Ikuta Toma talks about not being in Arashi and how Sakurai rescued him

It really doesn’t matter because Toma is doing well and it’s just goes to show that when a door closes, a window will open. I get that right, right? Aside from that,  “Sakurai-Ariyoshi abunai yakai” is getting a lot of news lately.

Last Jan 15th, Ikuta Toma appeared in  “Sakurai-Ariyoshi abunai yakai” to promote his drama, “Ouroboros“. Arashi‘s Sakurai Sho is one of the show’s MC and Ikuta talks about how Sakurai  rescued him, which made Sakurai tear-up.

Before Arashi was formed, Ikuta was one of the most active in Johnny’s Jrs. together with his peers, Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari, and Matsumoto Jun. So when the three got chosen and Ikuta did not, he got frustrated. Furthermore, Arashi became popular and Ikuta was one of backdancers during their first concert. Ikuta felt like a gap was built between him and Arashi and he was thinking that he’s defeated.

Nevertheless, during the first concert, Sakurai faced the fans and thanked everyone including Johnny’s Jrs. After the concert, Sakurai directly went to Ikuta and he said, “thank you, Toma”. Ikuta was touched by Sakurai’s word of thanks and he was very happy.

Back at the show, Sakurai smiled with embarrassment as he covers his face to wipe his tears.

via Daily Sports and Sponichi Annex

Frankly, he’s better off as an actor. Though I was also disappointed that he didn’t debut together with MAIN or with 4tops, it paved the way for him to grow as an actor. He may never have a CD debut but he got amazing movies under his belt. So, Toma, you were never defeated.


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