at his place for the night because it’s hard for her to stay at their house. So that means that Yuko is there. Risa says that it’s okay because they are friends and Heisuke says that his home is kinda in a mess. Risa didn’t get discourage with that and later on, Secchan welcomes them home and Heisuke introduces Risa as his friend who will be staying over. So casual.





In Heisuke’s room, Risa says that Heisuke’s room isn’t so much of a mess and that’s where Heisuke notice that all of his stuff are in labeled boxes. Goddess of Mercy transforms into mom and tells Heisuke that it’s all that woman’s doing, she tidied-up everything. Heisuke motions mom to be quiet as if Risa could hear her and Risa asks about the “side dishes box”. Heisuke stops her from opening it and good enough, the “side-dishes” box is his porn stash, so he tells Risa that they should sleep already just to stop her from snooping.





At the Hachiya’s residence, Yuko and Satoshi sits by the warmer and she thanks Satoshi for taking care of her father. Satoshi says that he’s not really taking care of her father since he’s still strong and awkward moments later, Yuko wants to talk about the radio show and Satoshi says that Heisuke recommended the show to him. He adds that Heisuke wasn’t really listening to the show that time. I guess he meant during Yuko’s confession. Satoshi says his goodbye and before he leaves, he tells Yuko if one of these days will be Heisuke’s turn to do the “sorry” thing. Uhm, he has done it before actually.

Speaking of Heisuke, he’s busy typing something on his laptop while Risa is snugged in her cocoon. Risa asks if he’s not sleeping yet and he says that he’s still doing some lesson preparations. Risa bids him goodnight, but since she can’t sleep yet, she asks if he’s not interested in love. XD. Heisuke didn’t answer her question and zigzag’s his way to other topic which is about Risa forgiving her sister.




Heisuke tells Risa that he thinks that Yuko came back with a stronger resolve and thinks that the joint cultural festival is the trigger for her to come back. He adds that just like Sanjo and Tonkou got ripped apart because of the fire, Risa and Yuko had fallen out as well. Thus, Heisuke considers it his responsibility. Before Heisuke can involve himself further, he apologizes because he can’t go on any further without revealing his past sins.

Goddess of Mercy aka mom sees his distress and before Heisuke can divulge to Risa why is he apologizing, a “rap” sound was heard which makes Risa hug Heisuke out of fear. Good job,mom! Speaking of mom, Heisuke has to choose that moment to call his mom’s name, since he knows that the sound is her doing, and mom makes a half-hearted apology while Risa pulls away and tells Heisuke that she’s not his mother. haha.





The two ended the night with a handshake. A fucking handshake. Donmai-sensei is as shock as I am that all Risa accomplished is holding hands with Heisuke for 10 straight days that she’s in Hara’s residence.  10 straight days?! What a sleepover. Donmai-sensei is irritated with how slow Risa is and Tominaga adds that they are not middle-school students anymore. Anyway, Risa says that she thinks that Heisuke still has hang-up’s with her sister and if Yuko uses her feminine charms to Heisuke then Risa is lost. So Donmai-sensei tells her that they way to grab men is to start with their stomach.




Anyway, both of Risa’s and Heisuke’s class are having a blast with their cultural festival preparations and Yuko and sister Yoshii observes Heisuke’s class with awe. Sister Yoshii says that she can’t believe that starting next school year, all class will be co-ed. Yuko says that the students are having so much fun, it’s like they’ve been in co-ed class all this time.

Sister Yoshii and Yuko enters the class and Heisuke starts his daily word of wisdom based from what Jinbou had mentioned when she was teasing Akishima. Heisuke talks about the word “cold” which he thinks was a word born out of kindness. Rather calling someone “boring”, one would go with “cold” since it’s sounds nicer. He makes another example using cold’s antonym which is “hot”. He says that cultural festivals is kinda cold because it’s only done by high school students and not by professionals. Heisuke also used Ebisawa’s band as an example, “Ebi en Gray”, its name is cold. XD. Obviously, it’s a pun from “Dir en Gray”.




