Gomen ne Seishun Episode 10 [Final]

As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Gomen ne Seishun is one of the best things that happened in Fall 2014 dramas and despite its poor ratings, you can see that friendships between the cast really shone.

Here is a quick recap of Gomen ne Seishun : Episode 10





It’s the most-awaited day, something that we’ve been waiting for the last nine episodes, and the cultural festival is finally happening. Tonkou and Sanjo students, who few months ago wouldn’t look at each other’s eye, is working and enjoying the cultural festival together.





It’s not just the students who are living their youth, Heisuke is also relieving his youth as he helps Ooki and the boys carry the mikoshi to parade it around school. They have one problem though, the mikoshi is too long that it won’t fit in a corner turn. Well, the mikoshi‘s length is the least of Heisuke’s worries as Risa is bent on raining on his parade by trying to announce the reason of Heisuke’s guilty conscience.

Heisuke tells her that he would reveal everything after the cultural festival ends, but Risa reasons-out that her sister will be gone by that time. So Heisuke says that he will tell Yuko today; satisfied with his answer, Risa leaves.




Speaking of answer, there is one person whose not satisfied with her answers because, well, she can’t answer at all. “Quiz King” Endou is on the verge of losing her title, and her face, as Tonkou’s vice principal, Gotoukoji, beats her to the buzzer with every questions that Akishima throws. haha.





If Tonkou’s vp is enjoying the cultural festival, sister Yoshii finds the festival too overwhelming that she fainted after seeing Handa as the Frankenstein. He did look scary, as scary as the fact that he has worn the make-up for days.





Even though Risa and Sanjo’s vp are worried about sister Yoshii as they rush her over to Donmai’s clinic, Tominaga finds it funny. He excitedly shares sister Yoshii’s fainting story to Donmai that he didn’t notice that sister Yoshii is just there, recuperating, and heard everything he said. haha. Sister Yoshii chose not to lecture Tominaga and just asks what’s his relationship with Donmai. Tominaga aka Tommy says that they are dating with a view of marriage when he remembers to tell Heisuke that his family is visiting the school.





Handa says his greetings to Heisuke’s family and Elancho screams upon seeing Handa, but not as loud when Donmai sees the Ippei, the man she used to cavort with. I really love cultural festivals, it’s when everyone meets. Elsewhere, Endou might be losing the Quiz Show but she still has time to do her sumo musical while still attending the quiz show in between breaks.





The 1st day of Seishun High School festival ended without so much of a glitch and Satoshi meets Heisuke at Sanjo’s side to give him a much-needed and delayed punch. Satoshi calls Heisuke a betrayer but instead of merely accepting it, Heisuke also gives Satoshi a punch and says that he betrayed Heisuke first. Satoshi, despite being the betrayer, loves his Beiyan the most and says that he must not tell Yuko or everyone else about the truth. Satoshi says that Yuko likes Heisuke and if he does tell her, she will be gone for good. Too late Satoshi and Yuko, Heisuke has fallen for Risa!





While Heisuke is away, 3D, sister Yoshii, two VPs, Risa, Tominaga, and Donmai-sensei are practicing their dance presentation for the festival. Amarin, Jinbou, and Bircken are their teachers and Jinbou says that their timing if quite off, especially 3D’s and sister Yoshii’s, who are so Showa-era. haha.





At the Girl’s bar, Heita and Hachiya-papa are drinking to their heart’s content. Hachiya-papa praises Heita for having two fine boys, Ippei will inherit the temple, while Heisuke is a fine teacher. Being praise for his sons makes Heita uneasy and tells Hachiya-papa that he thinks that Heisuke is the culprit of the fire incident that were blame on Yuko and Satoshi. Heita apologizes and says that Heisuke is straight as an arrow and he would put an end to everything once the festival ends. Hachiya-papa is obviously angered by what he learned but Heita defends his son that because the Hachiya’s lost everything that he can’t confess his sins. The two started bawling but they were stop by Girl’s bar mama and Satoshi. Hachiya-papa says that he wanted to believe in Yuko then, he could have investigated, but a part of him is also scared of what he will learn. Heita is the same, he couldn’t believe that his son could do that but he couldn’t suspect him either. He was afraid just as Hachiya-papa is, he guess that’s what being a parent is.




