First Impressions on Onii-chan, Gacha

Right after making us sympathize with him in “Kinkyori Renai~Season Zero~“, Kishi Yuta is back with a new drama, and this time, in lead role with one of the most talented young actresses in Japan.

Here is a quick recap of Onii-chan, Gacha : Episode 1





In a magical place, there lived a girl named Shizukuishi Miko (Suzuki Rio), who dreams to become ballerina, because she wants to live her life like a fairytale. Well, being a ballerina is hard work and she learned it on her first day of ballet lessons. The school’s prima ballerina, the pretty yet snooty and full of herself, Jakuzure Natsuko-sama, approaches Miko and tells her that she must have been enthralled by her beauty so she enrolled in a ballet school. Ugh….If I were this girl’s mother…





It’s a good thing that Miko isn’t spineless and she tells Natsuko to leave her alone. A fellow ballerina, Mitarashi Yotsuba, got worried when she sees that it started raining. Miko is just as worried because she didn’t bring any umbrella, and Natsuko and her minions tells her that they don’t have one either but they have their onii-chan‘s to fetch them with umbrellas. In this mmagical world, onii-chan is equal to lackeys. XD





Miko doesn’t have any older male siblings, she only have an older sister and two younger ones, and before anyone can pity or make fun of her because of her lack of older brother, different guys came in with umbrellas to fetch their younger sister. The onii-chan‘s ogle at their younger sister as if it’s a privilege to be their brother.

Each of Natsuko’s minions only has one older brother to fetch them compared to Natsuko’s five onii-chan‘s. Five dancing and singing onii-chan‘s who look are vying for her affection. Miko and Yotsuba sigh as their classmates leave with their onii-chan’s and when Miko thinks that its weird that everyone has older brothers except for Yotsuba and that Natsuko even has five onii-chans who doesn’t look like her, if I may add.




Yotsuba says that Natsuko has five brothers because she hasn’t decided yet who she wants to make a contract with. When Miko asks what she’s talking about, Yotsuba finds it weird that she doesn’t know about “Onii-chan, Gacha”. A toy vending machine where you get an older brother for a prize.




At Shizukuishi’s cute residence, Shizukuishi Riko, Miko’s mom, is in dilemma now that her manga series is over. She ponders for a new idea while Miko is downstairs cooking their meal because her older sister, Mako, is a loli-type who’d rather apply some nail polish than watch over her siblings. The youngest two, Kako and Riku, are busy creating added chaos to Miko’s forever chaotic life. The last straw was when Kako and Riku broke her school project. Miko calls mom, who comes down complaining that dinner is not yet ready, so she suggests ordering pizza.





Miko disagrees, saying the pizza is just a waste of money when their mom’s series is over. When Kako and Riku keeps teasing her for being a cheapskate, Mako tells her that since she’s so tight with money, she can just quit taking her ballet lessons. Miko disagrees since it’s just one thing that she wants to do. Riko says that compared to Miko, they can expect more for Mako. Miko is hurt by what their mother said and Riko points-out that that everyone has a life more suited for them. In short, ballet doesn’t suit Miko.





Miko asks what type of life is suited for her, she’s just an elementary school student, and she’s living like a captured slave. Mako says that it suits her because she likes Korean dramas. LOL, what?  Even in this magical place, Korean dramas exist. Miko says that she doesn’t like Korean dramas, even she doesn’t want to look for coupons in newspapers or do the household budget, or clean the never-ending mess made by Kako and Riku; she also wants to be dressed in pretty clothes and not her sister’s hand-me-down’s, which are mostly not normal clothes. She just want to live in a fantasy world, she doesn’t want any of her brute siblings, and wishes that she has a kind onii-chan before she ran away.





After she runaway from home, Miko spends her time at a Game Center. While she’s frustrated for not winning at all, she has time to find the gaming center attendant’s cute and even wish that she has an older brother like him.




Minutes later, Yotsuba arrives and she accompanies Miko at the Game Center’s basement, which is actually called the 3rd floor, but is in the basement. The shop’s attendants magically appeared once Miko and Yotsuba arrives. Well, not magically. One is Professor Uraba, the stingy shop attendant who didn’t give Miko the pig stuff toy because it only almost fell through into the hole of UFO machine, while the other one is the cutie, Rei (Miyachika Kaito), that Miko wished is her older brother earlier.