Heisuke jokes that while the name is cold, it’s not really boring. Bircken says in that it actually sounds interesting, while Jinbou agrees that Ebisawa might be cold but at least he is not boring. Why is this about Ebisawa now? Heisuke agrees with their observation and says that compared to a guys who calls someone cold for doing something that is cold, that guy doing that cold thing is HOT. Do you follow? haha.

Anyway, Heisuke continues and says that people who keep on saying “cold” are those that only wants to look cool, they laugh and make fun at others who are getting heat-up for a mere cultural festival. Thus, the next two days will be “cold”, so they must dress warmly and weather the cold with everyone.





At Girl’s bar, Heisuke and Heita are having a talk about Secchan. While Heisuke agrees that Secchan is almost perfect,it makes him thinks more on his own mom’s incompetence. haha. Heisuke asks if Heita likes her, and when Heita agrees, Heisuke says that he won’t oppose. Meanwhile, Seccahn is at home with Risa who is like undergoing a wife-in-training. Remember Donmai-sensei’s earlier words that a way to grab a man is through their stomach?

Back at Heisuke and Heita, Heisuke remembers that Yuko asks him to apologize on her behalf to her father. Heisuke asks his dad why is Yuko apologizing to him and Heita says that it’s because she brought up the fire issue. Heita says that Yuko told something about remnants of fireworks in that chapel from the police reports so Heita said that she should not ruin things by bringing it up.





Well, Heisuke’s suspicion is just like my suspicion, Heita knows about the fire. As it happened, Heita’s wife and Heisuke’s mom, Miyuki, had suspicions about Heisuke’s part in the fire after she told Heisuke about the fire at Sanjo. Heisuke started acting weird and Miyuki chose to believe in her son just as Heita is. The police even came to the Shrine some days after the fire and Heita answered questions in place of Heisuke. Heita says that he didn’t lie, he just told what he knew, and everything cleared up.

Heisuke asks why he didn’t tell him about the police, and Heita asks him what good would it do to him if he knew? He was just a high school student then, he would be scorn and would probably won’t be able to walk with his head up. Unlike before, he’s now a teacher, and there are students looking forward to the cultural festival, students who trust him, and he must think about his mother as well. However, he also told Heisuke to decide for himself.





Full of frustration, shame, and regret, Heisuke recalls his high school self as he run toward Sanjo, just like how he run after he learned about the fire. He run to Sanjo, the festival decorations are already up, he thinks about all his students’ hardwork, and then he get his phone and called Risa to meet him.

At 3D’s radio show, Kaba-san gets a new caller by the name of “Chief Priest”. That’s so obvious that even Kaba-san knows who he is. Kaba-san cuts the idle talk short and asks him straightaway to whom he wants to apologized to. “Chief Priest” says that first, he wants to apologize to his ancestors, to Buddha, and universe….LOL. Kaba-san asks him to narrow it down to one person and Chief Priest says that he wants to apologize to his late wife. Speaking of wife, the new wife awake from her slumber and starts looking for Risa. Secchan looks for Risa at Heisuke’s room and coincidentally, the radio is on and she hears Heita’s voice.




Continuing to Chief Priest’s story, he tells the love story between him and his late wife.  They were in their early 20s when they met and Chief Priest could be considered a stalker now on how much he hit on her before they married. He only remembers the fun times during their marriage, like how Miyuki would misplaced the miso broth pack in the soup, and instead of saying “itterashai” when Heisuke leaves for work, he would ask him to buy her a copy of Josei seven because TVXQ is on the cover .XD





Until one day, 3D rushes over to Heisuke at school to tell him that his mother has fainted. Miyuki suffered an acute myocardial infarction and in her last few moments, her last words were, “it was amusing”. Heita doesn’t know what she found so amusing, is it about life? their marriage life? or was it the SUMMERS show last night? Heita doesn’t know, but after being married to Miyuki for the past 30 years, and her last words were “it was amusing” before dying; Heita thinks that it was the greatest.