Speaking of Yuko, Heisuke and she are in Sanjo’s chapel for a talk. Well, more like in the confession room, as Heisuke tells his heartfelt apology for what he did. Yuko ran out of the chapel and sees Risa waiting for her. Yuko asks if she knew, and Risa says that she learned about it yesterday. Then Risa asks if Yuko can forgive Heisuke, she even calls Yuko onee-chan, and says that she’ll put everything behind them if Yuko can just forgive Heisuke. Awww. Yuko says that it’s impossible (for her to forgive Heisuke), it’s impossible, immediately. Well, there’s hope.





As the old saying goes, the truth shall set you free, and Heisuke stashed most of his high school mementos that he doesn’t want to be seen once the police do the house search. In short, he’s preparing for his prison life once he gets convicted as an arsonist. Anyway, Heisuke can still see mom, which means that he still has a guilty conscience, so he prepares himself to tell everyone about the arson thing after the cultural festival.





On Seishun High’s second day of cultural festival, Nakai pays her former classmates a visit and she’s welcome with open arms by Bircken, Cosme, Jinbou, Ebisawa, and Ooki, who managed to split the mikoshi in middle so they can bring it outside.

Elsewhere, Ebisawa’s “Ebi en Gray” is having a performance and the audience turnout is as laughable as his impersonation of “However” by Glay. haha. Well, there is one person who is enjoying his performance and that’s Amarin who played hooky from her cafe duties.




Replacing Amarin from her duties is their visitor and former president, Nakai. Nakai is enjoying being a part-time waitress when Heisuke arrives. Heisuke is just as happy to see Nakai and the two got into talking about her new school. Nakai says that her new school is no different from a cram or prep school since most students are just preparing for exams. Endou arrives with a bowl of hot soup for Nakai and Nakai has a special request from Heisuke.




Somewhere along the staircase, Ebisawa tells Amarin that he sang the song from the bottom of his heart and Amarin says she’s the only person who listened until the end. haha. The former couple gets to asking if they are so over with their own presidents (Nakai and Handa) and they decided to go from uncoupling to coupling again. XD





Dusk arrives and while Mishima gets colder, they decided to do something warm as requested by Nakai, and that’s folk dance around the fire. Everyone paired-up and they dance around the fire, it’s such a cute moment btw. They exchange partners and when Nakai gets Heisuke for a partner, she tells Heisuke that when she said that she’ll treat the co-ed thing like her getting the short end of the stick (refer to ep 2), she hits the jackpot after all. She’s glad she was in Heisuke’s class and being told that just made it all harder for Heisuke to confess.





After the folk dance, it’s the teachers turn to give the students a dance performance with Sanjo’s and Tonkou’s faculty exchanging their respective uniforms. haha. Ryo looks cute btw. After the performance, one highlight of the day is the announcement of the first-ever Mr. and Ms. Seishun. Sister Yoshii did the announcement and the winner for Ms. Seishun is Cosme. haha. The girls joked that they’ll be losing their faces since Cosme won when they are the real girls.




Afterward, Mr. Seishun was announced and surprisingly, Heisuke won. The entire class erupted into cheers as Heisuke goes up to accept his award. Well, he didn’t really accept it, but he declines it with reason. Heisuke says that he’s not qualified to accept it and before he continues, he looks at Risa for some encouragement, which she gives with a nod. On the other hand, Yuko stops filming as she’s also aware what Heisuke will say.




Heisuke starts his speech by saying that he doesn’t have the qualifications from being Mr. Seishun to being their teacher and so because he’s the lowest human. Then he proceeds by saying that he’s the reason Tonkou and Sanjo got into bad terms and says that he’s the culprit of that fire. He made a bow and apologized. Murmurs can be heard in the entire chapel while Heisuke continues to tell his motive for starting the fire. After he told his motive, sister Yoshii asks if he never thought of surrendering himself. Heisuke says that he has and that he had gone to police station but his legs would get frozen each time. Sister Yoshii asks if he was afraid of being punished. Heisuke says that he is but it was not only the about the punishment, he loved school. He loves Tonkou, the izupakko, reciting Heart of Sutra during morning while everyone yawns, the sermons each month, the store’s bread, the clinic, and Donmai-sensei. All of those were his youth and he couldn’t give them up.





So the school festival and co-ed thing that was called-off because of his blunder, he decided to bring it into fruition as his own way of atoning for his sins. Once he has accomplished the task he set out to do during his teens, he would confess everything. Well, it took him 14 years to do so.