There are two Gacha‘s at the basement, one is broken and the other does not. It’s kinda cheap at only  500 medals for one gacha. The gacha machine also has a reminder that only younger sisters are allowed to use the machine. Miko is down to her last medal and as she hesitates, two disappointed young girls entered the basement along with their onii-chan’s, Wakki and Tanaka, who could pass as goons or pervert ossans.





Wakki and Tanaka are considered  a miss than hits and together, they are transformed back to gachas once they entered the machine. Speaking of hits and miss, one particular customer spends lots of medals to get hits and that is Natsuko. Natsuko enters along with her five lackeys onii-chan’s who are all A-rank. How are they A-rank? What are their standards for ranking? Natsuko hasn’t decided yet who she’ll have a contract with so she spent another 5000 medals for 10 gachas. Natsuko’s biggest aim is to get a S-rank gacha, which is considered Supreme. 

While Natsuko is getting some gachas, Professor Uraba and Rei explains how the gachas work. It’s quite simple, all you have to do is open the gacha, submerge the content in a bathtub with water, leave it overnight, and never take a peek or you’re love life will be cursed for 100 years. However, keeping a gacha isn’t so simple as you have to pay 1000 medals for each week that you keep them, and you have to give your onii-chan shelter and food.

After Natsuko leaves, Miko decides not to try after all until professor Uraba calls her a peasant. Visions of her “captured slave” life starts replaying so she decides to try just one time.





Back home, mom apologizes for her shortcomings and she tells Miko to take a bath. After taking a bath, Miko takes it a chance to submerge her gacha. Slowly and overnight, magic is happening right at their bathroom. When Miko awakens from her nightmare, where she dreamed that Waki and Tanaka are her brothers, she hears Mako’s screams. Miko goes down to see her older sister, who  fainted in front of the bathroom, and when Miko enters, she sees a drowsy and naked guy (Kishi Yuta) in the bath tub.





Miko is quite thrilled that she didn’t get a miss on her first try, at most, she might have gotten a B-rank gacha, or even better, an A-rank with only 500 medals. Moreover, her onii-chan is good-looking too! Onii-chan gives Miko a once over and when Miko cutely asks him to be her older brother, he only has one answer, “no way”.



“Onii-chan, Gacha” is one of those dramas that will make you scream because it’s over in an instant and that they ended it with such a cliffhanger. In short, I like “Onii-chan Gacha” with just a single episode that it’s highly likely I will watch the next episodes. The last drama I saw with Nojima Shinji as the writer is “49” and he’s really good with fantasy stories, he knows how to play with it, and he knows just how to end it.

Even though the writer inserted musical scenes that are not needed and even with the cringe-worthy yet LMAO dance moves at the end of the episode, I still like this drama. The first episode is basically all about Suzuki Rio, who is not just adorable but she can act well and she looks so refreshing onscreen. It’s such a shame that this drama is almost midnight when I’m sure that kids in her age will enjoy this. Then again, I guess it’s fine that this drama didn’t air earlier or younger girls will have a twisted view of older brothers. haha.

The setting is like watching Nanny McPhee, a contrast of dreamy and reality, with realistic situations portrayed in a light manner. I laughed at the Korean drama reference because it’s true that most Kdrama heroines are like modern-day Cinderella’s who has to suffer a lot before they get to meet the prince. In “Onii-chan, Gacha”, our cute heroine has to suffer first before she gets to meet her rightful brother.

For first impressions, “Onii-chan, Gacha” might seem too childish and foolish but it’s cute and overall lovely. I’m sure that it’ll get more interesting and if you see a naked Kishi Yuta in your bathtub, would you ask him to be your brother?

Usual disclaimer applies.


6 thoughts on “First Impressions on Onii-chan, Gacha

    • I think there are some raws in dailymotion and there are also livejournal communities where you can download the raw. Personally, I prefer a big brother than an older sister. XD


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