At Kaba-san’s radio booth, he’s bawling from Heita’s story, and Heita says how Miyuki’s last words weren’t “I was happy” or “it was fun” but “it was amusing”, and there’s nothing he could wish for.





Kaba-san was so touched with Chief Priest that he tells him that the show will be giving him custom-made “Sorry Eel” jacket until Chief Priest tells him that he’s re-marrying. LOL. And that’s why Chief Priest called his show, he wants to apologize to his late wife because he’ll be marrying someone who is her complete opposite, wouldn’t that be more amusing? Maybe because he’s getting married again so he remembered his late wife, and maybe things will be that way from then on so Heita apologizes to his Miyuki-chan.

Back at Heisuke’s room, Secchan didn’t finish the show, she turns it off before Heita could say sorry and looks at the Goddess of Mercy statue. Secchan says that such a great husband would be a waste on her. She cleaned the entire house and left.




Meanwhile, Heisuke will be having his grand confession to Risa, at the rooftop where he fired fireworks that night, hoping that it would reach Yuko and Satoshi whose lips are locked with one another. First, he tells Risa that he’ll quit being a teacher and would do so once the school festival is over. Second, he confessed about that night. We all know the story so I won’t bore you the details. Risa is aghast and tells Heisuke not to apologize to her. She can’t believe that her sister was suspected because of Heisuke, that her sister was suspected just because she was watching fireworks with the boy that she likes, and all along it was Heisuke.

Risa can’t keep up with her feelings and the information that she just learned. She asks Heisuke why he’s telling her this now and Heisuke says that it’s because he likes Risa. Risa is half-crying and half-believing Heisuke, so he says that he’s not lying, he won’t justify what he did, and that he’s prepared to lose everything once he tells the truth. He imagines himself saying sorry and goodbye to important people around him and the one person who made him sad the most is Risa. It’s going to be tough for him to say goodbye to Risa so he called her to confessed his feelings.





Risa is quite speechless when Heisuke told her  that he loves her, and Risa says that she knew because they are bound by fate. haha. That fate she’s talking about is the legendary heart-shaped handle bar inside of Izuppako. So, even though Heisuke is a “pussy-foot”, a “droppy kappa”, or even an arsonist, everything is just a trial. Though, she’s not yet ready to forgive Heisuke, but she’s sure that they will overcome that in the name of Izuppako. Okay, so Izuppako over God. XD.





The next day, Heisuke walks along the Gingko lined sidewalk, he looks over his students who awaits their guests, and the first ever Seishun High Festival is finally starting.


Heisuke has the best parents. Period. I watched this episode for the second time for recaps and I still tear-up when Heita told Heisuke what he knew about the fire and more crying later when Heita called 3D’s show to talked about his wife, her death, and Heita’s apology. Heita might be a perv and a drunkard, but he’s such a cool dad who watches over his two boys. All those years, Heita kept it to himself about what he knew, and what he doesn’t knew, and he still supported Heisuke through and through. That was just so cool! I don’t agree that Secchan left but I guess it’s hard to top Miyuki despite her imperfections.

There were no fireworks moment when Heisuke confessed his feelings  to Risa. It’s like he was forcing himself to do it and Risa’s belief to the Legend of Izuppako isn’t really weird, but it makes me think that she only likes Heisuke because of the legend. Also, I’ve been anticipating Heisuke’s confession about the fire that when it happened, I was like, “uhm, okay”. haha.

I’m so glad to say that I think Heisuke has completely forgotten whatever love feelings he has for Yuko; I know that first love never dies but I’m also sure that what he felt for Yuko now is the guilt for his sins. Meanwhile, there’s so much regret in Yuko’s eyes everytime he looks at Heisuke, like, she’s asking herself why she didn’t like this guy back then. Oh well, in this regard, I want to believe Risa’s fate in the Izuppako that Heisuke and she are really destined to be together. XD.

All in all, I’m expecting more drama in the next episode since it’ll be the last. It’ll be Heisuke’s farewell and the most-awaited school festival so let’s all look forward to it!

Usual credits apply.


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