Johnny’s who takes pride in physical beauty

Before January 2015 even started, I’m sure that a lot of us have made “working-out” as one of our resolutions. Or maybe that just me? haha. Anyway, “physical beauty” in the title of this post isn’t about their looks but more on their bodies. We all know that most JE talents are usually on the skinny/lean side but there are those who have started training their bodies to look better.

Sato Yui, a seasoned entertainment writer on Johnny’s, details JE talents who work-out to enhance their body. In short, here are the members of Johnny’s “body faction”.

  • KAT-TUN‘s Ueda Tatsuya

Ueda has attracted attention for his body from doing boxing, not just as a hobby, but he has been boxing for the last seven years and hits the gym thrice a week. Ueda showed-off his boxing skills in TBS’ “Honoo No Taiikukai TV” last year where he challenged a former world boxing champion. Regrettably, Ueda lost, but his image of continuing his fight despite the bruises in his face, knowing full well that he is an idol caught the hearts of many. Also, Ueda has presented a different side from his idol image that in the future, this member would surely receive a lot of attention.

  • NEWSKoyama Keiichiro and Tegoshi Yuya

Koyama has earnestly trained his muscles; he makes muscle training as a hobby and it’s like he wants to have an image called “intelligent macho”. Since he is a newscaster, he has to look intellectual but when he takes his clothes off, he’s all muki muki (masculine). On Tegoshi, he’s a big soccer freak, and he trains for it. Unlike Koyama, Tegoshi trains his muscles to used for playing football and his agility can also be used with his dance routines.

  • Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Chinen Yuri and Yaotome Hikaru

In Hey!Say!JUMP, those who excels in physical ability are Chinen and Yaotome. Chinen (Yuri) is a son of an Olympic bronze medalist and he’s familiar with gymnastics since he was a kid. Chinen is good with stunts using trapeze and and other acrobatics. Meanwhile, Yaotome’s muscles is achieved from hardwork. He also loved the gym, his body fat ratio is small, and he can be called a “slender macho”. Lastly, Yaotome is also a long distance-runner so he capitalize on his endurance to stay active.

  • Kis-My-Ft2‘s (and BUSAIKU‘s) Senga Kento

Since all members of Kisumai are good in roller skating, on average, athletic ability is high within the group. I would like to direct the attention to BUSAIKU’s Senga who has been responsible with BUSAIKU’s choreography said to be on top level among Johnny’s. Senga learned dance since childhood and he is seen showing sharp dance moves so if ever you see them perform on TV, pay attention to him by all means.

  • A.B.C.-Z‘s Tsukasa Ryoichi and Goseki Koichi

In terms of “body faction” in Johnny’s, Tsukada Ryoichi should not be discounted. Originally, he aimed to be in Olympics, his level of physical ability is high, and his acrobatic skills is completely beyond. Tsukada showed-off his talent during a tour where he did a series of backflips along the runway. In addition, Goseki’s dance skills is also noteworthy. As mentioned earlier, Senga together with Goseki, are an outstanding force in Johnny’s who are also admired senpais by their kouhais.

More Johnny’s are being conscious in polishing their “art” and this attitude is also being seen among Johnny’s Jrs. that athlete-like idol may increase from now on.

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