Sister Yoshii tells him that it’s presumptous of him to think that he has atoned his sins by what he had done. He deceived everyone for the last 14 years, including himself. Sister Yoshii tells him that he must make proper amends and Heisuke says that he will resign but sister Yoshii got distracted by something that Jinbou whispered. Sister Yoshii asks her to repeat what she has said and Jinbou says that it’s nothing, but Ooki chooses to be a smart ass and says that Jinbou said, “nothing wrong in particular”.





Risa asks what is “nothing wrong in particular” and Jinbou says that they are not in bad terms with Heisuke and whether he is an arsonist or not then it’s fine. Sanjo’s vp is aghast and says that Heisuke is an arsonist and Jinbou defends Heisuke by saying that he’s an arsonist that became a teacher. Sakuma stands-up and says that they were only 4 yrs old when the incident happened so they’re not directly affected, Ooki also adds that if Heisuke weren’t their homeroom teacher, the merger wouldn’t happen and they actually consider themselves lucky that the merger happened on their time. They are actually happy and that they wouldn’t stop Heisuke from resigning if he wants too since they’ll be graduating anyway. Bircken even adds that Heisuke can open a croquette store once he quits in March but Heisuke says that he’s quitting by the end of the day and takes out his resignation letter. True to his father’s description of him, Heisuke says that resigning is something that he has prepared himself the day that he became a teacher.





3D barges in and says that he wouldn’t let Heisuke resign, he is followed by Satoshi and the policemen who are there to prove Heisuke’s innocence. At 3D’s office,  everyone gather for a talk except for the students. The police says that even though they found remnants of fireworks inside the chapel, the chances that it caused the fire couldn’t be asserted. There’s also 0.001% that a firework can enter within the window’s gap in the chapel and caused fire. Heisuke remains negative and says that 0.001% is still not 0%, Heita chimes in and says that 0.001% is close to zero since he couldn’t have fired 100,000 fireworks, and Heisuke says the only fired 20 fireworks. Satoshi adds that it’s really very unlikely that the fireworks can flew over Tonkou’s rooftop to the church; thus, Heisuke is not guilty.




Heisuke is still not convinced and asks the police that if he didn’t do it, then who? The police says that they can not identify and Heisuke says that it must be him after all. haha. He really doesn’t want to get pardon. Heita is irritated by his persistence and says that the police have told him that he’s innocent. Well, the rest of the officials in the office took turns in passing the blame on themselves; sister Yoshii asks why were the chapel’s window open in the first place and Sanjo’s vp says that it must be her fault for being negligent. Satoshi says that they (Yuko and he) actually broke the window and sneak inside the chapel. haha. Sister Yoshii adds that she must have forgotten to put out the candlesticks and the wind knock it over or a mouse, as Donmai-sensei helpfully supplied, which created the fire.




Hachiya-papa stands-up and tells Heisuke that even he would fire fireworks if he sees the woman he likes kissing another guy. Tonkou’s vp said that it’s also their fault that Heisuke was able to sneak into the school’s rooftop, and of all the mad excuses, sister Yoshii says that there shouldn’t be a chapel in that area in the first place, and her vp says that they were about to break it down anyway. haha. Well, sister Yoshii says that they are already paid with their debt so let bygones be bygones.

The confession trend must have caught-up to 3D that he confessed that he’s working as a DJ aside from being a principal. Well, everyone is shock especially when they learned that he’s Kaba-san aka the man who learned all their secrets. haha. Donmai-sensei also confessed to everyone about her extra-marital affair but no one believes her. Heee…





Risa looks at Heisuke but he was gone and she finds him helping the students to put-away the materials from cultural festival. Aside from that, the cultural festival organizing committee are also singing Seishun’s hymn. They managed to finish everything by dawn and the guys bully Narita into conveying their feelings for Heisuke. In behalf of everyone, Narita thanks Heisuke for the past two days, and that from now on, they will work hard toward college, find a work, and go out into society. Even if nothing good will happen, they will always remember the 2nd term of their senior year as the best and they thanked Heisuke for that.




Everyone laughs at Narita because Heisuke was speechless after his speech. Heisuke then turns to Risa and asks her for marriage. What?! That put a stop to everyone’s laughter as they couldn’t believe what they heard. Heisuke says that because Narita said something amazing and he thought that he can’t lose. Well, Risa says “let’s” (get married) and tells Heisuke that they shouldn’t talk about now. XD. As Heisuke, Risa, and the guys look over the Mt. Fuji from their school, Heisuke says, “ah, that was amusing”.

