Kamenashi Kazuya is a Slightly Naughty Spy

So, can I be Terence Lee and touch Kame?haha

Last Jan 20th, KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya attended a PR event for his upcoming movie, “Joker Game“. In the event, military affair’s critic Terence Lee, and psychologist Yoko Haruka , checks on Kamenashi’s suitability as a spy. As a spy, it means that he must have a clear mind and superb motor reflexes.

Terence Lee feels the muscles on Kamenashi’s body by touching him; he asserts that Kame’s lower muscles, particularly his thigh and back, are quite developed. When shirtless pictures of Kame was shown for body check, Kame asked makes a joke about his tiny nipples.  As for Kame’s psychological well-being, Hare says that Kame is a carnivorous type of male and he could be susceptible with “honey trap”.

In conclusion, Kame got a 93% remark for his suitability as a spy. The 7% that he did not get is because Kame is evaluated weak when it comes to women, and he’s a little “H” spy. (H=Hentai?)

“Joker Game” tells the story of a fictional spy organization where Kato Jiro (Kamenashi) gets recruited by a top-secret military organization- D Kikan-.

Joker Game will hit the theaters on Jan 31st.

via Chunichi sports, Daily sports, and News Walker

Image Credit : 1-800-tiny-nip


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