Shigeaki Kato’s “Pink to Gray” Manga Gets a Movie Starring Nakajima Yuto

YAY~~~! Double win for the agency since Shige’s first work will turn to a movie while Yuto gets his first lead movie role!

NEWSShigeaki Kato debut novel, “Pink to Gray“, will be made into a movie starring Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Nakajima Yuto. The said movie will be directed by Yukisada Isao of “Sekai no chushin de, ai o sakebu” fame.

“Pink to Gray” was published in 2012 and sold 160,000 copies in circulation. Set in the entertainment industry, it’s a sad story of success and failure between best friends, where one became a star while the other does not. Nakajima will play the role of Kawata Daiki, the unpopular one of the two friends. Expect some twists as some scenes that are not in the novel will appear in the movie.

When I wrote the novel, I didn’t expect that it will be made into a movie,” Shigeaki commented. As for his kouhai performing the role, Shigeaki believes that Nakajima can do it.

Joining the rest of the cast, are: Suda Masaki, Kaho, Yagira Yuya, and Kishii Yukino. Filming will start in the middle of this month and will be released in 2016.

via jnews1 and Sanspo


2 thoughts on “Shigeaki Kato’s “Pink to Gray” Manga Gets a Movie Starring Nakajima Yuto

  1. Omg I read about this yesterday and I was flipping out!!! Omedetou Shige sensei!!! It’s amazing, he’s having his novel turned into a film. Just goes to show how capable these guys are, don’t underestimate Johnny’s!
    (Still have to read the novel though, also I wonder if they HAD to add a Johnny’s into the cast but Yuto’s a good so no worries there)


    • I’m also happy that Shige’s efforts is getting recognized! I’m not sure about another JE in the cast,maybe Shige will do a cameo.haha. I love Yuto and I’m gonna be biased that he’s enough Johnny for this movie


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