Anyway, Heisuke did quit being a teacher that day,  and 3D quits being a DJ, whyyyyy?




Graduation day came and a joint graduation ceremony was held. Handa, Akishima, Murai, and Narita narrowly managed to get into the escalator system of Komagata University. Ooki got admitted into a Buddhist university that he can’t even pronounce, while Ebisawa and Furui are both ronins. haha. Abe got into Komagata university, because that’s the only university she tried to be with Ebisawa; subsequently, she converted to Buddhism. Jinbou, Sakuma, and Nakai got into their university of choice, Endou got admitted to a private university but she was not satisfied, so she worked for a state university the second time and got in. Bircken didn’t go to college and work as a local celebrity with her boyfriend, Mishimaru-kun. XD





Satoshi is still working for Hachiya-papa while Yuko stays at Mishima and helps her father. Risa, well, Risa is spending time at Hara’s residence not because Heisuke and she are already married but she’s undergoing a wife-in-training. Is there such thing? Really? Well, Ippei is making it harder for her by trying to pick-on at everything she does.





At Heisuke’s room, Risa turns on the radio and listens to Gomenne Seisyun featuring the voice of 2nd generation Kaba-san. haha. Well, after 3D quit the radio, he was replaced by Bircken and….Heisuke! 2nd generation Kaba-san welcomes his caller for the evening and it happens to be 3D. haha. 3D says that instead of apologizing, he wants to complain and that his complaint was that he got demoted. haha. He got demoted because there could be only one principal when the merger happened and sister Yoshii got that slot. Anyway, while 3D complains away, Heita grabs the phone from him and calls Heisuke’s name on air so Heisuke aka 2nd generation Kaba-san has to cut off the call and tune-in for a commercial.





Back at graduation day, Risa called her last student to receive the diploma and heads turned as she calls on Hara Heisuke. Heisuke arrives, wearing his gakuran, and stands in front of sister Yoshii to receive his diploma. Sister Yoshii tells him that he’s finally graduating from his youth and congratulates him.


That was quite an ending. I dreaded seeing it end because that would mean that there’s no GnS anymore but I also want to see the ending because I want to learn what happened to their lives. I’m pretty contended with how it ended, I did want to see Heisuke and Risa getting married but I guess that’ll be asking too much because the story is about Heisuke’s regrets.

Anyway, I did like how KudoKan played with the characters’ lives and how their story ended in this drama. KudoKan ended it quite realistically and still as funny. Who would have thought that Heisuke will be 3D’s successor? haha. I was actually surprised that 3D chose his teaching position instead of being a DJ when the latter looks more enjoyable and less stressful. Then, again, I guess being a teacher is really his calling unlike Heisuke who look like he force himself to be one to atone for his sins. Heisuke is quite rigid with himself that it irks me when he can’t believe that the fire isn’t his fault at all. I guess that if you’ve believed in something for a long time, and later found out that everything has been a lie, you would still choose to believe in it because you held for it for so long that it have been true in your eyes.

Though I agree with Heisuke’s decision of quitting as a teacher. He should leave his youth and his past behind since he carried it for so long that all his decisions have been influenced by it. In short, it’s not helping him to grow, its just stop him. However, if there’s one good thing that came out with his inability to let go of the past is the merger and how the merger gave the students managed to expand their world. BTW, I wished Nakai heard Heisuke’s confession because I would really love to see her reaction.

There would so much that I will miss in this drama, I will miss Risa’s shouting and her bizarre fashion taste, I will miss Bircken’s wrong use of Japanese, I will miss the cuteness of Bircken and Furui, Handa and Cosme, nd Nakai. I will miss 3D’s lecture on “not to prattle” when he does prattle, I will miss Heita and sister Yoshii’s bickering, Donmai-sensei’s “don’t mind”, the croquettes, Heisuke’s words of wisdom each episode, Goddess of Mercy’s intro, and a lot more.

Gomen ne Seishun will always be my kind of drama, I’ve always liked dramas that are set in high school because just like Heisuke, I have my own regrets. Well, they are not as heavy as starting a fire but just something simple yet I later learned how precious they were. I would like to borrow the line of Goddess of Mercy in the beginning of this episode, “youth is precious time rented by God, which must be returned, because if you cling into it, you’ll be made to pay late fees”. For that, I bid Gomen ne Seishun farewell as another drama rolls in.

 Usual credit applies. 


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